Is Rewarding Ways Truly Rewarding?

Have you ever made earnings from a survey site?  If you wish to try one, here is a review of one such company.  We will attempt to answer the question, “Is Rewarding Ways truly rewarding?”

I have tried survey sites a couple of times, and have discovered that, though I earned some money from them, it didn’t appear to be possible to actually make a living from them, as the pay is too low.

Let’s look at to see what they have to offer.

Name:  Rewarding Ways


Owners:  99 Venture Ltd., Edinburgh, UK; available for use worldwide

Business Begun:  2011

Product:  Paid survey completion

Rank:  3.8 out of 5

Rewarding Ways is a GPT (get paid to) website where you take surveys and complete various offers.  Companies looking for valuable feedback on the products and services they offer use such a site to get this feedback, and hundreds of paid surveys are offered daily on the site.

You must be 18 years old to join, and you can become a member in many countries.  

Rewarding ways promo info

To participate, you need to go to their website and create an account.  You will need your email address, you’ll add a password, select a username, and add your PayPal email address.  Once your acccount is verified, you can start earning.  For signing up, your account will receive a $.20 bonus.

The Ways You Can Earn

1)  Surveys

You won’t run out of surveys on this site.  These normally take from five to 30 minutes to complete, and you can earn from 50 to 200 points.  These points can be later converted to cash.  On the site, if you click “Earn Money,” you’ll find a long list of surveys available.  If you click “Daily Paid Surveys,” you can access the surveys hosted by Rewarding Ways.

Reward for completing each survey is displayed on the right-hand side of the page.

Be warned:  Though they don’t say so, as it turns out, your location can have an influence on how many surveys you receive.  Also, the survey values (how much they pay) may differ, depending on where you are located.

2) Clicking Ads

With each ad you click on, you have to solve a captcha code to receive your credit. If you click enough ads, the points will start to add up.  The ad normally has to display for 60 seconds on your screen in order to earn any credits.

Rewarding Ways cash draw rules

3)  Watch Videos

Though you can’t make much money on them, you can watch these videos to earn points.  Each video is from 30 seconds to about two minutes long.  They are mostly advertisements.

4)  Offer Walls

These are a list of money-making opportunities offered by Rewarding Ways partners.  Some are free, and others require a credit card for payment.  You can sign for a free trial offer, but just be sure to cancel this one before the offer expires, and your credit card won’t be charged.  Normally, you will have to keep the offer for 30 days before you can cancel.

Some of the offers in this section include installing and testing third-party apps, and many are smartphone games.

5)  Referral Program

This one sounds like a good deal.  Refer family or friends to the site, and you will receive 25% of their earnings for as long as they have an account.

It seems to me that if you can get enough people to sign up for this venue, you might do okay.  As soon as one of these referrals completes their first offer, you will get $.15, and then you get 25% of all their earnings from that point on.

6)  Promo Codes

Occasionally Rewarding Ways will post promo codes on their social media pages.  If you can find the promo code number, enter it on the Rewarding Ways Promo Code page and you will be rewarded extra points.

7)  Contests

Every quarter, the site has a cash contest to reward the top 20 members a prize.  If you are the top earner for that quarter, you receive $350.  Second place is $200, and $100 goes to third place.  The company gives away a total of $1000 in cash prizes for each competition.

Social Media

Rewarding Ways is on social media and you can follow them on twitter.

How Do They Pay You?

Most tasks or surveys you complete add cash to your account.  However, some offers just earn you points.  These can be converted to cash awards.

You can receive payment through PayPal, Skrill, Payza, or Bitcoin.  Or, if you wish, you can choose to receive an Amazon gift card.

Rewarding Ways cash draw rules

Different payment services have different rules.  The best deal is through PayPal, where you only need $1.00 in your Rewarding Ways account to request payment through them.  Payza requires that you have $10 in your account, and Bitcoin requires that you have $40 in your account before you withdraw payments.

Usually, money is transferred to your account within a day after you request a payout.

How Much Money Can You Make?

This site makes a nice side hustle, as you will find it difficult to make a lot of money.  The top earners make between $400 to $700 per month.

I read that there are over 300,000 members, and not many of them are making much at all.  Still, to bring in a little extra spending money, it could be helpful.

What About Support?

Once you are logged in, if you need help you can submit a support ticket.  Rewarding Ways says that support will get back to you within 24 hours.  You can expect fast help if you have a problem.

What Do Their Members Say?

I read several comments from members of this program.  Almost all of them were positive.  A couple had their accounts blocked for one reason or other.  One person tried to do surveys from a country other than the one where she was registered, and was blocked.  However, site support got the matter cleared up for her.

A couple of others said their account was blocked because the company required some kind of ID verification.

However, the majority of the comments were positive, and said Rewarding Ways is 100% legit.


Payment in cash or gift cards

Low cash threshold, compared to other GPT sites

More than one way to earn

Prompt payment

Anyone can join, as long as they are over 18

Available all over the world

Support is active


You are charged a fee for every withdrawal, no matter how small

Often you can start a survey and then find out you don’t qualify for it

You may be asked for verification when requesting payment, and sometimes it takes a long time to complete that process.


We are taught that it is wise to have multiple streams of income.  This GPT website might be a good thing to add, just for that purpose.  Though the payouts are low, at least you can be adding extra revenue.

The bad part about that is the amount of time you will have to spend on the site to make any money.  Nonetheless, I’ve read that their payouts are a bit more lucrative than many of the other survey sites.

Still, do not consider Rewarding Ways as the means to make enough money to pay all the bills.  Instead, think of it as frosting on the cake.

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