Change Your Mindset With Bob Proctor Coaching

I have been fortunate in my business-building journey. Many years ago, I met Bob Proctor. I would recommend to any of you who desire an insightful journey to success to take advantage of some Bob Proctor coaching. I believe the man changed my life.

Photo of Bob ProctorBob Proctor was born in Ontario, Canada, and got off to a slow start. By the time he was 26, he was a high school dropout, had trouble finding a job, and had no clear idea of what his future would be.

Then he read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” and this book caused a turning point in his life. He began taking cleaning jobs. He started cleaning offices for many companies for the next year, and then opened his own company. He and his employees washed floors in many corporate offices in Canada, the United States, and England.

Bob Starts Working With Earl Nightingale

In 1961, he started working for Earl Nightingale, because he wanted to learn from the man. Eventually he rose to the position of Vice President of Sales.

Earl Nightingale’s organization taught personal growth and development, and after working for him and learning from him, Proctor decided he should open his own company to give seminars and motivational lectures on the subject of self-help.

Later, after 40 years of experience in the personal development field, Bob launched the Proctor Gallegher Institute with Sandy Gallagher. This institute offers coaching courses and self-study courses that teach how to use the power of one’s own mind to create the ideal life.

Proctor explains that, though he believes everyone should live a lush, abundant life, his work is not just about money. He also attempts to help people improve the moral and ethical aspects of their personality. He tells you that if one concentrates on giving genuine help to others, the money will come automatically.

Bob has a clear explanation to offer of how our human mind works. It is his belief that in order to be successful, people need to understand these Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choiceconcepts. He teaches us the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious, and how our capabilities are affected by these two parts of the brain. He reminds us that, for success, we must always have a positive attitude.

Proctor stresses that we need to use imagination and creativity, since that can be where our individual uniqueness lies. He lists focus as a prerequisite for any achievement. We are told that our self-belief is vitally important. He says every person should realize and acknowledge their self-worth and capabilities.

Bob believes in the unlimited potential within us all, waiting to be tapped. He has written several books on the subject, including You Were Born Rich, Mission in Commission, The Goal Achiever, The Winner’s Image, The Recruiting Puzzle, The Success Puzzle, The Success Series, and Being the Very Best.

If you must doubt, doubt your limits

He worked with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield, authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul. With their help, he created a course based on the Science of Getting Rich program.

Bob Becomes A Movie Star

You may have seen The Secret. Bob Proctor was one of the actors in that movie, and also collaborated on the book. He also teaches about universal laws, and is considered an expert on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.

This man is one of the most influential figures in the field of self development. Take a lesson from his life. He went from being a high school dropout and unemployed to being one of the best motivational teachers the world has known.

I am including a YouTube video of his You Were Born Rich seminar at the end of this post. Please watch it, as it may change your life.

How I Learned About Bob Proctor

Many years ago, my six-year-old daughter, Sandi, drowned. As you can imagine, that loss was a devastating blow. I could not understand how such a thing could happen. I struggled with my beliefs about the world and life and knew I would have to find some answers.

I did some reading and a lot of thinking. Finally, I developed some changes in my belief system based on what I could accept as truth. I did not have anYour purpose explains what you are doing with your life easy journey, but one I had to make at the time. Then, after coming to terms with my beliefs and reality, I slowly recovered.

Many years later, I joined an MLM company, Nikken, and became an active member. One day, I heard a man named Bob Proctor give a motivational talk. Bob outlined ideas I had had since Sandi’s death. I was blown away! I had no idea that there were other people who looked at life and people the same was as I.

I found every motivational tape the company had that was done by him. He spoke to my heart. I had written a book about building my own house on Spruce Island in Alaska. It was called Whistlestops and Windows to your Soul. In places in the book, you can find some of the ideas that Proctor teaches.

I even sent Bob a copy of my book, though I have no idea if he ever got it. At one company event, I got the chance to meet him and shake his hand.

Then I learned he had a year-long mentor study program, and I signed up. In the program, we each received one book a month, which we read. There were four conference calls a month between Bob and us, his students, in which we listened to lectures on the book.B. Proctor quote

Sometimes Bob brought the author to one of our conference calls. Then, at the end of the call, we always had time to submit a few questions of our own. As part of the class, we received a large binder of lessons that went with each book, with information about the selection and questions we had to answer or exercises we were required to do.

That course is excellent, and if any of you are interested, please get the information online and take the course yourself. You can benefit greatly from his teaching, and the books are all inspirational and full of good information.

Below is a video from YouTube of Bob’s You Were Born Rich seminar. Warning:  Watching this video can change your life.  I know Bob Proctor changed mine.

References I used for this post:

The quotes used for images in this post are all from Bob Proctor.

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14 thoughts on “Change Your Mindset With Bob Proctor Coaching”

  1. Thanks for this post on how to change our minds with Bob coaching, about some years back when I started the online marketing I met with some Bob reviews which really helped me a lot in my business life,I got to see some of his movies and books too this really got me motivated and teaches me on how to go about my marketing life, if you haven’t heard anything about bob I all recommend you do so before starting any online marketing it all help, thanks 

    • This man is one who can inspire and motivate in an excellent way.  I’m glad you had a chance to get a bit acquainted with him and his teaching.  Yes, you are right. It all helps — no matter where you stand in your marketing career.

  2. A life without purpose is rather useless because it doesn’t have a reasonable patterned model for it, such a life won’t achieve anything. Its good to listen and follow the works of motivational speaker like Bob Proctor, they are always filled with reasonable and helpful tips on how to work on your mindset. Thanks for sharing some details about his life, it’s been interesting.

    • People like Bob Proctor can go a long way toward helping us find direction and purpose in our lives.  He is a great speaker and an excellent teacher, and one who can teach us a great deal about how to move ahead in the world.

  3. First, I am so sorry about the loss of your daughter, you are amazing on getting yourself up and keep going. I have several unfortunate events in my life and I always know that I myself is my worst enemy. I have been self medicated but now I am turning to all the motivational coaches. 

    I am glad to see that he likes Think and Grow Rich just like me. At least I am on the right direction. I love his concept of helping people and money will come, he is totally right. Will check his video out after this. 

    • I hope you do check out the video.  I found it truly life-changing.  Yes, I think you are going in the right direction.

      Losing my daughter was one of the hard things I went through in life.  We all have them, and it is not always easy to get up and move on once you are knocked down by such a loss.  However, the way I see it, there is no other choice but to get up and keep going.  No one else will do it for me, so did it for myself.

  4. What a great article you have written about how to change our mindset with the Bob Proctor protocol coaching, Bob has really been one of those people  that impacted my success story, I got up with one of his books a poo me years back and since then I started reading his reviews which is helping me till now , thanks for this great review about the great man 

    • Nice to know you share my opinion.  He is really remarkable,and every time I watch a video or listen to one of his tapes, I get a boost.  It’s helpful to watch them more than once, for when things get difficult.

      Glad to know you liked the article and that you, too, have found him helpful.

  5. Of recent, I’ve been trying to gather information about motivational speakers that can help with moving and changing mind in a very positive way. Millions of things cycle round our minds every seconds, we should be able to channel them into a useful direction that will help create a new concept of convenience one way or another. Proctor is undoubtedly beyond comparison, he’s really good and dynamic and i think it’s really nice to read about him. I’ll get a couple of his works and enroll for coaching too.

    • You are wise to gather such information.  You can learn many valuable lessons from such motivational teachers.  If you have not yet watched the “You Were Born Rich” video, you are in for a treat.  Be sure to watch it, as it can change your life.

  6. We very much like Bob Proctor’s message on the need to use imagination and creativity while at the same time having the right focus. These should unleash anyone’s potential while at the same time grounded on a particular North Star.  We think this message works equally to personal as well as work/career situations.

    It is always nice to listen to coaches and mentors.  We believe that everyone needs a coach or mentor to succeed.

    Thank you for this enlightening post.  Would you know if his seminars are open to anybody (say for personal enrichment) or they are more geared to organizations?

    • Thanks for your comment.  Yes, Proctor can give you some much-needed illumination about many questions.  I do believe he can help very well to unleash your potential.

      Yes, his seminars are open to anybody.  Go to the Proctor-Gallagher Institute and check out what is available.  To see if his seminars are for you, be sure to watch the “You Were Born Rich” video in the post, and you will know if his type of teaching is for you.

  7. How amazing to read about someone who turns his life around. Bob Proctor began his life doing jobs to the best of his ability working his way up to vice-president of a company and showed us how to believe. One thing we need today is imagination and creativity so people can believe again in there abilities. 

    • If you want to get ‘way more inspired, watch the “You Were Born Rich” video.  Excellent bit of teaching.  Yes, he is certainly an amazing person, and I’m glad he touched my life.


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