How Do You Use Canva?

There is always a learning curve with anything new. However, I feel that Canva seemed a bit easier to learn than some apps, and I became comfortable with it quickly. What is your experience? How do you use Canva?

Perhaps you haven’t tried it. In this Canva review, I am going to go through the process I use to create a new design, hopefully to help you learn the steps.

After reading this post, go to Canva and join if you have not already done so, and then watch their tutorials. They are easy to understand and should clear away the fog. Play around with the options, and see what happens.

Product Name: Canva


Product: Easy-to-use graphic design software

Price: Free, or Pro version for $9.95 a month.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

For the images in this post, I am including some examples of my Canva creations. This app is such fun to use — hopefully you will enjoy it, too.

I use Canva a lot. It is extremely useful when images for a post are hard to find, or if you want to put a few powerful words in a graphic image. Make a logo using Canva. Make banners to advertise your company. There are all kinds of ways to use this app.

Here are some prices:

  • Basic Canva: Free
  • Pro: $9.95 per month
  • Enterprise (for teams): $30.00 per month
  • Education: Register your class and it’s free
  • Nonprofit: Pro features free for up to 10 people; use of premium elements carries a small fee.

Okay, here’s the basic process. First, to join you must complete a short application. For starters, use the free version of Canva. I still use the free app, and have found that for my purposes it is sufficient.

What Kind Of Templates Are Available?

Decide what shape you want your design to be, and if you are interested in a specific category, look at what is available. There are a wealth of templates available, all different categories, as follows: Social Media, Personal, Business, Marketing, Education, Trending.

There are several choices in each of these. Select the one you like for size and shape, your intended use, and some design elements. You will most likely have to size it to fit your website once you get it uploaded. Not to worry: Quite easy.

Let’s look at one of the possible choices. Say you like the shape of one of the Facebook examples, so you choose the template. Once you have chosen one you like, it will be moved to your “creator’s space,” where you can pick any design you like. To the left of the space where you create, there are all sorts of selections. You can use any of these for your image.

On the far left, you have a series of choices: templates, uploads, photos, elements, text, music, videos, background. When you start out, click on each of these so you become familiar with what they have to offer. Next to that is a two-column-wide selection of template designs. You can substitute any one of these for what is on the template you have chosen.

Perhaps your first choice has a background that you like. If so, simply drag all the writing off it and add whatever you want. Perhaps you want to look for a design that more closely matches your intended image. Look through all the available templates, and if you see one you want to try, just click on it and it will replace the design in your chosen template.

When I select my original template, I don’t look so much at what it contains as I do at the shape. Do you want a square? A rectangle? A long banner? All are available. I select it for my work space and then look through all the available template designs to find what I feel is the best choice.

promo for Wealthy Affiliate

When you are ready to add text, one click of a text sample will put it in the middle of your template. Use this sample to write the text you wish to include. Highlight the text to remove the letters. Type in what you want, and it will be in the same font style.

Perhaps the writing is too big and you need to size it down to include all you wish it to say. It’s easy to reduce the size to whatever you need. If you click on the writing within your creation, a top navigation toolbar will be added, giving you several choices, including font size, style, color, and others.

You can change the background color if you want, or the color of the print. Anything on the template is removable, so, for example, if you want to take off part of the design, just drag it off.positive quote

There are so many options. You can make layers, and decide which one goes in front and which in back. With transparency, you can mute the top layer so the underneath shows through. To learn more possibilities, watch the tutorials, as they are quite thorough.

Canva has a large selection of photos you can use, or you can upload your own. Elements are interesting. You can drag one of these onto your template to use as part of your design. There are grids, shapes, frames, stickers, charts, gradients, lines, and many more.

There’s even a Coronavirus category — as if we need more reminders.

Once you are satisfied with your work, you can download it. If you are using a small file size image for your blog, it is suggested you use JPG as your download option.

By the way, if you work with a group of people, you can upgrade to pro, and you get an account that can include a 30-member team plus access to a database of 300,000 images. You also will get help in resizing your designs. which will come in handy. You will have custom fonts, color palettes, and the ability to save templates. You also get premium support.

Positive quote

What Design Categories Are Included?

You can pick templates from many categories. You will find templates for all the social media platforms, all sorts of cards, such as business or birthday, blog banners, logos, posters, flyers, etc. There are more there than you can shake a stick at! (Now, what do you suppose is the origin of that saying?) There are even animated choices.

Canva is the perfect tool for someone who is not trained as a graphic designer, because there is so much available that you can use. You can make brochures or invitations. Why, you can even create T shirt designs. There are templates for all sorts of apps, from Google Maps to YouTube.

If you need to add a graph or chart to your post, never fear — Canva is here. Use their “graph maker” to design what you need. You can choose from many types of graphs. Some of these look like they would be fun to build. I might have to try one.

Need cat-themed gifts?
Pinterest “rich pin”

If you want to make “rich pins” for Pinterest, do them in Canva.

Besides the wide range of photos, you can choose an icon representing a particular subject. Canva provides several choices for each icon type that you may find useful. For example, one of these selections that could be useful is called “web and SEO icons.” Some of these are the perfect image to add to that review that needs some images.

Canva can be useful when building your brand. Use their tutorial to figure out how to create what you want. Choose a color scheme, for example, that will be used throughout your website. Design your logo, to create something that will eventually be part of who you are. People will come to recognize your “brand,” leading to more visitors — our continuing goal.


Easy and fun to useBe like a postage stamp; stick to a thing until you get there

Free or not too expensive

Good training tutorials

Very useful for supplying images for our posts.

Simple to use but gives a professional look.


Does not include page grids

No alignment tools


I do love this app, because I have so much fun designing images. I’ve considered upgrading to Pro, but haven’t really needed it. When you can do what is necessary for free, why upgrade?

If you need to do lots of graphic design, you might consider an upgrade. I must admit, it would be fun to see what additional features you’ll find. However, I’m quite satisfied with the free version.

To me, this is a no-brainer. It’s so useful, and since it costs nothing, join and take a little time learning how it works.

Hopefully, your experience will be as helpful and happy as mine.

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6 thoughts on “How Do You Use Canva?”

  1. Hi there! I really enjoyed your post! I was not aware of Canva, and your post has peaked my curiosity. I will definitely be checking the site out!! I appreciated the layout of your site, as it was dynamic, vivid, interactive, and honest. Thank you for sharing all you did with us!! It looks like it took you some time compiling and carefully laying out all you wanted us to know. Your hard work shows! Awesome job!

    • Oh, by all means, check it out.  It is so useful, and so much fun to use.  I hope you find it helpful.  So often when we write a post, we can’t find an image.  Look for fantastic quotes on the subject and then put the quote in a Canva design and publish it.  Very helpful!

      I hope my little comments helped with figuring out how it works.

  2. I have been using Canva on my mobile only on a free mode as i never knew they had so much to offer for just a small monthly fee. I have a lot of work to do so i think i would be getting the month membership… thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me

    • Thanks for your comment.  I have been tempted to get the “Pro” version, but so far have found enough on the free site to do what I need to do.  I am glad you like and use Canva — I think they are a force for good.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. Canva is a great design tool for public relations professionals. It is straightforward to use and has many benefits that make it one of the best websites to create designs and also Canva has many fonts and graphics that don’t cost anything to use.


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