How To Bring Traffic To Your Website

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Traffic is essential to your business, because without traffic, your website does not do you much good. As I am in the process of trying to learn the best way to draw traffic to my site, decided it would be good to share my research findings with you. Basically, there are two ways of driving … Read more

What Is An Opt-In Form?

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Have you ever asked, “What is an opt-in form? I did, and decided that if I wanted to know, other people building online businesses might need to know as well. An opt-in is a form of consent given by your website visitors that tell you they are interested in the product or service you are … Read more

What Is Elevacity? Is It A Scam?

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Elevacity is a MLM company in the health and wellness field. Their website tells us that it is a company meant to elevate wealth, happiness, and health. Well, those three things are all something we would be very happy to call ours, so let’s take a look at what they offer and see if we … Read more

Tips On How To Avoid Online Scams

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There are all kinds of online scams you need to avoid. If you are involved in an online business or if you are planning to start a new business on the internet, read this post. It will tell you what kinds of scams you might encounter, and offer you tips on how to avoid online … Read more

How Do You Use Canva?

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There is always a learning curve with anything new. However, I feel that Canva seemed a bit easier to learn than some apps, and I became comfortable with it quickly. What is your experience? How do you use Canva? Perhaps you haven’t tried it. In this Canva review, I am going to go through the … Read more

What Is Alphapreneur?

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Move over, Facebook — you have competition! Alphapreneur has entered the picture. For those of you who ask, “What is Alphapreneur,” here’s an answer for you. No, Alphapreneur won’t replace Facebook. For one thing, it’s a paid service and Facebook is free. That’s the biggest reason it won’t replace the competition. For another thing, Alphapreneur … Read more

Here Are Some Writer’s Block Solutions

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When writing for your website, do you ever have to deal with writer’s block? Most of us who write have to do so from time to time. To help you out, in this post I will give you some writer’s block solutions. What Is Writer’s Block? With writer’s block, you are unable to continue with … Read more

What Is Scam Or Legit?

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When I first watched this company’s introductory video, I was rather excited, as I thought I’d found something that would be useful to me. After reading several reviews about how the company works, I had second thoughts. So, what is Name: CashBlurbs advertising method Website: Owner: Bryan Winters Price: $7 for a 15-day … Read more

How To Write Awesome Content For Your Website

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When researching for this post, I found several excellent articles, each of which seemed to approach the question from a slightly different direction. They all added a bit more to the picture that formed, showing how to write awesome content for your website. First, let’s look at your content as we might examine a body. … Read more