What Is Alphapreneur?

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Move over, Facebook — you have competition! Alphapreneur has entered the picture. For those of you who ask, “What is Alphapreneur,” here’s an answer for you. No, Alphapreneur won’t replace Facebook. For one thing, it’s a paid service and Facebook is free. That’s the biggest reason it won’t replace the competition. For another thing, Alphapreneur … Read more

Here Are Some Writer’s Block Solutions

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When writing for your website, do you ever have to deal with writer’s block? Most of us who write have to do so from time to time. To help you out, in this post I will give you some writer’s block solutions. What Is Writer’s Block? With writer’s block, you are unable to continue with … Read more

How To Cope With The Coronavirus


These are troubled times. Six months ago, could you have believed we’d find ourselves in this situation? Learning how to cope with the coronavirus has not been easy. How are you doing? Are you battling fear, depression, or perhaps simple disbelief that this horrible virus could be invading our lives? We may find ourselves at … Read more

Make Small Changes To Improve Your Life

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by choice (J. Rohn)

There are a number of articles online that will tell you how you can make small changes to improve your life.  I selected four of them to give you some ideas you might want to put into practice. Sometimes it feels like everything in your life is out of kilter.  It does happen to all … Read more

How To Promote Your Website Free

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Are you in need of traffic for your website? Are you looking for ways to get your site out in the public eye? In this post, you will learn how to promote your website free. Are you continuing to build your website by adding new content regularly? Your content gives you something to promote. It … Read more

Working From A Remote Location

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Are you ready to start your online business? Are you unsure if you can even begin because of where you live? Are you wondering how to start when you are working from a remote location? Believe me, such a business is indeed possible. Consider my location — I live in the small town of Gustavus, … Read more

Make A Commitment For Success

When you start your business with Wealthy Affiliate, you will find you have many new things to learn. Along the way, you will learn many factors needed to be successful in your enterprise. Once you decide that this business is indeed where you want to be, you need to make a commitment for success. When … Read more

Change Your Mindset With Bob Proctor Coaching

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I have been fortunate in my business-building journey. Many years ago, I met Bob Proctor. I would recommend to any of you who desire an insightful journey to success to take advantage of some Bob Proctor coaching. I believe the man changed my life. Bob Proctor was born in Ontario, Canada, and got off to … Read more

If You Are A Senior, Can You Make Money Online?

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There comes a time when your age denies you access to the many employment opportunities available to you when you were younger. You may have fallen victim to something called “ageism,” which is discrimination toward you because of your age. Many doors once open will now be closed to you. You might ask yourself, as … Read more