Learn About Buzzsumo And Influencer Marketing

Take advantage of the strength of this valuable tool. Learn about Buzzsumo and influencer marketing, and the way this tool can help your business.

We are told that content is king. Are you satisfied with the quality of your content? Do you feel it’s good enough to merit high ratings in SEO?

Well, perhaps you will do well. I hope so. However, let me rain on your parade a little bit. Currently, there are over 600 million blogs, worldwide.

That means you are competing with all those other blogs to obtain readers and good rankings. It’s pretty overwhelming. It means that you must come up with some great solutions to get ahead of that crowd.

To gain a decent=sized audience, you will have to do more than write well. You need to develop strategies and obtain tools that you can use for three things: Research, content creation and promotion.

Today’s featured tool, Buzzsumo, is one of a very few that can help with all three.

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Name: Buzzsumo

Website: https://buzzsumo.com

Product: Multi-function web tool

Price: Monthly charge of $79, $139, $239, and $499+, depending on the plan you choose

For Starters: Free trial available when first starting

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Buzzsumo has three major purposes:

  • 1) Help you learn more about your target audience
  • 2) Draw off ideas from popular content creators
  • 3) Make connections with other marketers who can help increase your blog’s reach

I want this tool! However, let me tell you right up front: You need to have some regular traffic in order to use it successfully. Fortunately, there is a free trial, but then you have a monthly fee. Don’t subscribe until you have enough traffic to warrant it.

Here are some reasons why you might want to use this tool:

1. Find new topic ideas for future posts

By gathering popular content from influencer publishers in your niche, Buzzsumo helps you find topics that will interest your audience.

2. Stay current on latest content strategies

Find out if your audience prefers infographics or text-based articles. Buzzsumo allows you to make informed decisions on such matters.

3. Find the influencers in your niche

You can help build your own online presence by leveraging the reach of online influencers to gain exposure

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4. Learn what content is successful for competitors

Watch your competitors to learn what works for them.

5. Watch for mentions of you brand

Buzzsumo can spot any false information displayed about your brand and will connect you with leads expressing strong commercial intent.

Buzzsumo offers a free trial of their services. Depending upon which paid option you prefer, you will be given a chance to see if the program will fit your needs. Here is a breakdown of the cost:


$79/monthInfluencers banner






$499+/month (custom)

Best Features

1. Finding Great Content Ideas

With the Buzzsumo search feature, you can enter keywords and find out what is the most shared content related to that keyword. You can look at this content and see if you can devise a better version, allowing you to rank higher than the competition.

2. Use Filters to Refine Searches

Buzzsumo has a total of seven filters that you can apply to a search at any time. These are:

  • Filter by Date

Allows you to search within a specific time frame

  • Single Result Per Domain

Restricts multiple posts from a single site

  • Language

You specify the language of the posts you are searching

  • Country

Search for content from a specific country

  • Word Count

Filter out thin content and focus on finding in-depth posts

  • Filter Domains

You can either include or exclude posts from specific domains

  • Content Type

Do you want more than just text? You can decide whether to include or exclude a number of things, including articles, infographics, guest posts, giveaways, interviews and videos

3.) Project Creation

By creating a project, you can save content for future use, such as comparison, monitoring, and analysis.

As an example, if your blog is about general online marketing, you might create projects for individual sections, such as email marketing, social media and blogger outreach.

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4.) Allows You to Analyze Backlinks

With a popular influencer in a niche, that person will feel obligated to produce the latest relevant content.

Find these influencers and you will have a list of people that you might like to approach to tell about your content. These influencers would be excellent suppliers of backlinks.

Look for popular content, write something better, and then promote to the top sharers or influencers.

Buzzsuma is tied into Twitter, so you can directly tweet these people, and add them to a list or follow on Twitter.

TO SUMMARIZE, with this tool you can accomplish the following:

1. Find great content ideas for your posts

2. Find popular content to share with your followers

3. Build a list of influencers, and reach out to them

4. Find good content writers, if you need them

5. Research the content of the competition

6. Create alerts for articles that are trending


Tool is easy to use, flexible, and can be customized

You will gain many ideas for content creation

Boost your Twitter presence

You can build links with influencers


Not much influencer outreach outside Twitter

Significant limitations on the lowest-priced plan

Not for newbies — You need to have established traffic for it to be effective


This is a great tool to add to your toolbox, once you are ready for it. Build up your website first and then give Buzzsumo’s free trial a go.

For finding new content ideas alone, it seems to me it would be valuable. And, if it can help you learn about your competitors and find influencers in your niche that might provide backlinks, it seems to me it has a great deal of value.

Thank you for reading this overview of Buzzsumo. If you would like a more in-depth description of what this tool does, there are posts listed on Google that delve deeper into the varied features of this tool. They also provide some good examples. Also, check out the website.

Try Buzzsumo, you might like it.

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