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I have a second website in which I have been reviewing books on fairy tales. It is pretty apparent that at times I am also reviewing fairy tales on this Build2WinAffiliates website. Many of my write-ups about business opportunities, such as this Click For Cash review, show a departure from reality and from the truth.

These opportunities sound like fairy tales to me. Take a look at this new one.

Name: Click For Cash

Website: www.clickforcash.com

Owner: Carl Randolph (?? Really?)

Price: $49.00, with a down-sell to $19, then to $9

Product: PayPerClick marketing

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

Here is another company promising you their own “secret” way to make money online. Search their sales video and you will be told about this secret method but you aren’t told what is. (Of course not; it’s a secret.) Nor are you told what product you will be selling.

You are promised that you will make bags of money by the presenters, who aim to convince you to pay for this fake opportunity.

After you join, you are given 50 ready-to-use templates. From them, you will need to test if a company works. To do so, you have to buy advertising. If you allow $50 for paid ads, you can see that this system will cost you a great deal if you use all 50 templates, and is far from a “spend no money” opportunity.

Yet you are told the initial fee to join is all you have to pay. In reality, this “opportunity” gets very expensive, very fast.

Click for Cash subscription options

Does the named owner really own this company? One reviewer said he was an actor. That’s certainly possible, as I have reviewed other companies who use actors to make their sales videos.

It’s easy — if you want to start your own internet business with the idea that you will make some quick cash, you can write the script, go to fiverr.com, and hire an actor who will read the script for a video.

Put whatever clever money-generating ideas in there that you can think of. After all, if you are only trying to make some money for yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are truthful or not — right?

Sure — that’s the way many of these offers work. Whoever makes up the most appealing story will gather in plenty of gullible folks, ready to make an overnight fortune from your propaganda.

The one silver lining to this cloud of falsity is that you have a 60-day money-back guarantee because the company is operating on the Clickbank platform. It will get you your entry fee back, but what you pay out for advertising, if you get that far, cannot be refunded.

Have you come across Carl Randolph’s story of how he became an internet success? He goes to a coffee shop and meets a man who says he belongs to a secret mastermind group composed of some of the most successful internet marketers on the planet.

The man tells Carl he is making millions of dollars online, and invites Carl to join the group. Now, that right there is a bit of a fairy tale, isn’t it? A “fairy godfather” meets Carl, whom he doesn’t know from Adam, in a coffee shop, of all places.

The “fairy godfather” offers Carl the opportunity to make his millions in the same way he has done. Since then, Carl has made his fortune from what he learned. Later, he claims to have made his millions by using the product he has developed.

So which is it? Did he do it on his own, or with the mastermind group’s help?

The group gives Carl a way to test his new system. He is to try it out on three people who have failed at internet marketing. All three go through the sign-up process in less than a minute. Then they all go to lunch.

They meet 60 minutes later, and guess what? Did you guess it? All three made money in that 60 minutes. One made $532.48. The next made $745.21. The third made $678.32.

How is that possible? If you think it is, go sign up and try it. Come back to me in 60 minutes, and don’t cry when you admit you didn’t make any money, and especially when I say, “I told you so.”


Advertising for free way to make moneyHere’s part of the “line” you are fed by this company:

1) You never need a website

2) You need not worry about traffic to your site

3) You won’t have to spend time writing content

4) You don’t need any tech support

5) You won’t have to spend hours learning new internet skills, such as that monster, SEO

6) It won’t cost you any money

Surely you don’t believe these points, do you? If you do, let me know what happens after your first 60 minutes — Heck, take 60 days and then tell me what has happened. I’m guessing that about then you will be asking Clickbank for a refund.


You can get a refund on your initial fee to join from Clickbank


You are not told up front that you must pay for advertising, and it could cost you thousands.

If you make any money at all, it will not be in 60 minutes.

You are not told you need to buy PPC campaigns and learn how to run them.

In the earnings disclaimer, you are warned that the owners make no expressed or implied guarantees of income from Click For Cash, yet you are told all you need is five clicks, and you’ll be rolling in the dough.


Stay away from this one. Instead, be willing to learn and work at building a successful affiliate marketing website.

No, it is not free, but it doesn’t need to cost a lot. However, you have to commit to working, learning, and building, and when you are done, you will have a website business built on a rock-solid foundation, ready to work for you.

There is no secret way to make money online. You need to understand the process and put in the work to build.

Here is the company I belong to. This company will teach you the steps to take to succeed. Click on the banner below to learn more. You owe it to yourself.

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