A Millionaire Society Review

Would you like to be a millionaire? Don’t many of us have that dream? Read “A Millionaire Society Review” to learn about this business opportunity. Does that name appeal to you? Read on to find out if this company is worth your time to investigate. Could this one be the opportunity you are looking for?

Please do not get the name confused with another company, the Millionaires Society, which is software associated with the stock market, teaching about binary option trading. I am not reviewing this company.

NAME: Millionaire Society

WEB ADDRESS: www.millionairesociety.com

OWNER: Mack Michaels

PRODUCT: Software

PRICE: $4.95 first week; then $97.00 per month


RANK: 1.5 out of 5

The Millionaire Society is a training platform for affiliate marketing. It was established in 2010 by Mack Michaels. According to Mr Michaels, you can download this business in 15 minutes and it will run on autopilot.

Let’s stop right there. Please be aware that you cannot set up a business online in 15 minutes that will make you money while it runs on autopilot. If you could, everybody, his brother, and his cat and dog would be setting up such a business.

You can, however, try this program for seven days for a mere $4.95. After seven days, the price goes up to $97.00 per month. You will also be expected to pay for advertising, and this can get very expensive.

I watched the sales video a couple of times. It is full of hype and repetitions. The owner claims he makes $262,000/year on his system, which is $30.00 per hour. He repeats his claims about how much you will make and how easy it is — just 15 minutes, repeating this claim more than once.

He says that anyone who says you will make millions on the internet without working is lying to you. Then in almost the next breath, he tells you that you can make money without even breaking into a sweat — in just 15 minutes — with his business, and how he makes $262,000 per year. Do you smell a rat?

This man is such a benevolent, caring guy. He tells you that he spends over $10,000 per month to set up these businesses for you. Therefore, all you have to do is follow the instructions and in 15 minutes your business will be set up on autopilot. Now you just collect the cash.

Then, though this information sounds almost too good to be true, there is more. When you join you are given not one, but over 135 set-up businesses, pre-set-up for you. Not only that, but he will give you five new business set-ups every week.

He tells you more than once that this program is based on years of research and has been tested and proven to work. There is no product — just a downloadable e-book. Here is the four-step formula he gives you for establishing the business that will generate instant cash for you.

  1. Download a business that is completely done for you
  2. Make small changes as directed
  3. Add PayPal
  4. Upload and create a fully-functional business in minutes.

These done-for-you businesses are actually PLR products. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. That means that the creator gave up the rights of selling to people so they can resell. Anyone on the internet can buy these products and resell at any price they desire.

There is a reason these products are available for anyone to sell. They are usually low quality or outdated. Why would you want to sell such products to anyone? What does that do to raise trust in your brand? If these products are poor quality and outdated, who will buy them, anyway?

In the promotional video, he gives the following four points to explain the workings of his business:

  1. It is simple and easy to understand
  2. It comes with very informative bonuses
  3. It has been tested and proven to work
  4. It works for any person

software display

When you join this company, you will receive the following as training materials:

SYSTEM 1: How to Get 100k Visitors in Just One Hour

In this system, you learn how to sign up for and use adf.ly, which is an advertising platform. This program costs about $8.00 per 1000 clicks.

However, here is what you are not told. Though you get the clicks in a short period, you are not getting targeted traffic. In other words, the people who adf.ly logoclick on the adf.ly link are not really looking for the products you wish to sell. Therefore, do not expect a high conversion rate for this advertising.

So, though your link will give you more exposure, people will not stay on your site and make a purchase.

SYSTEM 2: How to Make Money on Clickbank

In this system, Millionaire Society walks you through the process of setting up a Clickbank account, and suggests the “best” products to promote. These will have a low initial sale price and lots of Facebook links.

You are introduced to a product called Keyword Spy. This product costs you a minimum of $89.95. It is designed to track your traffic.

You are taught to pay Google to advertise your product links and then it tells you to use a costly external product to track the performance of your Google ad.

Tell me this: Why wouldn’t you set up a free Google Analytics account to track your Google ads? Why pay for Keyword Spy?

SYSTEM 3: Profit from Pinterest

A few reviews I read say that this training is the best course in the selection you are given. However, even this course is outdated, as the information for setting up an account has changed since the video was made.

Though this training is apparently quite good, it is not worth paying $97.00 per month. Once you learn it, you don’t need that training again. So what are you paying that money for?

It occurs to me that perhaps the owner of this company has decided he has made enough from this business offer, so why update? He may be thinking, “Let it run, and it might pull in some extra cash from time to time.” Then he can go invent something new.


1-week trial at $4.95 gives you a chance to see the product for yourself.

60-day refund available from Clickbank for your purchase

Decent Pinterest training



Automated system for making internet money is pie-in-the-sky.

No training; no real explanation of how the websites work

No tech support: What happens if the system goes down?

Too expensive for what you get


What’s to like? I don’t see much. Material outdated; training poor; you are not really taught anything about how your business works.

I can’t see spending $97.00 per month for such a limited program. Moreover, I want some control over my business — I want to understand how it operates so I can make changes or improvements as needed.

With this business, I would be at the mercy of the rather inadequate system.

By comparison, take a look at the company I have chosen — Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s compare.

Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not outdated, as new training is added all the time. The training modules for this company are thorough enough that we call it Wealthy Affiliate University.

The business is not automated. You learn to build your own website, starting with a blank page. You are taught what to do every step of the way, giving you valuable knowledge for operating an internet business.

Wealthy Affiliate offers two courses of study. You can choose the entrepreneurial training, in which you choose a niche that is fueled by your passion, and you build your web business around that. Or, you can receive training in how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate business.

Courses, weekly webinars, and tutorials from advanced members keep the training at the cutting edge of internet business.

The technical support at Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal. Ask a question, and within minutes, tech support will have an answer. They will help you work through the problem until it is resolved.

Wealthy Affiliate is far less expensive than Millionaire Society. You get the first week free, and the first month for $19.00. After that, it is $49.00 per month, a price that can be reduced if you buy for six months or a year in advance.

P.S. We have some excellent training tutorials for Pinterest, as well as for other social media sites.

Wealthy Affiliate does not promise overnight success. You learn that you will have to work to succeed. However, when you do, you will know a tremendous amount about building a website and internet marketing.

You will have a quality site that operates on organic traffic because of good SEO training. You can be proud of what you have created and the good service that you offer to your online visitors.

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