Change Your Mindset With Bob Proctor Coaching

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I have been fortunate in my business-building journey. Many years ago, I met Bob Proctor. I would recommend to any of you who desire an insightful journey to success to take advantage of some Bob Proctor coaching. I believe the man changed my life. Bob Proctor was born in Ontario, Canada, and got off to … Read more

How To Build Self-Control

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Do you understand the importance of self-control? It is the ability to control impulses and reactions. Self-control is another name for self-discipline and is a very important tool in your success armory. Let’s take a look at what it is and learn a bit about how to build self-control. This is a skill that allows … Read more

A Commission Hero Review: Is It Legit?

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Have you heard of Robby Blanchard? Well, he is (or he was at the time I wrote this post) the number one Clickbank affiliate in the world. This company, Commission Hero, is his company. Right up front you know that the company is run by a successful affiliate marketer who is offering to teach you … Read more

What Is Landingi?

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Are you asking, “What is Landingi?” It is a software that allows you to build custom landing pages without programming skills. For those of us who are non-techys, this tool offers a fully-featured landing page editor to help us build a flawless landing page. PRODUCT NAME: Landingi WEBSITE: CEO AND FOUNDER: Blazej Abel LOCATION: … Read more

What Is The Importance Of Self Belief?

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Do you have a positive feeling inside that you are capable of anything? That is self belief. So, what is the importance of self belief? If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you develop this confidence? If you have self belief, you have the freedom to make mistakes If you believe in yourself, you … Read more