Can You Make Big Bucks With Six Figure Mentors?

I read something online recently that stated that if you want to make big bucks with affiliate marketing, you have to sell high-ticket items. That makes sense to me. If you are working on a commission basis, you will make a higher commission if the retail price is high.

Then I came across six-figure mentors (SFM) and I wondered if they were focusing on high-ticket sales.

There were many reviews of this company online. After looking at their web page and reading several reviews, I decided not to try it. Here is the information I gathered:

NAME: Six Figure Mentors


FOUNDERS: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubessek

PRICE: $29.95 +$297 + $97/month + $2,500/year + opportunity to join Digital Experts Academy Prices by level: Silver $2,500; Gold $8,000; Platinum $11,000; Black $20,000

RANKING: 2.75 out of 5

I learned that there are actually two parts to this company. The first part is called Six Figure Mentors. You can sell the programs from SFM to others and earn commissions. However, according to the owner, SFM is an educational site, and if you are in it to earn big bucks, you’d better ask for a refund.

Then, if you investigate further, you learn that after you work your way through the levels in Six Figure Mentors, you are eligible to join the Digital Experts Academy (DEA). Here’s where the big bucks come in.

The four levels of Digital Experts Academy will cost you a minimum of $41,500. In order to sell each level to someone else, you have to first buy it yourself. Throughout this company, you receive commissions only as long as you keep your membership paid up.

Oh, yes, your product is the company itself. After you join, you recruit others and make your money from their membership fees. As you move into the Digital Experts Academy and move up through those levels, though you pay a lot more, you will earn a lot more. Remember, high ticket items equal high commissions.

Commission schedule

I watched one video made by one of the owners, Stuart Foss. In that video, he explained that Six Figure Mentors is an educational system, offering education, mentoring, and coaching. You will learn great online marketing skills from experts, giving you information on the cutting edge of internet training. You will learn from experts and can plan your dream life.

Here are the levels of Six Figure Mentors:Sign: Affiliate access

AFFILIATE ACCESS: Free for those who are moving through the levels of Six Figure Mentors and want to promote the company.

STUDENT: Free 30-day test drive, then $29.95 per month. As a student, you get access to the members-only site. The “student” gets a step-by-step Student Accessonline business module; a record of the Six Figure Mentors Founder’s Visionary Call; access to a business system consultation; access to the digital skills platform. You can learn online skills through hundreds of short video tutorials.

ESSENTIAL: $297 + $97/month. You get access to the Digital Business System live weekly training. You join the Digital Business Lounge Premium Essential MembershipMembership, which is a platform for purchasing your domain, installing and designing your website, live event eligibility, access to the community site.

ELITE: $2,500/year + $97/month. Elite is essentially a private mastermind, hosted by one of the founders. Elite is designed to help put your learning onElite Membership fast track and focus you on money-producing activities. It also qualifies you for the highest commissions possible, selling SFM packages.

The commission schedule looks reasonable. For example, if you are Elite and you refer a new Elite member, your initial commission is $1,000 and your residual annual commission is another $1,000.

So, why, when I read reviews and comments, did I not hear of anyone making any money? Several people commented that they were in for months and made nothing.

Remember, we are admonished in the beginning that Six Figure Mentor is not about making the fast buck, but about education.

From what I read from members’ comments or from reviews of SFM, the education is actually quite good. If you delve into the multitude of training videos (over 6,000) you can learn a great deal about internet marketing.pic of learning tools

Therefore, when the company claims it will educate you, they are being truthful. Still, the prices are a bit high for an online education course, when you can learn much of this information free if you dig for it. Of course, it is convenient to have it all in one place, so you don’t have to search it out.

Another of their strong points is that they help you replace your mindset from limiting beliefs to a much more positive outlook, and give you mental tools that will help you succeed. Such training is quite valuable.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: There are other things you are asked to buy. The Digital Business Lounge costs $37 or $67 per month. The Simple Lead Capture costs $29.95 per month. Graphix Creator is $99, and something called Simple Trax is $9.95 per month.

I read a number of reviews from people who said that for the first few days they were members they were bombarded with relentless upgrade offers. These upgrades might be offered at a discounted price if you pay within a certain time limit. There is even a digital countdown to try to create a sense of urgency in you to purchase before the price goes up again.

DEA logo

Once you become an Elite, you are invited to join the Digital Experts Academy. If you wish to move forward to make the big bucks, you will need the Digital Experts Academy.

Here you will be provided with mentorship and training by experts in the field. You will be able to fine-tune your knowledge base and fill in the gaps. According to their information, in 10 to 15 years, 40% of available jobs will disappear and will be replaced by artificial intelligence or technology. An online business prepares you for such a change.

One thing that bothers me — you are told in the introductory material that you can market any product or service that you wish. However, folks who did reviews or left comments about the company said you couldn’t really market anything but SFM itself because of the way the training is set up.

One review said that the intro and basic memberships were really worthless, because you didn’t get the training you were promised. Also, when eligible, you can confer with a training coach, but you must set an appointment or ask questions through email. You have no access to the owners themselves.

my affiliate company choice


  • Good for someone with unlimited funds; then it could perhaps be quite profitable
  • You can gain basic affiliate marketing knowledge
  • You will learn online marketing skills
  • You receive valuable mindset training
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Costs ‘way too much if you join Digital Experts Academy, which you really need to make the big bucks
  • Costs enough just for SFM membership, with all the extras you are required to buy
  • All you can market is SFM, but not your own choice of business
  • They don’t say much about advertising, which you will also have to purchase
  • The people making the big bucks are in the top ranks. They got there through the money they made from the folks on the bottom.


Yes, I’d like to make big bucks, but not by spending far more than I have. That would not help me at all. I think, if someone had a large amount of cash to invest and knew a lot of well-heeled folks, he could do well with this company. I am just not in that kind of money category.

It is good to receive thorough mindset training. It is so important to learn how your own mind can be sabotaging your progress. I commend them for that.

They do seem to have a lot of educational materials to pass out to their members, so you should get some decent training from them.

I’ve been thinking about this company.  I do believe their intent is for you to succeed, but their price is high.  I believe that, if their system worked in the way they intended, you would receive your education in Six Figure Mentors and you would also make some money.

That money, applied to the Digital Experts Academy, could buy you the first level.  From there, your sales would be needed to move you through the levels. 

At the top, selling those platforms would bring you your six-figure income. It is said that it takes money to make money.  I believe Six Figure Mentors is intended for your education and to help you make enough to start DEA.

The problem is that to make money with Six Figure Mentors, you have to be a salesperson, and many people simply cannot sell.  Also, for some, this is not a system that fits their particular skill set.  It will work for a few.

The rest of you need to find a less expensive way to make your big bucks.

I would suggest that if you want to try this company, you learn as much as you can from Six Figure Mentors and then set up your own online business, or find another company where you can put your new knowledge to good use.

In such an event, I would recommend that you try the company I have chosen, as it will provide you with all you need to reach success at a price you can afford.

It will also provide an interactive community of many thousand members who willingly reach out to other members with answers to questions that provide helpful solutions to problems.

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8 thoughts on “Can You Make Big Bucks With Six Figure Mentors?”

  1. I had looked at six figure mentors, but it looked too scammy for my liking. I definitely liked hearing that they were not a scam so much, and it’s just really expensive. I felt the same, they definitely like their product and feel it’s worth more than it should be. What would you recommend instead?

    • Thanks for your comment.  The company I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate, the company I chose.  There are many reasons why I love this company.  It’s affordable.  The training is spot-on excellent.  The community has become like my family.  Site Support cannot be matched anywhere.  Wealthy Affiliate is such a complete system, and I really don’t think you can find a better one.

  2. Yes, from what you say here, it looks like SFM is closer to a rip off than a money maker.

    It is way too expensive for what it offers.  If a person is paying for elite membership, they should have direct access to the founders whether by Skype or Face to Face classes and events.  

    Personally, I believe in start small, build big.    There are many companies online where you can sell lower ticket items ass well as high ticket, so that members can diversify and make money from both ends of the ticket spectrum.  

    That is a better Win-win scenario don’t you think?  With SFM you are not given much of a choice if you want to earn big!

    • Yes, Stella, I agree with  you that you need a range of prices on your site to cater to many different types of customers.  When I had a brick and mortar store, that was one thing I was always aware of — that I needed a wide range of prices so there was something for everyone.  

  3. This is an outstanding review of the digital experts academy. I receive so many junk emails from these people I can’t begin to tell you. If they were really focused on education and training, they wouldn’t charge you all that money upfront. Instead I think they would take a commission off of some earnings in the future as you became successful. I think DEA is a scam and I don’t believe it’s worth what they’re asking for to join and to go up further in the company.  Do you have apparently done a lot of research on DEA and I want to complement you for that. It really is a complete review of what they offer and if anyone was thinking about it before reading your review I’ll bet you they’re thinking twice about it now!

    I really like their review of the wealthy affiliate program I did click on a banner and noticed that the WA program is absolutely outstanding. I want to thank you for including that option as well.

    • Thanks for your comment.  I don’t know that DEA is a scam, but it is certainly expensive…and it does smack a little too much of MOBE technique for me to be really comfortable with it.  However, I do think if you already had a lot of money, you could have some fun with it.

      Perhaps the best approach to this company is to go through the SFM educational training, and then move on to something else.

  4. Six Figures Mentors is not a program that I will be able to join.  The amount of cash that I would have to lay out would be enough for me to get the education I need from a college.  The price tag is just way too high.  

    I do like the concept that they have training and you mentioned that the training seemed like it is pretty good.  I do think that training is the key to success for any online marketing program.  

    Do you have a recommendation for a training program that doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as the Six Figures training program?  I need to find something that is affordable, but has a good program that can help me learn.  I also am not interested in any program that has the different tiers.  It makes me believe that you can never be successful until the upper tier.  

    • I agree with you — Six Figure Mentors is for those with more ready cash than I have.

      Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.  I think I mentioned it in my post.  It’s free to join, then $19 for the first month, and $49 for every month after that.  There are no upsells.  The training is thorough and complete and will help you build a great website.  The support, both from tech folks and the community are over-the-top excellent.  You will receive your internet education and then some.  Try it out!


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