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If you are working from home, there is a good chance you start your day with a cup of coffee. You might consider helping many other people begin a great day by finding available gourmet coffee affiliate programs and giving them a chance to move into their morning with an excellent coffee boost. It’s a great niche.

What do you know about coffee? Did you know it is the second largest industry in the world, second only to oil? In this country, the coffee business brings in over $19 billion per year. You will be delighted to know that there are many coffee companies that now offer affiliate programs. In the United States, approximately 100 million people drink coffee every day.

The average coffee drinker in this country spends more than USD $100 each year on coffee. Australia and Singapore are also among the heaviest consumers of the brew, ranking #1 and #2 in consumption. The United States is #3, and New Zealand and South Africa follow.

A large advantage of a niche in the coffee field is that the coffee market is very broad. You can approach it from many angles. Besides the many varieties of coffees offered by different companies, there are any number of other related sub-niches.

For example, you could offer mugs, coffee grinder, brewers such as a French press, roasters, ground coffee or beans, gift baskets, barista lessons, and many more possibilities. You could combine a site that offers products and training, as barista training is a good sub-niche.

The coffee niche is one that will be around for a long time. Though there are a lot of affiliates taking advantage of the popularity of coffee, the niche is not saturated. You can still find plenty of opportunity.

Another good advantage: Once you establish a customer relationship with a visitor, you are quite apt to get repeat sales from the same customer. Coffee is a consumable product that will be used repeatedly, so once your customer has ordered and likes the product, he will be ready to order again and again.

You can find many of the coffee brands or products related to it on Amazon, so if you use Amazon exclusively for links, you are in luck. However, when selling coffee, it makes sense to switch to one of the other umbrella companies offering affiliate links for coffee producers, such as Commission Junction or ShareASale, because you will receive a much higher commission.

Amazon pays approximately 4.5%, and though they offer Prime or fast shipping, you will not make much. Instead of 4.5%, you could be making 8 to 10%, and in some cases, as high as a 20% commission. If you can hook up with Lifeboost Coffee, you will earn the highest coffee commission available, $30 per sale.

Offering a site that combines information about the product plus product options is one good approach. Offering a free newsletter draws interested people. Give an opening bonus to new customers. For example, one company has an opening offer of “buy three and get a fourth one free.” Such an offer provides an excellent CTA.

According to the reviews I read, good keywords for this niche are pretty easy to find, whether for coffee or a related product. Those of us in Wealthy Affiliate have an advantage here because we can use the Jaaxy tool for our keyword research, to help us find the best keywords available.

Here are a few affiliate coffee companies that offer a high commission per sale. You might find these valuable to try.

1) Lifeboost Coffee

Founded by Dr. Charles Livingston, his intent was to develop a healthy coffee for himself and for his patients. Coffee beans used in Lifeboost are USDA certified organic. They are non-GMO and come from a single origin in a shade-grown high-elevation location. They are fair traded.

Lifeboost offers the highest commission per sale in the industry, at $30 per transaction. Affiliates work directly with the company owners to plan and carry out their affiliate promotion. With no middle man, they can afford to pay a higher commission.


Commission: $30 per sale

Cookie: 30 days

2) Koa Coffee

The Koa Company won the Gevalia Cupping Competition and PCCA Coffee of the Year, with their hand-picked Kona coffee. A recent upgrade of their roasters keeps the coffee fresh longer.

Koa Coffee uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate program. Average order size is around $67 and average commission is around $14.


Commission: 20%

Cookie: 90 days

3) Hawaii Coffee Company

This company includes a family of sister companies that work together to provide a great product to their customers.

Companies include Lion Coffee, Aloha Royal Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Island Teas, and Royal Hawaiian. They are the largest roaster of Kona coffee in the world. Average sales order is around $ 51 with an average commission of $10.


Commission: 20%

Cookie: 90 days

4) Gourmesso

Here is a company that is the leading online shop for coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. The capsules use high quality coffee in over 20 varieties. Gourmesso also offers compostable coffee pods for Keurig machines. With orders over $50, the company offers free shipping, which helps boost the sale size.

The Gourmesso affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction. They offer special promotions and plenty of advertising banners.


Commission: 20%

Cookie: 30 days

5) VitaCup

The VitaCup folks were the first to make a vitamin-infused coffee pod, sealed to preserve freshness. The coffee contains vitamins and antioxidants, zero calories, and offers quality flavor.

As with Gourmesso, the company offers free shipping to orders over $50. The average order value is over $45. Their exclusive program is managed by ShareASale.


Commission: 20%

Cookie: 30 days

6) Bulletproof

This company is known for their coffee, but they also make supplements, food, and drinks designed to upgrade your grain and supercharge your body. They run monthly contests offering great prizes and exclusive giveaways.

Commission Junction is their affiliate program manager and has a remarkably long cookie life of 120 days.


Commission: 10%

Cookie: 120 days

I have included one possibility in a number of affiliate companies that offer you coffee infused with CBD hemp. There are a number of companies available, so you may want to research to see if you find one you prefer.

7) Subduction Coffee

With this coffee, you get rich coffee flavor that has been infused with CBD hemp. You can choose a variety of favors, and you can also select your hemp strength. The coffee is available in grounds or coffee pods.


Commission: 20%

So, what do you think? Is coffee perhaps the ideal niche for you? Would you find this niche a good one?


There’s plenty of room in the niche for new affiliates. It is certainly not saturated.

Since coffee is the second largest industry in the world, you definitely have an opportunity to make money in this niche.

Coffee is a consumable product, so there’s plenty of opportunity for repeat sales

Besides selling your customer the coffee itself, you can introduce many related products as well.


Build a fabulous site or expect to receive stiff competition from prime established sites

It’s always possible that the market will decline from its present popular position, but it doesn’t seem likely.


Though the market is competitive, I do believe you will be able to do very well in this niche. I think it is especially good because it is so broad. You need never fear running out of subjects for posts.

If you are interested in opening a coffee niche and need a platform on which to build your website, please look at the company that taught me what to do.  Their training program is excellent, and they will furnish everything you need to build a successful website, at a very reasonable price.  Click on the banner below for an application to join.


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2 thoughts on “Find Available Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs”

  1. Hi Fran. You have discussed one of the most obvious niches for affiliate marketing. I have been struggling to find a product I’d be happy writing about and promoting online. You have certainly opened my eyes to a fantastic possibility. I don’t know why I didn’t think about coffee as a possible niche before,. Not many people don’t like a great cup of coffee, especially i my home country of Australia.  I do have a question for you though. Are the companies you listed only available in the USA or a they available all over the world? I’d love to get the ball rolling with this idea , so any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim

    • Oh, my gosh, what a good question!  I am not sure, but if you go to the web address for each of the sites I listed and check, you can find out.  I am sure at least part of them are available in countries other than the U.S.  I’d be most appreciative if you would have time to put anything you find out with these comments.  Other people will want to know also.

      I agree with you that coffee would make an excellent niche.  I didn’t realize there were coffee affiliate programs either, until a friend let me know.  Of course, I jumped on the idea, and did some research.  I hope you are able to turn this idea into a profitable niche.


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