Elite Marketing Pro: Is This The Plan For You?

Elite Marketing Pro is a company offering yet another online internet marketing course. Besides teaching you about internet marketing, they provide marketing services to entrepreneurs. Read on to learn how it works.

Name: Elite Marketing Pro

Website: www.elitemarketingpro.com

Founder and CEO: Tim Erway

Program Developers: Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, and Ferny Ceballos

Year Started: 2013

Product type: Lead generation, network building, Attraction Marketing formula, social media strategy

Price: $47 to $997 (depending on program and packages

Overall Rank: 3.5 out of 5

Elite Marketing Pro Core Products

This package, the Elite Marketing Pro Insider, offers you a great deal of information. It covers the following:

  • Sales commissions you can earn from selling the products
  • Training in the Attraction Marketing Formula
  • Capture Page Creator Pro software (creates as many pages as you want, including hosting, analytics, and conversion boosters.
  • Authority Blogging System Pro — This is a fully-hosted blog
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider: Site of members-only training and monthly webinars
  • Online Mastermind group, for sharing tips and resources
  • Ignition Coaching Program: This is a one-on-one coaching system

Attraction Marketing

Yes, I could use a course that helped me bring lots of people into my network. This company claims to have methods to teach you that will saveAttraction Marketing promo you from rejection. They claim you will not need to do cold calling or any face-to-face selling.

Elite Marketing Pro has a large assortment of motivational programs. Using interviews and videos, Elite Marketing Pro teaches strategies that will allow you to gain a decent profit from the money you invest.

You can become part of a community that believes that group motivation works. They feel networking should be about communication building, not competition.

Training Covers All Aspects Of Marketing

These include building a sales funnel, creating ads and lead capture pages, getting traffic to your funnel, and growing an email list. You will also learn how to convert your email contacts into sales.

Here is a list of the various features of this program and how the company values them:

Page Creator Pro Website Builder ($297/year value)

Private Members Community Mastermind ($997/year value)

EMP Weekly LIVE ‘HOT SEAT’ Webinars ($997/year value)

EMP Weekly ‘Begin to Win’ Webinar ($997/year value)

EMP Monthly Insider Advanced Marketing ($997/year value)

Three 1-on-1 Mindset & Marketing Coaching Sessions ($997/year value)

License to 8 EMP Lead Capture & Sales Systems ($997/year value)

4-Step Fast-Start to Online Success Guide (Priceless)

Invite to Elite Marketing Pro Insider Affiliate Program (Priceless)


YOU PAY: $597 per year

You get all of these for the amazing low price of $597 per year. Remember, the company decides on the value of each segment of their program. An independent outsider might not value them so high.

The 10-Minute Traffic Machine

This one claims to have a total value of $997, or three payments of $427. This is a seven-module step-by-step training which is said to teach you how 10-Minute Traffic promo pictureto create a never-ending flow of traffic.

However, setting this one up will take you far more than 10 minutes.

Levels Of Membership

Elite Marketing Pro is set up with three levels of membership.

First Level: Attraction Marketing Pro

This level introduces you to the Attraction Marketing Formula, a 185-page ebook, sharing the entire concept of Attraction Marketing. The book was written by Ferny Ceballos, and documents all his past experience as applied to network marketing.

It is important to remember this program is designed for the network marketing professional, not affiliate marketing. Therefore, it operates a bit differently than an affiliate program.

Second Level: Elite Marketing Pro Insider

With this level, you will set a process in motion, unlocking many launch plans. The second level also includes the following:

  • Private members community mastermind
  • EMP weekly live traffic monitoring webinars
  • EMP “begin to win” webinars
  • EMP monthly insider advanced marketing
  • 3 one-on-one mindset and marketing coaching sessions
  • 8 EMP lead capture and sales systems
  • 4-step fast start guide to online business

Third Level: VIP Membership

Being the highest level of membership, this one unlocks everything available in the program. This includes all the courses created by EMP.

These include the following (Prices are what you would pay if you bought these programs separately)

  • 10 Minute Traffic Machine ($997)
  • Social Media Recruiter ($97)
  • Linkedin Recruiting Playbook ($997)
  • Network Marketing Foundations
  • $30 Million Video Sales Letter Workshop ($197)
  • Traffic 180 Degrees ($997)
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel ($197)
  • The Copywriter’s Guild ($297)
  • 10 Minute Blog Blueprint
  • Recruit with Words ($197)
  • Branded Traffic Formula ($67)
  • 90 Minute Profit Machine ($197)
  • Pro Marketing Summit
  • What’s Working Now Archive ($1,164)
  • Your Authority Blog Checklist ($27)
  • The Ultimate List Building System 2.0 ($197)
  • Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint ($997)
  • YouTube Traffic Blueprint (New)

What Commissions Can You Earn From EMP?

The commission structure is similar to that in an MLM program, but you don’t need to worry about creating a downline. Just sell the products to earn your commissions.

There are four income levels:

1) Standard Membership

20% on sales of all standard products, but not eligible for commissions on monthly, annual, or VIP memberships.

2) Monthly Membership

40% on sales of all standard products and monthly “insider members.” Not eligible for commissions on annual or VIP memberships.

3) Annual Membership

40% of all standard products and monthly and annual “insider members.” Not eligible to earn commissions on VIP memberships.

4) VIP Members

70% commission on sales of all standard products, monthly and annual memberships and 40% on sales of VIP memberships.

What Is The Ignition Coaching Program?

This one sounds very helpful. When you purchase the Attraction Marketing Formula, you will be assigned a personal coach to guide you through the set-up of your business.

This coaching program has 12 modules, split into three levels, with four modules on each level. You will receive three one-on-one coaching sessions with your assigned coach.

Usually the coach will unlock four modules, or one level, at a time. Here are the module topics.VIP Mentorship promo

Level 1: Foundation

  • Wealth Hacking
  • Work Less, Live More
  • The Fast-Track To Freedom
  • Your Lifestyle Business Plan

Level 2: Launch

  • Launch Your 6-Figure Business
  • 5-Step Advertising Formula
  • The Pipeline Profit Formula
  • The Ultimate X-Factor

Level 3: Propel

  • The 6-Figure Evolution
  • Deploy Your Lead Machine
  • The Power Branding Blueprint
  • How To Unleash Massive Traffic

What About Those New To Online Marketing?

EMP is not really designed for beginners. You will understand the training much better if you already know the basics. With the training you will learn things like lead capture, building sales funnels, and advanced marketing techniques.

The company does have a support system. There is a FAQ page, and if you can’t find the answer, you can submit a ticket with your question. These are usually answered within 48 hours.Social Media promo

There is also a private Facebook page, where you can connect with other members. They may have answers you seek.


Incredible amount of training — that has to be helpful.

Annual summit — A place to rub elbows with those who have succeeded in this program.

BBB rating of B+, good for such a large company that’s been around a few years.

Good program for learning how to use paid traffic effectively.

Reports are that the training is great.


Lots of hype (actually a problem with many programs)

Products are expensive

You can’t expect success overnight — it requires work.

You will need to purchase an autoresponder.


This company is not a scam. However, though it costs a lot, you won’t reach overnight success.

There is so much training available in this program that I believe if you take it seriously, you could do okay. You’d find it especially valuable if you want to learn how to use paid traffic.

The main problem I struggle with, on many of these opportunities is this: If they offer good training and don’t mislead you by saying you’ll be a success overnight, they are often quite expensive.

I feel that often parts of the program will be overpriced purposely, so they can then offer you a discount and show you how much money you are saving. In my eyes, that’s a kind of hype.

There is no standard to judge how much these courses are actually worth, so they can say whatever they want about the value. It’s important to look past that and try to determine if this opportunity will really give you what you want.

I always like to add that, if you want thorough training that teaches you about affiliate marketing, check out the company I joined, Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free to see if it is a fit. Then it will cost you, but it’s very reasonably priced. Look it over and see what you think.


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  1. Wow! The fact that this elite marketing pro ordinarily is legit is enough reason to consider the fact that that it is worth checking out and investing into. I really like what you have shared here and truly, if not that I am really not yet financially settled, I would have opted for it as it gives the option to get started the right way to building the momentum. Thanks so much for sharing this here

    • You are welcome.  I’m glad you found the information useful.  Hopefully you will find this company to be useful to you in the future.  Best of luck!


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