8 Ingredients: A Recipe For Online Success

If you want to build a money-making online business, there are 8 ingredients for a recipe for online success.  To learn the ingredients needed, the quantities, and how to mix them, read on.  You will find them all listed in the recipe below

AMOUNT: 1 gallon, hot as fire

 1.       INGREDIENT:  Desire and Motivation:  You need a burning desire to reach the goal and a strong reason why you want it.  Mix well and allow toSign: attitude is everything ferment in the container of your mind.

AMOUNT: 3 cups of ideas

2.        INGREDIENT: Make  a Plan:  Establish your goal, which should tie in to your burning desire.  Choose a niche to write about.  Find a domain name that fits.  If it also qualifies as a keyword, all the better.

AMOUNT: 1 and 1/2 quarts intensive learning, added at intervals throughout

3.    INGREDIENT:  Educate Yourself:  Learn what you will need to know in order to build a website.  It is a small thing, but it helps to learn the language of computereze.  Learn all you can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  Follow training and webinars to assimilate necessary knowledge.  

AMOUNT:  2 quarts of mixed essentials, added slowly.

4.    INGREDIENT:  Build a Website:  Select your hosting service.  WordPress is the most popular, though there are others.  For my success recipe, I chose Wealthy Affiliate, which uses WordPress as its platform.  It then provides all the success ingredients in one location.

You will do a lot of writing.  Create stunning content.  Learn the mechanics, like selecting a theme, using plugins and widgets, adding images, using features such as font size or color to make the page more attractive.  Learn how to find excellent keywords, by using Jaaxy.

COOK: Simmer all you have added thus far on low heat until blended

cook up something good

5.     INGREDIENT:  Be Patient. A successful website requires work.  It won’t happen overnight.  Work it like it’s already happening and you have to keep Sometimes a risk is the difference between success and failureit alive.  Try different techniques while you simmer it all.  Sometimes if you risk trying something new, it will be just the ingredient you needed.

STIR: Stir the following ingredients into the mix

 6.    INGREDIENT: Gather a Following.  These include folks from social media, organic traffic through Google,and  friends.  Remember to give service, as the more you give, the more you will receive.

ADD: Chunky sweet humor, fruit and nuts of knowledge, spice of great ideas, to make it tempting so folks want to try it.

7.    INGREDIENT: Monetize:   To start making money from your site, you have to have products to sell.  You can monetize through an eCommerce store, through affiliate marketing, with advertising, with digital products, or by offering services.

BAKE:  Cook it for as long as needed.

8.   INGREDIENT: Stay Focused: Set up a schedule and stick to it.  Interact with all visitors and answer all comments.   


Nothing tastes better than the sweet tang of success.   To achieve acclaim, colored bars gaining in height; word success across topshare your finished product as well as your recipe with all you meet. 

Once your recipe is prepared and baked successfully, reach down to someone who is following you and pull them up.  In fact, if you help others while you are mixing the ingredients,  you will find your mixing process helps you reach success more quickly.

Don’t be afraid to share.  If you have cooked up an excellent dish, invite all and sundry to come and partake.  

If you can add other ingredients that you think will make the recipe better or more complete, please add them in the comment section below this post. If you have not found all the ingredients for online success and you want to try my recipe, I would advise you to reach out to Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s the supply source for all the ingredients necessary for this recipe. Click on the banner below to go to the website.


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4 thoughts on “8 Ingredients: A Recipe For Online Success”

  1. This is just a brilliant article, not just the content it’s your approach. I like the way you have used the art of cooking or creating something that needs to ‘simmer’ before it’s really ready, the humour really made me smile as I was reading. You know, I am glad Google threw up this article for me while I was research affiliate marketing and how it really works, or if indeed where I should be heading to make it work.  You say ‘work it like it’s already happening’ this is like a Law of Attraction saying, and also a great way to go about manifesting as LoA advises .You need to act like you have the goal while you are trying to achieve it. Super motivational approach you have here, I will be book marking the page and coming back to see what other nuggets of wisdom and humour you give the those seeking  guidance on this subject. Thanks.

    • Glad you liked my recipe.  Hope you try it and cook something deliciously successful.  

      You are right about the Law of Attraction reference.  I am a great fan of Bob Proctor, and learned about universal laws while studying with him.  It is true.  You have to act like it is already working while you involve yourself in the tasks that will make it work.  I have seen some really great examples of the Law of Attraction at work in my life, and am glad I had the opportunity to put a name to the occurrence.

      I believe mindset plays a vital role in our forward progress.  If we can program our own mind so that we believe that our success is inevitable, then it will be.  Just get the right attitude and the world is yours.

  2. Hi Fran

    What a great recipe and all the ingredients are perfect.

    This is so wonderful to read your recipe for success online. So many people presume it’s just getting a website and go do some fishing but oh no- there is so much more to this amazing learning and building journey and this recipe should be followed by everyone who wants to build a truly successful business online

    Go well and be awesome

    • Thank you very much, m’dear.  So you think it would bake into a success, if you created with this recipe?

      It is indeed an amazing journey, and I, for one, have learned far more than I thought I would.  It’s like getting a college degree.  There’s lots to know, and Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools and training you need to learn it.  

      I hope lots of folks follow my recipe.


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