Are You A Fan Of Young Living Essential Oil?

Essential oils have become very popular in the last several years. Do you use essential oils? Perhaps you have tried a Young Living essential oil. What did you think of it?

Name: Young Living


Product: Essential oils and household products

Founder: D. Gary Young

Present CEO: Mary Young

Year Founded: 1993

Location: Lehi, Utah

Price: From $35 for basic starter kit to $165 for the Premium kit, or price of individual products

Overall rank: 2.5 out of 5

With a company that has been around for a good many years, sometimes it is easier to find something at fault. After all, they have had plenty of time to makes mistakes. Such seems to be the case with Young Living.

Let’s first look at the benefits they claim for their products.

If you want to buy an essential oil, of course you are interested in quality. Young Living, the oldest essential oil company, has been around for 25 years. Young Living has developed what they call a “Seed to Seal Commitment.”

The meaning of this title is that they commit to quality from the way the product is grown and harvested to how they are distilled and packaged. The company owns many of their own farms, so they have immediate control over this process.

Young Living pays for third party independent testing to ensure the product meets their quality standards.

Aren’t These Products Expensive?

It’s been said that their oils are too expensive. Here is some advice from one of their distributors: Start by buying the Premium Starter Kit. In this kit, you will receive 12 different oils and oil blends, a diffuser and some samples.Rose-shaped oil diffuser

For this Premium Starter Kit, you will pay $165.00 for a $400.00 value. Though the $165 seems expensive, look at the value: You are getting several oils and an infuser for about half of retail. These oils will last for months, and will give you a chance to learn many of the benefits of using them.

When you buy this kit, you automatically become a Young Living member. Therefore, you will get 24% off all your future orders. If you go to Young Living’s website and look at the difference between the retail and wholesale price of the product, you will see how much you are saving.

To gain even more benefits, join the Essential Rewards program. Customize a monthly order, which then comes at the same time every month.

For these monthly orders, you will start earning points back on each order. You can later spend these points for free oils and other products.

As a distributor, you have a $50 per month purchase requirement. To fill this amount, you can include such products in your monthly order such as cleaning solution, toothpaste, laundry detergent, or other things you will need anyway. Your purchase will help fill your monthly requirement, and you will earn points.

When you become a distributor you will have questions about the business. You can join the Young Living Facebook group, The Oily Sisterhood, full of other distributors. If you have questions about how to use the oils, these other members can help you.

What Other Products Are Offered?

Besides essential oils, the company offers a list of other products you can try and use. Here’s the list:

  • Natural cleaning products
  • Healthy cooking
  • Pet products
  • Family health
  • Multivitamins
  • Weight management
  • Joint and mobility assistance
  • Energy and stamina
  • Antioxidant support
  • Age-based nutrition
  • Beauty products

These products blend essential oils in with their other ingredients. Though these products look expensive, they aren’t necessarily so. For example, the Concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner costs $22.50. This concentrate will make about 14-15 bottles of cleaner, which then costs approximately $1.50 per bottle.

What Are The Qualities Of These Other Young Living Products?

Here are some examples:

Kid Scents: This line is developed especially for kids.

Young Living Seedling Line: Gives you non-toxic baby products, such as baby lotion, oil, wash and shampoo, wipes (also uses for this one elsewhere) and diaper rash cream. These are all designed to help Mother care for baby.

There are oil-infused supplements, vitamins, enzymes, etc., designed and tested to absorb better into the body.

A new product: Oil infused CBD for you and your pets

Is Young Living A MLM Company?

Yes, Young Living is a MLM company, though you are not required to sell oils and sign up new members. This option is actually used by only about 10% of Young Living Members.

What Is The Compensation Plan?

I find it easier to include a YouTube video about the compensation plan than to try to explain it myself. Here is a video that will tell you how it works:

All this information sounds very good. So, what are the red flags to watch out for?

What You Need To Know About Young Living

This company is an old company — 25 years is a long time for a company to be in business. In all that time, though they have done very well, they have also created a few problems. Let’s look at these.

I’ve read some reviews by trained people such as aromatherapists, naturopaths, or herbalists. These people have issued some warnings that we would be wise to consider.

First, Young Living products are not necessarily better than other essential oil products. In fact, reviewers say that there are other essential oil suppliers who sell products of equal or better quality.

You should know that essential oils are extremely potent. For example, one drop of essential oil is equal to about 30 cups of herbal tea. Therefore, you need to realize that there are necessary safety precautions that you need to take when using them.

If you take the incorrect dosage or too high a concentration, the effect on your body can be adverse or even dangerous.

As for ingested essential oils, these are volatile compounds that can cause severe damage. Some of them should not beYoung Living Thieves Products taken internally at all.

Most essential oils are antibacterial and antifungal. Some can kill bacteria as effectively as antibiotics. Now, consider what these oils can do to your stomach and small intestine. You can damage or kill the good bacteria that you need in your digestive system.

Many of the oils are irritants and known to cause skin sensitivity in some people. Then a distributor for the company recommends that you add one or two drops to a glass of water and drink it. Do you know how your system will metabolize this oil?

Essential oils are the most potent part of the plant. You need to be very careful about taking this oil internally. You can do real harm. For instance, a toxicologist has stated that the internal use of both eucalyptus and sage oil has caused seizures.

Another danger signal: Do not give young children essential oils internally. It’s not only negligent but can cause real harm.

If you wonder why these oils are so expensive, realize that it takes a lot of plant material in order to make a very smallYoung Living long logo amount of oil, which explains why they cost so much.

False Health Claims

A big problem with the selling of these oils, especially through a MLM company, where members are not trained in the proper use of these products, is that they might make false health claims and give incorrect information

Reps pass information down through their team members and the customer doesn’t question them. Here’s a bad scenario that could happen: Wintergreen has pain relieving properties. If you put a drop of wintergreen oil in a glass of water and drink it, you may end up with a far worse problem than just pain.

When you ingest wintergreen, it’s like taking lots of aspirin all at once. It is now a highly toxic drink. By not knowing, you could do real damage to your health.

Now, don’t get me wrong — Essential oils can be an excellent healing tool when used properly. However, when company distributors are mostly concerned about making sales and not about educating their customer, they may cause harm.

Know your source! Do some research on your own, or go to a trained professional to make sure you are using the oils correctly.

Diffuse your oils and breathe in the beautiful scents. Do consider, however, keeping them out of your body unless prescribed by a qualified naturopath or herbalist.


Can have excellent health benefits if used properly

Amazing scents from these oils used in aromatherapy

If you join Young Living’s MLM program, you can get products at a discount

You can make some money selling these products


Product is costly

Be careful how you use these oils, because they can be used incorrectly and can cause severe problems

MLM reps often are undertrained and can give bad informtion


Essential oils, when used properly, are a good healing tool. Just make sure you know you are using them correctly. If need be, consult an expert before using them.

A MLM can be a very good thing, but when reps are selling health products, the training is not always adequate.

I belonged to a MLM for ten years — Nikken — their original products were all magnetic. Our company was very up-front and in your face about not making health claims. We were warned again and again not to do so.

The business of a distributor in Canada was shut down because the person advertised that some magnetic product healed something. Nope, you can’t say such things. We were allowed to say it could “ease discomfort.”

We did have written booklets from various people who suggested ways the magnetics could be used. Perhaps Young Living needs to produce more educational materials for their distributors to help educate them.

If you use or want to try essential oils, please do so — Just make sure you know how to use them.

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6 thoughts on “Are You A Fan Of Young Living Essential Oil?”

  1. Good post here. Well! I have heard a lot about the benefits of making use of an essential oil and the health benefits that they carry. Actually, I have limited to no idea about this young living company before but with your detailed overview about them, I have a more broader and wider scope about them. Thank you so much for sharing here

    • You are welcome.  Essential oils are a good thing if used properly.  Glad you found the information enlightening.

  2. One of the things that destroy products is the kind of model that the company decides to take to market the product. I feel one of the biggest issue here is that they have decided to take the MLM route for this. In every case, the product will be over hyped and they will have to put so much roice on it for the reps to make money and to meet compensation plans promises. This is a good review on this young living essential oil. Good job.

    • Well, there are MLMs and there are MLMs.  This company has been in business for a long time, so apparently the genre works for them.  One of the nice things about Young Living is that you can just buy products for yourself if you wish.  You have a choice about joining the MLM program.

      The one point I wish more people would realize is that, though the products are good, there may be better ones or less expensive ones out there.  It takes some research to find them, but it’s a good idea to check out such products on the internet.  We are really fortunate to have such a research choice open for us.

  3. This is a wonderful article, as it is honest, straightforward, and is fair enough to discuss the pros and cons of YL products. I love essential oils and I concoct mine. What I like about YL is having their EOs named after a specific value (i.e., gratitude, forgiveness)–I think that’s a good way of marketing it, and it seems like they are ahead of the others through this. I share the same opinion as yours, it’s expensive and some distributors would only want to sell it aggressively that you are not educated about what they’re selling. Hence, the potential buyer may in turn google their way to just sourcing EOs on their own and making their own. Thank you for this, because I used to think that I am such a loser for not being a Young Living fan. Haha. Cheers, A

    • I am so glad you have found the true value of essential oils.  It is good that you approach Young Living with a bit of caution as well.  They are basically a good company, but some of their distributors are doing them harm by not being better educated about their product.  That is sad.  Folks need to be made aware of this problem, and do their own investigations.


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