Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or For Real?

house in country; home based business signWhat do you think? Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or for real? First, how do you define a scam? According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, it is an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people. This source goes on to say it is a hoax dressed up to look like a real business plan, worthwhile invention, or investment idea.

I looked for some time for a legitimate way to make money online, as I believe the internet is the way much of our business will be done in the future. I liked the idea of affiliate marketing, because I could sell other people’s products for a commission, and I wouldn’t have to buy stock to sell myself.

Over a few months, I tried two different affiliate marketing companies. The first one wanted you to invest large sums of money. Fortunately for me, before I had a chance to lose much money, the FTC came along and closed them down.

The next one I tried was legitimate, and from the early training I thought I’d found what I was looking for. Then they, too, asked for a rather large sum to invest in tools necessary for the business.

I left that one, too, in disgust. I know that a brick and mortar business structure can be very expensive, and it may take you five years before you make any profit. However, on my budget, such a choice was not possible.

I was looking for something that was reasonably priced but would allow me to build a website that would make me money.Sign: What is Affiliate Marketing

Then I found an ad from a Wealthy Affiliate member, looking for new people to enroll. To this day, I have no idea who that person was, but let me tell you, he has my undying gratitude.

Once I investigated Wealthy Affiliate, I was impressed and intrigued. So, I signed up for the free first week to see if I liked the program.

The first week was interesting and informative, and I felt I’d already moved forward. I chose to take the first month’s special, which was $19.00. I’d only done about a week of that first month and I knew I’d found the real deal. I signed for the $49.00 per month Premium membership.

Now I have been a member for nine months. I have learned an incredible amount about building a website. I have one website running already…it is all about cats…and this one is my second website. I have found a home!

Why do I believe Wealthy Affiliate to be such a good choice? Look at the factors below. First, here is an overview. I have rated these items on a scale of one to five, so you can assess how I see them at a glance.

The company, Wealthy Affiliate, founded in 2005, is owned by two talented guys from Canada, Kyle and Carson. The website URL is


1. Training (4.8)Affiliate Marketing: Promote, earn, join

2. Support (5.0)

3. Website Builder (4.9)

 4. Word Press Hosting (4.8)

 5. Research (4.6)

6. Success Stories (4.5)

7. Price (5.0)

8. My Personal Rating of Wealthy Affiliate (5.0)

Now let’s look at each factor on the list to see the details:


The training on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is superb and thorough. We call it Wealthy Affiliate University, because you will learn everything you need to know about building and launching your website.

You receive step-by-step tutoring from Kyle on how to set up your site and how to progress from there. Also, there is a live training webinar on a specific topic every week.

If you want to go back and review some training, you can go to the Training Headquarters and access the complete collection of educational videos and webinars.

>–To Get the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Training in the Industry, Click Here



In this company, there is a philosophy that, in order to help yourself, you first need to help others. There are many ways you can do this in Wealthy Affiliate.silhouette: 3 people, hearts

a) You can answer questions from members who are stuck and need some direction

b) You can write an inspirational blog directed to the Wealthy Affiliate members, and designed to offer encouragement or knowledge.

c) You can write a tutorial about a subject that is important or provides useful training for other members.

d) You can ask the community a question. You may learn more than you thought you would, as you will probably receive several answers.

e) You can offer feedback or site comments for other members.

To serve as a guide for your progress, Wealthy Affiliate has a ranking system. When you first start, your ranking number will be very high. As you reach out to others and interact in the community, your rank will drop, indicating you are moving up.

As you rise in the ranking system, there are some benchmarks to strive for — the top 200 rank; the top 100; the top 50; the top 25.

This last group are the people called ambassadors. That means they are active, helpful community members who naturally engage with others.

Though the ranking system has no monetary benefit, it will help you to see if you are moving in the right direction. It will encourage you as you progress upward, and can give you the inspiration you need to keep working on your website.

If you hit a roadblock and can’t figure out how to continue, simply ask a question within the community. You will receive several answers. One of more of these will help you get around your roadblock.

Logo in circle: support, maintenanceOur tech support section is called SiteSupport. These technicians are an incredible team. Ask them a question and within minutes, you will have an answer.

SiteSupport gets all the tough questions that require some tech tweaks to fix. They are phenomenal!

There is a live chat feature that allows you to ask a question and carry on a conversation about it if you need additional information. Or, you can go to the help center and ask a question of the community from there.

That special group of the top 25, the ambassadors, are an asset to you when it comes to learning the ropes.

Something I did when I started was to find a Wealthy Affiliate member high up in rank. If you wish to try this, I suggest you ask one of the ambassadors. I dogged the footsteps of my chosen mentor, asking question after question. I was very fortunate, as I found someone who helped me tremendously in the move forward. I call her my “Mama Cat.”


When I look at my websites, I am continually amazed that they are something I built myself. You get all the training and tools you need in Wealthy Affiliate, and soon you have an online structure that did not exist before you started working on it.

For starters, you can build your website on a SiteRubix platform, which is a free resource available through the company. When you are ready, for an annual fee of around $14.00, you can buy your own domain name.

If you want to keep your SiteRubix domain, you can do so, but you must upgrade to Premium.  At the Premium level, you can continue with the free starter program if you wish.  If you do not upgrade to Premium, you can keep your free site for six months.

One of the very helpful features in WA is the opportunity to ask for feedback on your site. When a member gives you feedback, he will look at your site and read a post; sometimes more than one. Then he will give suggestions of any problems he sees that you might want to change.

Another feature is site comments. While you are getting your website built, Google will be looking at your posts.

3 people standing on blocks; Google sign
Google ranking

First, your post will be indexed, which means basically that Google has recognized that it is there. Then, Google will rank your post. One of the ultimate aims of the Wealthy Affiliate training is to teach you how to build in such a way that Google ranks you high, preferably on the first page.

One thing that helps your ranking is the site comment feature. If there are several at the end of the post, Google knows that people are reading it, and that is a good thing. By giving each other comments on our posts, we add these to our sites, which will help our ratings.

If you want special features on your website, someone here will know how to build them. You will learn about sizing and adding images, plugins that perform special duties, or widgets that allow you to perform new functions. I use one of these in my cat website to add information to my sidebar.

—->Build a website you will be proud of when you join Wealthy Affiliate


Build your website on the most popular platform available. WordPress has a top-rated online reputation. It provides all the bells and whistles needed to move forward. You can write your new post in Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Content page, and when it is completed, publish it to WordPress.

Then you can edit your post right on WordPress, using all their built-in resources to get it set up the right way. You can store images, access plugins and widgets, use editing tools to make your post the way you want it, and much more.


For a number of research functions, such as the all-important one of finding good keywords, for checking on the rank of a post in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and for other research possibilities, we have perhaps the finest tool available for such a project. It’s called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keyword search tools on the market. One of the secrets to receiving high ranking with the search engines for your posts is to find excellent keywords. A really good one can make the difference between lots of traffic and no traffic.


There are many, many success stories in Wealthy Affiliate. New tales of earnings made appear regularly among community posts.

If you would like to read some of these stories, sign for the first free week at Wealthy Affiliate. When you get on the website, go to the black search bar at the top of the page and type in “Success Stories.” You can read of many examples on there.Two hands holding key; word "success"

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a special bonus to those who promote the company. If you get 300 premium referrals from the folks whom you recruit within the calendar year, you will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for a private conference.


Wealthy Affiliate is the most reasonably priced affiliate marketing site I have found. The first week is free. If you sign for a month by or before the end of that first week, the first month is $19.00. Over that month you will learn if this company is right for you.

Then, if you want to become a premium member, which opens up lots of new options for you, you will pay $49.00 per month. This price is a good bargain, but it gets better.

If you sign up for a full year, you will save money.  The cost for one year in Wealthy Affiliate is $495.00 per year.

If you sign for a year on Black Friday, you get an additional discount.

You also have the option to keep your SiteRubix domain for as long as you wish.  Or, you can upgrade to a paid .com domain at any time.  If you wish to retain your free starter site, you may do so for six months.  At that time you will be required to upgrade to premium.

Here is a chart of the benefits available to you in the Starter Program and in the Premium Program. As you can see, you will add many benefits by going to premium.

New comparison banner



I believe that you cannot go wrong by choosing this company as a business venture.  Click here to sign up for your free trial.

Can you tell that I love this company? I am sold, hook. line, and sinker, on the value of Wealthy Affiliate: the training, support, community, and the opportunity to build a successful business in this company are limitless. How far you advance is up to you.

Do it slowly or do it quickly, but just keep moving. The system works — everything you need to succeed is here. Just go for it!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about Wealthy Affiliate. You can leave your questions right in the comment section below. Be sure to leave an email address, so I can get back to you. Your feedback helps make this material more understandable for the next person who reads it. I will be hoping to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or For Real?”

  1. Hi Fran

    This is an amazing honest review and totally agree about the progress that can be made using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    Thank you for helping to build awareness of Wealthy Affiliate and helping others to turn their dreams into reality.

    Thank you


  2. Very nice and informative review and all absolutely true!

    If I wasn’t already a member you would have just convinced me to give it a try (and why wouldn’t someone try it – ist FREE and there is NO RISK to test drive Wealthy Affiliate!) and I would have signed up with you too.

    Have a great day my friend and I look forward to continuing to read your posts inside WA and here on your blog too.

    Best regards,

    L.D. Sewell

    • Oh, drat! Wish you weren’t already a member. Oh, well — you can treat me like someone who sponsored you if you like. Ask me any questions you might have. Best of luck to you on your journey. Do revisit my site, as I’d love to know you are reading more of my posts. If you’d like to see my other two websites, you are welcome to visit… and The latter has some videos that are stories of some of my Alaskan adventures, and they all end with a tie-in to this website, They share adventures; include some humor.

      Thanks for making a comment and for visiting. I do hope you come again.

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