How To Promote Your Website Free

Are you in need of traffic for your website? Are you looking for ways to get your site out in the public eye? In this post, you will learn how to promote your website free.

Are you continuing to build your website by adding new content regularly? Your content gives you something to promote. It is the most important part of your website.

If you wish to promote your site, your success will depend on the quality of your content. You must provide unique and interesting posts, so visitors will come to your website many times and share your content with others.

Your blog becomes a way to add new and original content that your readers will enjoy. As you fill out the content, Google and other search engines will know it is an active site and will index and rank your work.

Here are ten good ways to promote your website for free. Study them and put these techniques to work for you.

Maximizing your website’s SEO

Promoting your website with traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best ways to attract natural traffic. Good SEO will lead to higher ranking.

Your SEO ranking on Google will be based on several factors: The quality of SEO is dead, huh?your content, the ease of navigation for visitors, and the number of links you have from outside sources.

A very important way to gain good SEO is by using effective keywords that people are apt to search. In our organization, we use Jaaxy to find our keywords. In my opinion, this tool is the best one for this search. For one thing, it was built by affiliate marketers to specifically address the needs of online marketers.

We are fortunate to have some excellent video tutorials about finding the best keyword. If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, I strongly suggest you watch one of two of these videos more than once. Make sure you understand what to look for in a good keyword.

Then use your Jaaxy tool, free to Wealthy Affiliate members, to find the best keyword to use. Even if you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can get this tool. Go to this link to check it out.

Once you have your keyword, you need to place it in the title of your post, once in the first paragraph, and again in your meta image description. I use the “title” spot in the WordPress meta information.

Good SEO means Google will find your site easier. Here are some suggestions for the method to use:

A) Search Google first

When you are selecting a keyword for your post, look on Google first for a Google search bar adsimilar subject. Check the headings of the highest ranking posts. These will give you a clue as to a good keyword to use.

B) Optimize website content.

Once you know what people are looking for and have found a good keyword based on your research, then write your content so it answers the topic you are discussing.

Make your answers clear and keep your post focused on the question you are trying to answer. In your research, you’ve seen what people are looking for. Try to keep your own content relevant so you will give them what they seek.

C) Build links to establish Google influence

Backlinks, which are links back to your website from another post, become an indicator of how useful folks find your content.

Use Social Media For Marketing

Sometimes the social media world is the best way to promote your website. Because you can create connections with your audience, you can gain instant results through this communication.

Social media accounts provide you with excellent platforms for advertising your business. You might run a contest or do giveaways with their own landing pages to gain new “likes” and new customer contact information.

At present, Facebook and Twitter are leading the field, but Pinterest and Instagram are gaining ground. These platforms can help you gain an audience that you can communicate with regularly.

Also, if you engage with your contacts regularly in Social Media, it will lead to more people sharing your content with others. This is free promotion, and as such, is valuable.

Direct traffic from multiple sources

One thing you can do for sure is create a business page on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (these are the three that I use.) On these you can find ways to bring your website to the attention of readers, and your followers will grow.


This platform has over a billion users who connect with friends, events, videos, photos, and more. To use Facebook effectively for your website, create a Facebook business page.

Here you can post links to your website, or offer specials to your followers. These could be such things as promotions or rewards. You can also use the page to communicate with your audience.

Creating your page is free and allows you to establish your business’s presence on the network. Add details to your page and encourage people to “like” it. Then add content regularly so they know your site is active.

As mentioned below in the section on posting in forums, you can join Facebook groups that revolve around your niche. Read the group rules and spend a bit of time researching the group. Then add comments of value when you can.


Twitter can be helpful in several ways. With it, you can generate leads, promote your website, increase business awareness to your audience, give customer support, etc. It is especially useful in reaching new audiences.

For Twitter, be sure to use relevant hashtags; then other users can find your tweet when searching for your topic.

When you publish your content, leave a link back to your page. Grab attention with your tweet by writing something that readers will find entertaining, informative, or provocative, to get your share of tweets and retweets.

Search Engine Listings

Search engine directories, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing will index your content if you submit it. This service is free.

This step is one of the first things you need to do to promote your site if you are adding fresh content regularly.


Spend time making your brand easy to recognize. Establish your logo and use it all the time, so your audience starts to recognize it.

You can also create a signature for your email account, text messages, and forms. All should include your website URL. People will begin to recognize the name and click on the URL.Hand holding up loudspeaker horn

Make sure your site is mobile-ready, as many people use a mobile device to access the internet. If you need help in this area, consider working with Outbrain. Their unique mobile marketing strategies can help your website to gain more exposure.

Guest Blogging

You can invite guest bloggers to your site. When another writer adds a post on your blog, it opens your site to new traffic, as you may get new visitors from the guest’s network, as well as quality leads.

Also, decide to become a guest blogger yourself. When you do a post for another site, follow the style and formatting of the blog you are posting to.

If the website you are guest blogging for favors a certain kind of headers or an average length of post, do the same with your post.

Here your website appears on external pages, which boost your SEO. You are exposed to a new audience, and you will improve your writing skills by following a different format.

Email Marketing

Set up a subscription box on your website so you can collect email addresses. There are several options for such a box. One is the “Hello Bar,” and several others are also available.

Then establish an email newsletter to encourage your subscribers to return to your website regularly. You might introduce a new product, add a video, or offer promotional specials and giveaways.

Write your newsletter with an eye to its entertainment value. Create catchy content, and try to create a sense of urgency so that they will travel to your website itself.

Post On Forums

Forums are another way of getting your website seen by a new group of people. You can create a new thread on a well-known forum such as Reddit, and let the readers decide if it should be upvoted.

Reddit is a place where you can share a discussion on almost any topic, so long as it is within the Reddit rules. Blatant advertising will not work on this forum. Therefore, make sure you have something worth saying before you say it.

Focus on Quality

The success of all the strategies you try to help increase traffic depends on the quality of your content. If you want visitors, you need to write something unique and interesting so you can draw them to your site.

Write about trending or controversial topics. If a topic is “hot,” your audience Content signwill want to read it. You can use Google Trends to find out what people are talking about.

Pay attention to detail. Write with a “quality over quantity” mindset. Quality content is vital to your website as well as to your overall rank.

Send out a new social media message each time you add a new post to your blog. Then monitor your blog to ascertain what works and what doesn’t. Keep striving for entertaining, compelling, well-constructed content.

Good content makes you look more trustworthy and credible, but it can also go viral and gain you some quality backlinks. Remember that the success of all site-promotion tips and strategies are dependent on the quality of your content.

Hopefully you will find some value in this post and will learn new ways to promote your website. Best of luck to you in your ongoing journey to find success.

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6 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Website Free”

  1. i am amazed at the really helpful tips that you have outlined in this article. after selecting my niche and creating my website. promotion really became a problem i could not drive traffic to my website. i have gotten more insight as to how to do that and do it for free. thank you for this great post

    • Benny, I am glad the article was helpful.  I wrote it because I also wanted to find out how to promote my website.  It is another whole animal. I have the same problem with books I write — once they are written, I have to figure out a way to get people to buy them.

      It’s all a big learning curve.  The problem is, the curves keep coming at us.  I hope you have found some ways to promote for free and that you will be very successful.

  2. I have been thinking about building my own website and wanted to know if it was possible to promote it a little bit and get some traffic initially for free.

    This did not seem possible after reading a few posts but this one just cleared all the questions that I had in mind. I guess, it is possible to be successful by just building a website.

    Does it take a really long time before a website gets a LOT of traffic. Let me know what your thoughts on it are!

    • Yes, there are ways to promote your website for free.  Yes, it takes a long time for your website to get a lot of traffic, unless you are extremely lucky.  However, it is worth it.  If you have an affiliate marketing site, the very nicest thing is that you do not have to buy your stock, but you can sell someone else’s products.  

      It all starts with the website. From there, you promote it in as many ways as you can find. 

  3. Your guide is very helpful for me. Now I know the important way to gain good traffic is by using effective keywords that people are apt to search. I am also using Jaxxy tools for my keyword research and my keyword get ranked very fast. I follow the training while researching my keyword in Jaxxy. Training is very important factor for my keyword ranking in searching engine.

    • You are right, training is very important, as keywords are definitely an important part of any blog. If you can learn to use them effectively, you will find this knowledge very important as you progress.  Keep training.  It is key.  You are on the right track.


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