Is Fiverr a Top Freelance Website?

This fast-growing company, established in 2010, has more than three million services offered in its online marketplace, spanning 200 countries across the world. Statistically, it is definitely a top freelance website.

  • Name: Fiverr
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join; flat rate for the gigs contracted
  • Founders: Micha Kaufman and Shai Weninger
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Overall Rank: 3.9 out of 5

Fiverr is defined by Wikipedia as “an online marketplace for freelance services.” A nice feature is that the platform is two-sided, meaning you fill out one application and you can become either a buyer or a seller.

Fiverr gets its name because originally all jobs offered cost $5.00. Then, when Fiverr received complaints about the poor quality of their graphics,top freelance website they began allowing their freelancers to offer higher prices, depending on what work they did.

In 2013, after receiving criticism for their inadequate graphic services, the company lifted the $5.00 base price and began allowing logo designers, graphic artists, voice-over artists and other sellers to offer services and use prices they set themselves.

Now a “gig package” might be offered. The freelancer could set the price anywhere from $5.00 to $995.00. They could offer three different versions of the same service at three different prices, and you can choose the one you want.

Jobs, or gigs, are offered in many assorted categories. Across the top of the home page are listed these titles: Graphics and design; digital marketing, writing and translation; video and animation; music and audio; programming and tech; business; lifestyle.

Each of these categories has a drop-down list of available services. For example, in the “Graphics Design” category, there are 32 sub-headings in the drop-down list. I am guessing you can find just about any kind of freelancer you need on this platform. There are over 200 sub-categories offered.

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If you wish to sell your services, you can now set the price for your gig anywhere between $5 and $995. Once you complete the buyer’s job, the money is transferred to your account. You just do the work. It is not necessary to chase after the buyer to get paid, or wait 60-90 days for a check.

It is free to list a job. After the job is completed, Fiverr keeps 20% of what you made and sends you the rest. The buyer also pays a percentage, so Fiverr makes money on both ends of the deal. For gigs up to $20.00, Fiver charges an extra $1.00 service charge.

The variety of available assistance is pretty incredible. For example, if you are building a website, you will find this list interesting. Under the category “Writing &Translation,” gigs are offered if you want someone to write articles & blog posts for you.

Other subcategories include resumes & cover letters, technical writing, translation, creative writing, research & resumes, sales copy, press releases, transcriptions.  

Legal writing, email copy, business names & slogans, book & book writing, product descriptions, speech writing, beta reading, proofreading & editing.

I found the lifestyle category to be an interesting one. Under it are listed the following: Online lessons, arts & crafts, relationship advice, health, nutrition & fitness, astrology & readings, spiritual & healing, family & genealogy.

Collectibles, greeting cards & videos, celebrity impersonators, gaming, global culture, your message on…, viral videos.

Don't just dream, do video
Video cover for a Fiverr seller

The critiquing of the sellers motivates them to offer quality work. Work on this site is completed quickly.

Fiverr is a very popular site. According to Wikipedia, it has been ranked among the top 100 most popular sites in the United States and the top 200 in the world since 2013. Online gigs can be as diverse as designing a business card to helping with HTML, JavaScript, or CSS.

The Fiverr audience is dominated by young adults, as only 2% of the sellers are over age 55, according to Wikipedia.

Fiverr has not always had a perfect reputation. In 2017, it was criticized for portraying unhealthy living and excesses in work behavior as ideals to live up to. In the next year, 2018, Fiverr received an “F” grade, the lowest offered, from the Better Business Bureau.

Fiverr has a special newer feature called “Fiverr Pro.” This is an advanced platform, featuring juried experts with the highest level of quality and service. Of the applicants to Pro, only 1% of them earn this status. Applicants supply background information, professional experience, and ongoing excellence.

Fiverr even has an affiliate program. Join the organization and then promote it to your friends. In this way you can start earning commissions.

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When you choose a gig, you start with a gig title. Then the freelancer can add details regarding the scope of their services. There is no hourly rate. You will be charged one flat rate, which you agree upon when the gig is set up. Your freelancer also has to specify the time when the job will be completed.

If you do not mark the order as complete within three days of completion, Fiverr will automatically mark it completed and release the payment to the freelancer.

Fiverr is not a scam. However, buyers ordering services could be scammers. I know of cases where professional actors from Fiverr were hired to read false testimonials about companies that are actually scams; however, it is not up to Fiverr to make these judgments. They provide the platform for the services, but are not expected to police their site.

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  • No tech skills needed
  • Quick and easy buy and sell platform
  • Very easy to use
  • Free to register
  • You know what you pay — no upsells
  • If you are offering gigs, you can market on social media to get orders


  • Quality of gigs can be poor if the price is low
  • Sellers don’t earn much for many of the gigs offered
  • Poor customer support options


On the one hand, I can see that Fiverr offers and extremely valuable service, as there are always people searching for someone to do a Fiverr-type gig.

On the other hand, it seems it would be hard to tell if the seller will do the job in a satisfactory manner. At least you have a chance to critique what you get.

This company has gotten so big that communication problems are understandable. I saw a couple of comments from folks complaining about the lack of communication between buyers and sellers. I’m bothered, too, by the 2018 “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Why was that issued? I could find no current rating for them in the Better Business Bureau.

However, the scope of topics covered by Fiverr sellers is most incredible. It seems to me that they are providing a much-needed service. Their popularity is a testimonial to that.

I have a few reservations, but feel there is a lot of value to this company. Therefore, I’ve given them a rating of 3.9 out of 5.

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