Learn To Overcome Fear For Success

When you strive for success, you must understand that taking risks and massive action are vital parts of the process. A major thing that holds back millions of people each day from becoming the best version of themselves is fear. It is important to learn to overcome fear for success.

Fear is normal. Everyone experiences fear at one time or another. However, it is vital that you learn to stop your fears from holding you back from getting what you want from life.

Surveys show that most people value security over just about anything else in life. People put up with all kinds of bad situations just because they want to feel secure.

Replace Security With Courage

To conquier fear, replace security with courage. It is much more important that you have the courage to do what you will need to do for success than to cling to things that make you feel safe.

Are You Being Fearful Or Prudent?

Often our fears are irrational. However, sometimes they are simply prudent. Don’t drive too fast or you might have an accident. Don’t mingle with a large group of people because you have a very contagious disease. In these cases, prudence is a good thing.

Think of Fear As A Call To ActionFalse Evidence Appearing Real

Perhaps the thing you fear is within your control, and requires some action on your part. Take a few moments to prepare yourself, and then simply do the thing that scares you. Don’t wait another minute — do it now.

Think of the Aspect Of Fear That Is Fun

What about the last time you rode a roller coaster? Did you enjoy it? Even though you felt fear, you also found the experience tremendous fun. Summon the courage to take the action needed, and you may find you enjoyed the experience.

Here are three ways to overcome fear now:

1. Reprogram The Brain

Develop mantras and affirmations that will help increase your self-confidence. Read self-help books that help stop your negative inner dialog.

2) Develop A Concise Plan

Figure out a detailed plan for achieving your life goals. Set extremely clear goals. Now develop a plan that details how you will reach them. Then take action. Taking action will help you relieve stress.

3) Do Something Each Day That Scares You

It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but find some little thing you can do each day that scares you. It is important to step out of your comfort zone and learn to be comfortable there. This step will help your courage grow.

Our imagination can be a wonderful asset or it can sometimes be a detriment to our progress. We often find, when we do something in spite of fear, that the outcome turned out differently than we expected.

Don’t let your fear of the result stop you. Finish what you started. Push past that fear, and you will be better prepared to face the situation the next time it happens.

Going to the dentist is not usually fun, but once the experience is over, we can often truthfully say, “that wasn’t so bad.” Look fear in the eye and say, “Out of my way! I don’t need you here.”

As you must be with the dentist, be willing to face your fear. Often just the willingness to face something will help overcome the inability to act. Willingness can lead to the belief that you will be successful.

Do you write down what you are afraid of? If you keep a journal, write it all down. Then look at it a few days later. The situation may look different to you then.

Now do the next step. Write a rebuttal to your fears. What would your defense attorney say? How about your best friend? Build an argument. Establish a list of rebuttals that you can use the next time that fear overcomes you.

Fear quoteMaybe you can find a way to break down your fear into smaller chunks. For example, if you do not do well with interactions between people and you have to attend a large event, start with something small, like taking a friend to a restaurant for lunch.

Then, once that is successful, move on to something a bit bigger. Perhaps you can invite two or three people over for dinner, or for a game night. Gradually, face your fear and anxiety and put it to rest. You will be more comfortable when you can just be yourself.

Identify Your Fears

Often your fears are nebulous things that are mostly just a feeling. Learn what you are afraid of. Do not fall into the trap of believing your fears are reality.

You are not your fears. Find out what they are, and you become more powerful. Then you can deal with these fears in a more rational way.

Why does this particular fear belong to you? Think back and pin down the reason you have the fear. Is it something in your past? Is it fear of something specific? If you can figure out why you are afraid, you are better able to deal with it head on.

Question your fear. Having curiosity about it can be a good thing. Think about what sets off your fear, and all your true feelings when you think about it. What is your reaction? Why did you react in such a way?

Remember that observation and discovery are great ways to deal with fear.

Could you be afraid of success? How can you find out if that is your problem? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you tend to hide your good luck or success from others so they do not feel envious toward you?
  • Do you feel guilt about your happiness if a friend tells you that they are feeling depressed or anxious?
  • Do you have trouble saying “no” to people who are near you?
  • Do you leave big projects unfinished? How often do you tend to leave big projects halfway done? Is this just because you want separation from them?
  • Do you avoid looking for help because you think you might be a bother?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions might indicate that you are afraid of success. People who are afraid of success run away from responsibility and eventually become unproductive. When you are afraid of success, you are your own enemy, and your change has to come from within.

Here is a list of ways to deal with fear. This list comes from Thinking will not overcome fear but action willwakeupcloud.com.

1) Awareness

Be aware your fears are upsetting life’s apple cart. Don’t get so attached to your thoughts and feelings that you think they are all that exist. You are not your fears. You are the awareness that experiences them.

2) Identity

What, specifically, are you really afraid of?

3) Curiosity

Find out what thoughts generate fear, where do you feel it, and how do you react to it.

4) The Now

What are you lacking in your present moment? Accept what things are in this moment.

5) EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques: With your fingertips, tap meridian points on your body while thinking of a fear that you have.

6) Sedona Method

Ask a few simple questions while focusing on your fear

7) Hypnosis

You can use this technique to add positive thoughts to your mind and eliminate negative ones. With hypnosis, you can learn to relate to your fears in a different way.

8) Gratitude

When you feel fear, switch over to thinking about what you are grateful for.

9) Journaling

Get them down on paper so you can look at them instead of just thinking about them.

10) Talk

Talk about your negative feelings with a trusted friend

11) Therapy

If you can find the right therapist, you can get beneficial and even life-changing results.Man cannot discover new oceans

12) Read

Find a book that deals with your specific fear

13) Take Action

Taking action and facing your fears makes them weaker. You realize that reality isn’t as bad as your imagination.

14) Watch

Find a movie or documentary on the subject of your fear. This process can be enlightening.

15) Diet

Stick to a clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Such a way of eating will help get your body in balance.

16) Positivity

When you fear, flip the fear: Instead of thinking something bad will happen, think of something positive. Think of a positive outcome to something about which you are fearful.

17) Perspective

Often we make much of nothing, because we are developing too much of the negative. Look at all the options. Realize that prediction of an outcome is impossible.

18) Surrender

Surrender to what is. This can be powerful. Sometimes when you try to change things, we find we are in a war with reality.

19) Your Story

We tell ourselves a story about our fear. Think about changing the story to a more powerful and positive one.

20) Release Control

Give up the illusion of control. Learn to accept that predictability is impossible. Free yourself from trying to control.

21) Help

Be kind to others. Focus on helping others instead of being self-conscious about yourself.

22) Model

Find someone who had the same fear as you and overcame it. Get in touch with them and ask them how they did it. Perhaps the same solution will work for you.

23) Pray

If you are religious, pray for guidance. Prayer is very similar to meditation; in fact, both will work here. Choose the way that works best for you.

24) Yoga

Yoga allows energy that is trapped in your body to be released.

25) Understand Failure

Failure is not the end of the world. It is just a stepping stone to success.

26) Breathe

As with yoga and meditation, if you focus on your breath and breathe deeply, you can overcome many fears.

Remember This

Don’t rush the process. It all takes time. If you resist your fears, you will just make them bigger.

You must trust your heart and do what resonates with you.

Though a change may not be apparent at first, look back at how far you have come. You may be surprised by finding yourself doing the thing that you were afraid of. Then you will know that your fear has been conquered.

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10 thoughts on “Learn To Overcome Fear For Success”

  1. Wow, I never knew that there are so many ways that k could bise to deal with problems and overcome my fears. The issue of facing ones fears is a big deal as some people so not know what it is that they fear and that is why it is good that you can start with one needs to identify their fears.  You have put together a very long list. Thank you so much for sharing this good list on how to deal with fear.

    • It is good to know that there are many ways of addressing fear.  If we first understand it, then it is easier to find a solution that works.  I hope the list will help you figure out how to solve any fears you may have.

  2. Great article on fear, I salute your writing prowess,its awesome going through your write-up,I’ve gotten new formula to tackle fear and reading all the point through is superb; a major thing that holds back millions of people each day from becoming the best version of themselves is fear,this is fantastic and true,life is all about facing challenges and ridding over it,and very salient point that interested me is identify your fear,yes once you know what your fears are the solution is sure,thank you for sharing this helpful post. 

    • Yes, you are so right.  First we must identify our fears so we know exactly what we are facing.  Then it is a bit easier to figure out a way to get around that fear.  I hope you have found a formula that will work for you.

  3. Risk is definitely a part of the process. Many great entrepreneurs fail before they succeed. Great advice, fears should not hold us back from getting what we want in life. I like the idea of reprogramming the brain. It will eventually lead to a concise plan when things are reorganized. I like your advice in number 3. I’ll keep that in mind on a daily basis. There have been times when I’ve had trouble saying no I must admit, but I did become aware (1), and this is an excellent and comprehensive list you’ve provided. Change can be difficult, but success can be greater, thanks for a great post!

    • Thanks for commenting.  I would hope that list will be one that helps lots of folks.  Sometimes our fears are based on things that are so unrealistic that we can look at them critically and see that they are not reality.  Often it is hard to do so.  Somehow we must face our fears, one by one, and dismantle them so they cannot harm us in our journey toward success.

  4. Haha! The image of the moth that is the size of an elephant is spot on. What we fear is actually not real. One major type of fear is the fear of the unknown and the fear of starting something new to us. Taking actions will help to overcome this.

    Thanks for this motivating article, especially the part that pointed out that being careful can mean being prudent at times because in the name of ‘not being fearful’, some people do take unnecessary risks.

    • It’s very true that we often blow up our moth-sized fears into the bulk of an elephant.  When we can realize that there are many ways to work on overcoming our fears, I think it helps us.  And, remember, if you have to eat that elephant, do it one bite at a time.

  5. Your article brings up my courage to overcome fear to succeed. Thank you for the long list of how to deal with fears. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by fear to succeed that we cannot see the positive side at the end of the tunnel. It is very encouraging to learn that there are many possible ways to handle and conquer fear. 

    • Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by our fear that we forget that there are many solutions.  I hope this post can help a lot of people to see that.  Thanks for your comment.


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