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Hello, website visitors. I am Fran, your personal guide to this website,  It occurred to me that it might be of value to you if I explained my purpose for this website. Yes, it is about establishing an online business from a remote location, as my home in Alaska fits that category. My goal in this endeavor is to help you with your business while I also help myself.

In order to build such a business, there are skills and tools you will need. This website offers you answers to some of your questions about what you will need to be successful. It also offers suggestions of tools you might find useful, as well as reviews of companies that you might find to your liking or that you might wish to stay away from.

The focus of my website falls into three areas:

  1. Reviews of businesses or products
  2. Motivational posts
  3. Helpful information for other affiliate marketers

Let’s look at each one:

1. Reviews of businesses or products

I write reviews for you as a form of public service. Sometimes the product ormagnifying glass on word "review" the company I review is a great one, but sometimes it is not at all something you should take on.

You will find many negative reviews of the websites or businesses I have investigated. This is deliberate. I search out the companies that are based on fable, rather than fact.

It pleases me to think of myself as a kind of warrior whose purpose is to find and expose these harmful business sites. If I can save you money or keep you from making a bad investment, I’ll feel I have done my part.

If you find a review of a company you have been interested in, read it carefully. Know that my opinion at the end is just that — my opinion, based on what I have learned about the business

From my review, take in the basic information regarding the company, and read my opinion at the end. However, don’t stop there. I recommend that you then go to Google and see what other reviews you can find on the company.

After you have read a few of them, you will be better able to decide if you feel my opinion is valid. However, I feel it important that you do your own due diligence to find out if this company is a fit for you.

It is not my intent to label all companies other than the one I have chosen as bad. However, I have had no trouble finding companies that appear to want nothing more than to take your money. I feel it is important to warn you about these companies.

It distresses me, how many people read something and accept it as fact without investigating further. I hope that perhaps some of my negative reviews will open folks’ eyes to how important it is to check out a company thoroughly before trusting them with your hard-earned cash.

If I can teach any of you how important it is to find out all you can about a company before joining their program, I will feel I have given value to you, my reader.

2. Motivational posts

It has long been a secret dream of mine to write content that can inspire my readers, or that might help make a positive change in their lives.poster: eagle and "dream big"

It is also my intent to suggest mental tools that help you grow and succeed. In the two categories, “Motivational” and “Millionaire Mindset,” the articles are all designed to help you move toward success.

These posts range from deciding how to set up your home office to discovering your purpose, or your “why” in life. You are invited to explore such topics as changing your attitude, boosting self-esteem, or learning the best habits to develop for success.

It is my plan to cover many facets of the subject of success. I will approach the concept of success from many angles, with the hope that something I say will resonate with you and help you in your forward journey.

My posts include my thoughts on the subject as well as those of experts. Through these articles, you will receive advice from some of the greatest motivational teachers to be found today. I will become your medium for channeling these ideas into a post you can read and, hopefully, will find helpful.

As you read these motivational pieces, think about them and determine if the information is something that would be useful in your life, or that might be an area in which you could use some improvement. Hopefully you will gain insight into the direction you need to go.

If there is a particular subject you’d like to investigate, make a suggestion in the comments at the end of the post. I will research and determine if I can find information that could be useful to you. After all, I’m always looking for new subjects to write about. So much the better if you suggest one.

3. Helpful information for affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing as a business model has grown with unbelievable speed. Now that the internet is well-established, it seems only natural that more and more people search for an opportunity to find a lucrative online business.

On the internet, your marketplace is the world. No wonder so many people are now involved in online business. Affiliate marketing spending in the United States went from 4.21 billion dollars in 2015 to 6.4 billion dollars in 2019, with a projected 6.82 billion dollars to be spent in 2020.

If you want a piece of that pie, you need a computer, a website, and an website tools signaffiliate platform. Then you need to commit yourself to spending the time it takes to build your site into something lucrative.

If you are lucky, you might start earning in three months, but it is best to figure on a year or two to build your business out enough so you can attract the traffic you need for success. If you build carefully, using sound SEO principles and practices, you can do very well.

Part of the purpose of this website is to introduce helpful tools that can be useful to you. You will also learn of tools that might not be of much benefit. It all depends on what my research tells me. Possibly you will find just the tool you need.

Again, if there is a special tool you’d like me to research and review, let me know in the comments and if I can help you out, I will.

Affiliate marketing is such a great concept. It makes it possible for you to set up a little office in the convenience of your home and run a business.

You can choose any products you wish to sell and you don’t have to buy them before selling them. You don’t have to deal with shipping. You just have to link with the affiliate company located someplace in the world that sells the product you want to feature, and then collect a small commission after it sells.

Actually, every bit of the information on this website can be useful to the affiliate marketer, from tools and reviews to motivating articles. It’s your world out there — you can conquer it with this new affiliate business model.

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing platform, please give close inspection to the company I have chosen, Wealthy Affiliate. I believe it has everything you need to establish a website, learn what you need to know to build your business, and reach success. Try it — you might like it.

It is my wish that you will find information on my website that will help you in some way on your road to success. Best of luck to you, and remember to enjoy your journey.

==>Continue on from here by reading “Working From A Remote Location” under the “motivators” category.==<

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14 thoughts on “Defining My Purpose For This Website”

  1. This is a great explanation of the purpose of your website. I like how you gave an outline of exactly what was going to be presented to the reader and you thoroughly explained how each section would benefit the reader. Your writing style presents a candidness that the reader can connect to and feels like they are speaking with a friend. You define what your site will be about and what it wont be about as well. I dont see as many blogs like this so it will be awesome to see how it progresses. Great post!

    • Thank you so much!  I hope it will be helpful.

      One reason I put it on there is because I read many negative reviews of companies that come from members of my organization, Wealthy Affiliate.  Often these reviews will have a link to Wealthy Affiliate; then I see a comment from someone saying that they are bashing the company they are reviewing just to say that Wealthy Affiliate is better.  I believe people need to realize that, when we write negative reviews, there is a good reason for it.

      I want people to be able to make a decision as momentous as which internet company to choose with as much good information as possible.

  2. Hey Granny Fran, awesome article. I like the angle at which you reviewed your site and I like how you made your purpose so clear, I like that your site is all about steering affiliate marketers onto the right path because in this day and age, definite guidance is not assured because everyone is out for themselves. Awesome job Granny Fran.

    • Thank you, my young friend.  I’m hoping, by pinning it with a sticky to first place in the blog roll, people will read it when they first visit my site.  They will have a much better idea of what I’m attempting, I think, if they do.  

      If I help anyone with my site, I’ve done what I set out to do.  Hopefully many people will find the site and discover it useful.

  3. Hi Fran. Wow. You really are going to be covering an incredible amount of information. I love good honest business reviews. I find the honest ones to be very helpful to me as I’m always looking for ways to start a new online business. Great reviews help to make my decisions easier and prevent me from making the many mistakes I would otherwise would, as sometimes I can be easily taken in by the ‘Bells and Whistles’ and promises that are given to an unsuspecting person.

    As for Motivational posts, I love them as well, especially on the days I’m feeling down. So i also look forward to these posts you will be bringing to our attention.

    As a budding affiliate marketeer, or at least someone that wants to been recognized as being one, I always look forward to new and fresh information concerning this. So, once again I can’t wait for this information. 

    Thank you and I look forward to regular visits to your web page. Jim`

    • Thanks, Jim, for your comment.  I sure hope to see you on my site more in the future.  Why write if no one reads your posts?  It’s nice to know when people appreciate them.  

      My plan is to try to give equal time to all 3 categories on my website, and so far, so good.  We’ll see if I can keep that balance in the future.

  4. Your website’s contents are much needed at present. A lot of people are investing their time, effort and money in online businesses. It will he very helpful to have a guide on such matters. Reviewing businesses, products and services can help the readers to weigh carefully what they can get before purchasing. For all we know it could be a scam or the other way around. 

    Motivational posts are source of encouraging and inspirational words for people who wants to have evident success in this line of business. It can help them to be prepared, motivated and become well driven in pursuing life goals. 

    Affiliate Marketing on the other hand is one of the highest paying and strongest online business, if executed properly. So as for this, we need a lot of tips to improve ourselves through recommended tools and programs that are trustworthy and affordable. Thank you for your effort. 

    • Thank you for your comment.  I certainly hope my website can be helpful to people, as that is my intent.  I do get tired of seeing all the scams out there and would like to find a couple really good companies.  I know there are some, as we have one right here.  Where are the others hiding?

  5. Hi Fran! I’m grateful I found your site. I also live at a remote location and I have comprehended that affiliate marketing constitutes a big opportunity for me to reach out to the world. But there are so many things I must learn. I appreciate you’ll be reviewing platforms here. And I also find motivational posts useful. I’ve book marked your site. Thank you very much!

    • Henry, you are so welcome.  It is my aim to help others with their own success, as that is sure to enhance mine, so anything I can do for you is great.  I hope you return to visit often.

  6. Love the clear intent and the reasons for reviewing companies and products.
    I looked at many such products before arriving at Wealthy Affiliate but didn’t get caught as I am lucky enough to have a very good intuition I listen to.
    I have heard many people’s tales of woe after being caught out and losing money. It’s good that you write about them, to let others know, so they can look further into it before jumping in with both feet.
    I shall be back to look at some articles.
    Thank you Fran.

    • Thanks, Linda. Yes, I get really angry at some of the flagrant misrepresentations that people make about their online scams. There are good companies out there, to be sure, but there are many that are just the attempts of greedy people to take our money. It’s good to be wary and to inform yourself fully before buying into some scheme. Some schemes are good and some are just pure hogwash! Just look carefully before you purchase.

  7. Hi Fran,

    I loved how you demonstrated that it is possible to build an online business even if you are located remotely. Just like you are.

    Helping people is what this is all about. You made that abundantly clear in what the purpose of your website is. When a budding entrepreneur is just starting out in their online quest, it is easy to get caught up in scams or the very best, expensive courses that are designed to transfer your money to those shifty creators.

    I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey.

    Edwin Bernard

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Edwin. Yes, this business is about helping others, and in so doing, we help ourselves. What could be better?

      Since my “niche” is doing an online business from a remote area, I’m glad you mentioned that I am indeed demonstrating that. It’s nice to know your content is doing what you want it to do.


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