Park Lane Jewelry: Make Big Bucks With Bling?

Park Lane logo and jewelry

For my new review, I decided to select Park Lane Jewelry. I had an ulterior motive: I have had a jewelry and gift business for nearly 50 years. My jewelry is mostly sterling silver, with genuine gemstones. I carry a little gold and some ivory jewelry, and a couple of lines of costume jewelry. I’m … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Imagination?

Imagination is the beginning of creation

Imagination is the beginning of creation. Before anything came into being, someone first imagined it. Imagine what you want in great detail. Turn your creation over to the universe and believe in it; you may find that it soon begins to take form. Truly, there is no limit to the benefits of imagination. With imagination, … Read more

Is Pampered Chef A Scam Or A Good Opportunity?

Pampered Chef logo

I’ve heard a great deal about Pampered Chef, but have never been to one of their parties. I wanted to learn more about the company, as I love kitchen gadgets. Writing this review gave me the chance to find out what makes Pampered Chef tick. Name: Pampered Chef MLM Website: Founder: Doris Christopher Present … Read more

What Is Trevo? Does MLM Mean Make Less Money?

Logo and company name

Have you heard about Trevo? It’s a MLM company that has been around for a while. If you are not familiar with them, you may have asked, “What is Trevo?” When you join Trevo, you promote one product: a drink, which is the Trevo multivitamin supplement. This product comes in two sizes: A 32-ounce bottle … Read more

What Is 1 K A Day Fast Track?

1k a day fast track logo

This review is designed to help you learn if this is an opportunity you might like to try. The company name is encouraging. You must be asking, “What is 1 K A Day Fast Track? I’m glad to see you here. It is important to research an online company before you jump in, so you … Read more

How To Cope With The Coronavirus


These are troubled times. Six months ago, could you have believed we’d find ourselves in this situation? Learning how to cope with the coronavirus has not been easy. How are you doing? Are you battling fear, depression, or perhaps simple disbelief that this horrible virus could be invading our lives? We may find ourselves at … Read more