Advertisement Tracker: What About Voluum?

If you advertise on your website and would like to have a way to track your advertisement campaigns to determine their effectiveness, perhaps you might ask yourself: “What about Voluum”? In the following review, you will learn some information about this company so you can decide if it is a tool you would like to use.

Product Name: Voluum


Owners: Codewise. Codewise founder and owner: Robert Gryn; Voluum CEO: Dr. John Malatesta

Product: Software

Price: $69/mo–entry plan; $224/mo–basic plan; $449/mo–advanced plan

Overall Rank: 2.6

Voluum is a cloud-based advertisement tracker. Features include direct tracking pixels, impression tracking, and data grouping. You will receive a traffic log and a campaign metrics dashboard. Since Voluum can process data in real-time, users can receive instantaneous information. It is accessible from the cloud and can be used on any device.

As shown above, Voluum pricing is on three levels: Entry, basic, and advanced. Please note that I have found a price discrepancy and am not sure which price is correct. Several of the Voluum reviews list the entry price as $69/month, but one that I found showed the prices as higher.

On the higher one, prices were: Entry — $99/mo; Basic — $399/mo; Advanced — $999 per month. They also showed a “custom” choice, which is by quote. Also, if you purchase Voluum for a full year in advance, pricing per month is lower.

The program was designed by Codewise, a Polish company. It operates inAll your advertising campaigns in one place real-time, so if you have an advertising campaign in place, you can receive live updates. Since Voluum can process data in real-time, users can receive instantaneous information. Also, since it is accessible from the cloud, it can be used on any device.

The platform is protected by robust security. Their security system is similar to that used by global financial organizations. This provides strong authentication and encryption methods. If there is a server time-out in one location, the traffic is redirected to the closest data center. Therefore, campaigns are always live and clickable.

If traffic volume rises or falls, Voluum will continue to process data. It can scale up or down depending on need. Therefore, there are no data limits and instead there is a seamless flow of information

Since Voluum may come with its own reporting suite, users can use the API to connect reporting systems to their tracking application. Therefore, users can get all the data they need without ever leaving the platform’s interface.

Mobile applications are available, so the user can have seamless on-the-go ad campaign backing. This feature allows the user to stay up-to-date, no matter where they are.

Overview Of Features Of This Software

  • Tracking
  • Recurring Campaigns
  • Granular Reporting
  • Integrated DSP
  • Mobile Apps

Voluum accepts payment from PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners’ Club International, and JCB. You can also contact the sales team to request other payment methods.

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In reviews, I’ve read, customers say that it is quite easy to use when integrating with traffic sections or when setting up campaigns. One user commented that it took him less than 15 minutes from signing in to setting up. Others have commented that some tech knowledge is needed.

A warning: If you sign up, you’d better be prepared to keep the program. Apparently, the price can change occasionally without warning. One user says he decided to stop working with the company after they overcharged him without warning, and when he protested, they said, “We do not have any refund policy.”

That might be a good reason to pass up the yearly savings on price. At least, if you pay by the month, you will only lose what you have already paid with your current monthly payment.

In promoting Voluum, you are told that, as an affiliate marketer, if you are not tracking your advertising campaigns, you will lose time and money. Voluum says you should be tracking offers, creations, referral links, operators, browser users plus device models. Voluum will track and give you data on all of them.

Voluum’s complete advertising tracking software allows you to do all you need to do with your campaigns: manage, track, and optimize, done all in one place. Here are the benefits of using Voluum:

  1. Track all advertising campaigns with the fastest redirects
  2. Analyze and get actionable insights from key data for every visit, click, and conversion
  3. Optimize ad performance, using AI-powered tools
  4. Have a reliable infrastructure for scaling your affiliate business

Anti-Fraud Protection

Since bot traffic has become a bigger problem, media buyers must have a tracking software they can trust. The Voluum platform integrates with a third-party anti-fraud solution as well as their own, which is built-in and always improving.

All traffic that the system displays is already filtered and is verified to be genuine.

Codewise has another product called ZeroPark. It is a native advertising DSP (Demand Side Platform) which focuses on publishers and advertisers. Its purpose is to deliver more converting native traffic for their campaigns.

Recently, Voluum has integrated ZeroPark into their software. This addition allows users to receive native media straight from the platform.

This new addition makes Voluum a marketing platform that offers one of the strongest combinations of media buying and analytics, all in one place.

Because Voluum is hosted on at least nine data centers worldwide, if a server is out in one location, the traffic is redirected to the closest data center to ensure campaigns are always live.

Comments From Users

Several of the online reviews contained comments from users. These included a number that found the tracking software very helpful. Satisfied Need an ad tracker? Try Voluumusers said it encompassed everything they needed to monitor their advertising campaigns.

However, I found negative comments as well. One person said the tracker was okay, but he classified the customer service as terrible. He said that with no notification, they raised his price from $100-$130 per month to almost $300. When he decided to stop working with the company and requested a refund, they said, “We do not have any refund policy.”

Another person said, though the software proved easy to use, he was very disappointed with the Voluum business ethics and customer service.

Another comment: Decent tracker with plenty of options. But don’t expect to get any help from Voluum themselves. Also, he says the price tripled with no warning. He warned that if you run into any problems with your account, the support is nonexistent.

He said, “You will be told about all the hidden language in their contract that allows them basically to do whatever they want.”

Others say the information is not detailed enough. Though it will simplify visualization from clients, it dies not give enough depth to information. It does not offer cross-device measurement. Though the visual is nice, it lacks detail.


  • Easy to use
  • Direct tracking pixel
  • Custom conversion tracking
  • Tracking domains with SSL
  • Real-time routing API
  • Advertisers and promoters will be given live updates
  • Cloud-based ad tracker that has three built-in optimization tools


  • Price a bit high
  • Need some basic tech knowledge
  • No refund policy
  • Customer support very inadequate
  • Tech support not available


From what I read, I believe that Voluum is a good basic tracking company. For a smaller company, Voluum is probably all you need. For a larger company, it probably does not furnish enough in-depth information.

It is said to be easy to use, though one reviewer said it is not very newbie-friendly and tracking options are limited.

Still, if I wished to add an advertisement tracker, I might give Voluum a try. However, because of the no refund policy, I would use the basic program, one month at a time, until I discovered if it did fit my needs.

There are online sources which go into detail on all the specifics of the program. These would be helpful guides for a newcomer to the program.

The one large red flag I see is in regard to support and customer service. There are several very negative comments concerning this issue, and some people are really upset about it.

Therefore, though I might try it if I needed it, I would do so with caution. I believe you could come up with a problem you couldn’t solve, and would be brought to a standstill because you could not get the support you needed to sort it out.

Therefore, I am giving this company a rating of 2.6 out of 5.

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4 thoughts on “Advertisement Tracker: What About Voluum?”

  1. I am always amazed at what marketers are able to do online, in part because of amazing tools like Voluum! I’ve never heard of them before, but I may have to check them out now. I am a new site and struggle with understanding data, and traffic, and all of that! It would be so nice to have professionals to help me understand (and manage!) all of those crucial components to helping my online presence grow. Thank you for the information!

    • If you have advertising on your site, Voluum can help you manage the ads.  However, be careful…you may run into some problems with them if you look for support or to have questions answered.  Their program is good but their service is not so good.

  2. OUCH!!!  With the lack of technical support and the upward price fluctuations with no notice I would have to say this is a company I would stay clear away from.  Thank you so much for writing such a clear review.

    I must say its great when you can find out other people’s real life experiences with a service/company like this to find out the real story.  It would be a great service to have but I wouldn’t at all take the chance on this.

    Thanks again for bringing all of this to our attention so that people can make an informed choice.  I know what mine is!

    • Thanks for your comment.  Yes, I believe you are making the right decision.  What they do is great, but how they treat their customers is not so great.  Too bad.  I will stay away from them too.


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