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6 Apr

I am so glad you are visiting my website.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Fran Kelso, an 80-year-old Alaskan woman who believes in self-reliance, and who has the courage to try something new.

A Bit About My Journey

I live in the very small town of Gustavus, Alaska, which is located at the head of Glacier Bay.  In the summer many visitors come here to take a boat up bay to see the glaciers.  In the winter, there are maybe 400 people in the town.

From my house I see only trees, though bear and moose come into the yard very often — probably more often than people.  I might as well live on an island, as the only way to get here is by boat or plane.   Yet I am connected to the world through the internet.

At my age and in my circumstances, a home-based internet business is the only way to go.  Yet I am not alone in this endeavor.  My marketplace is the world. Many other folks are tired of the 9 to 5 ratrace, trading their precious time for a little money.  I believe I have found a better way.  Follow me and I will show you how you can find it, too.

Life Experiences That Have Led Me Here

In my younger years, I worked in offices, starting right out of high school.  I’d taken office machines and bookkeeping, and those skills were well-used in the jobs I held.  However, I reached the point where my job felt like a prison, and I wanted to break away.

The first experience I had with working for myself came when I got involved heavily in music, learning to play 5-string banjo and bass.  At one time I took our group on the road, where I became booking agent, performer, and mother hen for the other band members.  The music experience is what brought me to Alaska, and I have now been here over half my life.

When my husband, Les, and I bought a house in Kodiak, he built a little shop onto the house, and I had my first home-based business.  We called the place “The Crosswinds,” sold jewelry, mostly silver, and handmade crafts from local artists.

Then we separated, after starting a cabin on nearby Spruce Island.  After the separation, I decided I wanted to live on Spruce Island, and with the help of friends, built a cabin there, then

aerial view of Ouzinkie
Village of Ouinkie

lived in it for 20 years.  While there, I taught adults in the village of Ouzinkie.  I loved that job, because I decided on my hours and the curriculum and found students to teach. Their success was my success.

I was rewarded for my efforts, being chosen in 1980 as the Adult Educator of the Year by the Alaskan Adult Education Association.  The culmination of my teaching job was the compiling of a book on wild plants from information gathered by folks who joined me in studying the native flora of our island.  Plant Lore of an Alaskan Island was published by Alaska Northwest Publlishing Company in 1985.

A couple of years later, I turned my adult education job over to another, and started buying jewelry again.  I’d go to Kodiak and sell for a week or two until all the bills were caught up, then return to my homestead.

Finally, the physical labor of living in a remote cabin got to be too much for me, and I moved back to Kodiak.  There, in the year 2000, I opened a gift shop in the Best Western Kodiak Inn.

I got involved with a network marketing company, Nikken, during those Kodiak years.  I loved the company and still love and use their products. I also started a website to add a market to my existing one.  These two endeavors introduced me to the world of internet marketing and taught me important skills needed to run my own business.

glacier and mountains
Glacier Bay near Gustavus

In 2011, I moved to Gustavus.  Now I had no job, and decided I needed to find a way to supplement my income. That’s when I discovered affiliate marketing.  What could be more

perfect?  I work from home and yet can sell anywhere in the world, via the internet.  I have met people from all over the world in this wonderful business, all working toward the same goal — economic freedom.

How Can I Help You With Your Dreams?

Come and join me.  The company that holds the protective umbrella over my internet friends and me is called “Wealthy Affiliate.” Here, we promote this business and find other folks who might be looking for a way to replace their J.O.B.  The training is over-the-top excellent and the sky’s the limit, as far as what you can achieve.

Though you own your own business,  you are not alone.  That’s a wonderful thing.  You will receive encouragement and support from many people in many places. Your business becomes the highway to your successful financial freedom.

What Are My Goals For Build-2-Win Affiliates?

I wish to use this platform to leverage success for as many people as I can find who want to become involved in affiliate marketing.  By ourselves, yet with the help of many friends, we can change our lives for the better.

I’d like to know that the people I sponsor or help will find the way to reach those dreams that they have held for so long.  It would be rewarding to see them becoming involved in a home-based business that offers them the financial security they have been seeking.  I’d like to see them looking forward in life to what they can create, rather than looking backward at the disappointments of the past.

banner: promote, join, earn

Turn your face toward the sun and let positive thoughts take over your being.  Know that it is possible to get what you want in life.  It starts with belief.  Then you must spring into action.  Take a bit of a risk and try something new.  If I, an 80-year old woman, can embrace a new endeavor, so can you.  All you have to do is begin.

Do you have questions?  I’m not surprised if you do.  Ask them in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you find the answers.

May your journey take you to your dreams,

Fran Kelso


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10 Replies to “About Fran

  1. How amazing Fran and what an interesting life you have led
    All the best as you help people become financially free

    Knowing you as I do is a pleasure in my heart as I feel incredible love and respect for you Fran and I hope one day I will travel From New Zealand to hug you in person

    Go well my friend

  2. Hi Fran

    How Amazing and encouraging and I know that anyone that you sponsor will be well looked after and well on their way to become financially free and start living the life the have dreamt about.

    As I said earlier Amazing you have a world of experience and knowledge the will help anyone gain traction to the top of their game.

    It is an honour to work with you.


    • Jennifer, thank you so much! I am glad you liked my page and my story. We’ll move on together and learn so much!

  3. Hi Fran.

    I absolutely loved your story! It proves that physical isolation is no boundary to success. Like you, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and have made it my home. I wouldn’t be leaving this comment without connecting with you there.

    Fran is right, the concept of affiliate marketing is perfect for a home based business. Age and place are no barriers. The World is now a much better place because we can connect like this. The internet has made this possible. The press write continuously about the ‘perils of the internet’, how it’s a bad place, but it isn’t. It’s great!

    Educate yourselves and follow Fran on the Wealthy Affiliate journey, you’ll be astounded by what can be achieved with the right teachers.


  4. Fran, I really like the way you began your story! I felt like you were talking to me. Sharing your own beginnings will help readers realize they can do this too. You put yourself out there and invited your readers to enter into your space.

    As Wealthy Affiliate is new to many readers, I believe they will be curious enough to click on the links you shared.

    I also think that mentioning seniors connecting with the internet is an affirmation that as a senior, myself, offers hope in these challenging days.

    If I didn’t know anything about Wealthy Affiliate I’d connect with you to help me on the WA path!

    Great post, Fran.


    • Well, thank you, Lyn. I enjoyed reading your comment, and appreciate the encouraging words. Being a senior, I love the fact that on the internet it does not matter what age we are. It becomes a level playing field, and we have just as much chance as anyone else to succeed.

      I do hope you visit again, Lyn. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hello Fran,
        It is fascinating to read about your life in Alaska! I agree with other commenters that your writing style is engaging and inviting, it feels like reading a personal letter. Well done!

        I wonder if you have every thought about writing a daily (or weekly) “Day in the Life of Fran in Alaska” – with photos of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife who pass by your place on their journeys and meanderings. I would love to see Alaska through your eyes!

        I have only been to Alaska once (to Anchorage – telecom attorney/work) and I look forward to going back! While I was there for work, I stayed a few extra days and went to a wildlife rescue/conservation center where I met an orphaned baby Moose named Monty. They gave me a banana to feed him – he loved it! : ) It was a great experience.

        I see Alaska as a most beautiful canvas, waiting for you to photograph and share with your readers, along with your stories about life in Alaska.


        • You know, you encourage me. I actually have another domain purchased that is intended for Alaskan stories. So far I have the “About Me” page written, but have not yet gone any further. You are not the only one encouraging me to do so. Guess I’d better get busy on that project. Not sure when — I have too much on my plate already. I’ll get there.

          Meanwhile, I think you would like Alaskan Attitudes, as it is composed of stories of daily Alaskan adventures.

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