Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Do you want a successful online business?  Or, for that matter, success in any endeavor?  What is your attitude toward succeeding?  Examine yourself carefully:  Do you believe you can succeed?  If not, pay heed to the title of this post:  Change your attitude, change your life.

I wrote a book about homesteading in Alaska.  It’s called Alaskan Attitudes.  I  found a fitting quote to put at the beginning of each chapter.

The first chapter starts with a quote by William James:  “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

Definition of Attitude

An attitude is a combination of thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Attitude defines the way we respond to a given situation.  Successful Wealthy Affiliate people and Alaskans share an attitude that includes challenge as a normal way of life.positive attitude changes everything

On my homestead, I became adept at the art of making do.  People who establish a successful Alaskan Bush lifestyle believe that there is a solution to any problem; no obstacle is insurmountable.

Folks who want to establish a successful internet business need to have a similar attitude.

On Spruce Island, where my homestead was located, I built a dream — one I’d had for several  years.  Here in Wealthy Affiliate I am building another dream and intend to stay the course to see what I can create.

You Can Build Your Own Dream

I urge you all to become dream builders.  Make your dream real and vivid, and then go out and figure out a way to bring it to reality.  We can do this.  We are pioneers of a sort, but we are also fortunate that others have gone ahead to show the way.

My book, Alaskan Attitudes, is about building my dream and living for 20 years on a remote island.  My transportation was an 18-foot skiff (Boston Whaler) or my own two feet.

Living The Dream

As I lived a mile and a half from the tiny village of Ouzinkie, if I wanted mail or groceries, I either took my skiff into the village or I walked in.  

Person with backpack overlooking mountain lake
This backpack looks like my Ouzinkie purse

When going to the village afoot, I always wore my “Ouzinkie Purse,” which was a giant backpack in fire engine red capable of carrying 80 pounds.  At that weight, I was barely able to carry the pack.  I found 40 pounds more comfortable.

Living ‘way out there was a challenge.  My accomplishments included chopping wood, hauling water, and for a long time doing laundry by hand.  I was giddy when we got an old-fashioned Kenmore wringer washer that could run off the generator.

Not only did I build my house myself with the help of a strong friend, but I also learned a lot about gardening.  I taught adults in the village, and a group of us met for a few years to study the wild plants in our area.  We wrote a book about what we learned.  It was not an easy life but it was a totally satisfying one.

How did I adapt to this very different lifestyle?  I had to develop the right mindset.  It all starts with attitude.  I had to have an attitude that allowed me to be open to change.  Then I had to figure out what needed changing.

I learned to do these things:  Get rid of limiting beliefs.  Don’t say “I can’t.”  Go find a way to insure that you CAN.  We humans are often far more capable than we think we are.  If you think you can’t do something, maybe it’s time to push your boundaries.

What Direction Will You Choose?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are directed into the proper training for your selected end goal.   You can either get entrepreneur certification, which allows you to establish your website in whatever niche, or category, you desire.

Or you can take bootcamp training and learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate as your business.  Whichever one you choose, the most important thing you can do is focus, focus, focus on that training.drawing: person climbing stairs

Squeeze every bit of value out of the training as you can, and, believe me, there is a lot.  Become a fan of training webinars.  Build your structure one piece at a time.  If something doesn’t work, try another solution.

Your mind is the most crucial part of your business.  Not money — it will come when you build a structure to house it.

Not location — with an internet business, that is no longer a concern.  Your marketplace is the world.  

Did You Know You Were Born Rich?

I borrowed some ideas from Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich for this information on our wonderful minds. It is difficult to think of your mind when you can’t see it.  There are no buttons or levers to push.  Think of the mind as an activity, not a thing.  

We are actually living simultaneously on three planes of being.  There is the spiritual plane, which is thought energy.  There’s the intellectual, which equates to ideas.  Then there is the physical plane, which is represented by things or results.

You think with your conscious mind, and that thought impresses itself in the subconscious.  This is your power center, and is actually found in every cell of your body.

This part of your mind must accept what you think — it cannot reject it.  Thus you become what you think about.

Therefore, any thought you think over and over, thus impressing it repeatedly into the subconscious, becomes a fixed part of your personality.

These fixed ideas, now habits, will continue to express themselves until replaced by a new conscious thought.

The Power of Attitude

Do you see how your attitude of mind can change your life?  Think about Positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over yousomething over and over and it becomes part of you.  Change what thoughts you place continuously in your subconscious and change yourself.

Once thoughts are sent to the subconscious, they will ultimately influence your results.  These results can be shown in the following channel of events:  Thoughts–>Feelings–>Actions–>Results.  To change results, change thoughts, feelings, and actions.

And, remember, thoughts, feelings, and actions equate to attitude.  We’ve come full circle.  Now, go out and think nothing but positive, successful thoughts and see where your thoughts lead you.

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4 thoughts on “Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life”

  1. You are so right Fran about our attitudes. They can change everything. We can so easily get ourselves down when things don’t go our way or we feel like a failure because something didn’t work out the way we thought it should but if we have the right attitude we just try to turn those negatives things into positive things. Thank you for sharing this article. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Yes, I think turning negative into positive is essential. It is not always easy to do, but it is a good thing to work on. If we fail at something, we learn about what does not work. That in itself is a good lesson, even if it doesn’t feel so at the time. Sometimes failing at something can be just the breakthrough we are looking for, and the next thing we try is the perfect solution. We just have to hang in there and keep trying to get it right.

  2. Fran,
    Your writing is excellent and inspirational. I would love to see photos of the places you write about! Your life story is fascinating.

    Does your book include photos? Is it available to purchase on Amazon?

    What an amazing adventure you are living in Alaska!
    Thanks for the inspiration; you described the thoughts-feelings-actions-results cycle very well.

    • Thank you for your comments! I am so glad you enjoyed my writing. Yes, the Alaskan Attitudes book includes photos, and it is available on Amazon. If you purchase one, let me know. I guess you could also order one from me, and then I could autograph it for you.

      Meanwhile, hope you visit my website often. If you wish, you can also visit my other website, If you like cats, you can read many stories about them on that site.


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