How To Bring Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is essential to your business, because without traffic, your website does not do you much good. As I am in the process of trying to learn the best way to draw traffic to my site, decided it would be good to share my research findings with you.

Basically, there are two ways of driving traffic to a website. The first way is free, and involves implementing things such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), setting up your blog, and social media sites.Web traffic road heading to the heavens

The second method is with paid traffic. This method can drive traffic to your site, but it could be expensive. To succeed in the paid method, you need to understand things like conversion rates and tracking clicks to see how much the sale costs you.

You need to track your traffic to see where it is coming from. The best way to do this is with Google Analytics. Google can help you with discovering this valuable information.

Let’s look at the organic methods of driving traffic, as this method will not cost you anything. It will, however, take time. Be willing to devote the necessary time to this activity if you want it to succeed.

1) How good is your Search Engine Optimization?

These days it is important to understand SEO. Fortunately, in our Wealthy Affiliate training program, we have many materials that will help us with SEO.

You can also find other sources for such training online. One good one is Neil Patel, as he has the experience and the training that we need. Check on some of these materials, either in the form of an actual SEO course, or perhaps YouTube’s educational videos on the subject.

2) Content is king

It’s always been true — the better your content is on your blog, the more you will engage your visitors. They will come back for more, and they will share with others.

3) Quora can be helpful

Answer questions on Quora. It’s a great source for driving traffic to your site.

4) Use social media

Using social media channels is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. Set up a business page that Social Media Traffic promoyou can use to post links to your blog. Give people a snippet of information about the post and provide a link.

You can also start a Facebook group which focuses on your niche subject. The group can help stimulate interest in this niche subject. The group can help stimulate interest in your website and can be used to drive more people there.

5) Work on your headlines

If your headline is not compelling, even the best blog post will go unread. Some writers create 20 or more headlines before finally deciding on the one they think will drive traffic the best.

6) Use long-tailed keywords

For one thing, they have less competition, so can help when people are searching for your topic.

As keywords become longer and more specific, data shows that this will help your conversion rate. These very specific phrases can often match the questions your visitor might be asking.

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have the advantage of researching on Jaaxy, our amazing keyword search tool. Here are other ways that might be helpful for finding long-tailed keywords:

  • Autocomplete: Type your main keyword or topic into Google and let the search engine generate suggestions based on other people’s searches.
  • People also ask: Scroll down the page on Google and you will see questions that people are asking about the subject.
  • Related searches: Here you will find questions that are directly related to your topic, and may provide just what you are looking for.

7) Start an email list

Create a lead magnet, such as a free ebook, to drive traffic to your site. Build up an email list from the people who respond.

This list can be of great value for marketing prospects.

8) Create a course

If you have a special expertise that you can market through a course, create a free one. Deliver lots of value to the people who take the course, and then link your students to additional content on your site.

9) Make sure you have a mobile-friendly site

A large number of internet users access the web through mobile devices. Make sure your blogs are mobile-friendly so that you don’t lose this large audience.

10) Optimize content for on-page seo

Certain practices are important to help optimize your content. Be sure you utilize the image alt text. Don’t forget to include internal links to new content, within your post. Make sure to write a meta description.

Though these are small changes you should be utilizing, they will be helpful in boosting organic traffic.Rocket taking off: Boost web traf. with SEO

11) Give and receive guest blogs

If you can secure a guest post on a reputable site, it can help bring new traffic to your site as well as helping to build your brand.

Make sure you create great content for such a post.

Also, invite others to guest blog on your site. Ask people in your niche to do a guest blog for you. Then if they link this article to their own site, you could gain new readers.

12) Don’t ignore Linked-In

Linked-In is the largest professional social network site in the world. It is also now a valuable publishing platform in its own right. Post to the platform regularly, as this action can boost traffic.

13) Add your comments

If you visit sites that are relevant to your business, for example, groups related to your niche, be sure to enter into conversations by making relevant comments in answer to others. Do this often enough and it helps to get your name out there. This in turn will help drive traffic to your site.

14) Research the competition

Try using software like BuzzSumo to find our what your competitors are up to. Such services will give you an at-a-glance view of what topics are resonating with readers. It is most important to find out what other readers are reading and talking about. Use similar content to bring traffic to your site.

It is important to capture people as leads through a free offer and then send them through your sales funnel.

Study Google Analytics and learn how it works. It can offer you a lot of valuable information that can help you decide which direction you need to go for growth.

Computer pic: Drive traffic to your websiteYou can learn where your traffic is coming from, plus a lot of information about that traffic. What you learn can help you decide what to target next in your company.

When you find a post in Google Analytics that is performing well, you can improve this post by adding more content, using external links to take people to that page, and building some backlinks to that page.

Remember to do your site maps. This practice will help make sure you receive proper indexing and can help to get organic traffic flowing your way.

Fix 404 pages. These are bad for your site. When a search engine is crawling your site and finds dead links, it can stop the spiders from crawling your site. Such a situation can stop the post from being indexed.

Check your site speed. If your page loads too slowly, it may cause the visitor to leave. Google tells us we need to make sure our web pages load in two to three seconds.

Analyze your competitors’ profiles and content. Check out their social profiles, and discover their strong points and their weaknesses.

Look for such things as:

  • Is their content relevant and up-to-date?
  • Do they have good or bad customer service?
  • Are there spelling mistakes?
  • What kind of images do they use?
  • Are they promoting themselves by using unique angles?

You might check out Quuu. It is a paid tool that can drive traffic your way by promoting it to the right audience. Here’s how it works:

  • You create a social media post that includes a link to your content.
  • Quuu puts the post in front of people in your niche who are signed up with Quuu to get suggestions.
  • Some of these people might share your information on their social profiles.
  • If they do, you can earn more traffic.Computer key that says "web traffic"

If you use the Twitter platform, here’s some advice on building your tweets:

  • Keep them short and attention-grabbing
  • Put in a quote from the post you are promoting
  • Use #hashtags and @mentions
  • Retweet any mentioned content
  • Ask readers to retweet
  • Include images
  • Try asking a question that is related to your topic.

When trying to improve traffic, use more than one method. The methods included in this post are not all the possibilities, but will give you a start. If you can master a few of these, you’ll be steps up the ladder.

Your website is never completely finished. Be aware of what things you might need to tweak or what improvements or corrections you might make. Be ever vigilant in order to keep your website moving forward.

It’s like mountain-climbing. To reach the apex of your climb successfully, you must have the knowledge of what you need to do, and the proper equipment to succeed. May you scale the peak of your desire with great success.

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