Make A Commitment For Success

When you start your business with Wealthy Affiliate, you will find you have many new things to learn. Along the way, you will learn many factors needed to be successful in your enterprise. Once you decide that this business is indeed where you want to be, you need to make a commitment for success.

When you make a commitment, it involves dedicating yourself to something, like a person or a cause. Think about any commitment carefully before you make it, as the decision will obligate you to do something.

When you commit to something, you bind yourself, either intellectually or emotionally, to a certain course of action. If you have the ability to commit, this trait involves a sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. Being willing and able to commit to building your business will move you toward success.

Commitment is not something to be done lightly. There’s a big differenceCommitment leads to action; action brings your dreams closer between verbally committing to something when you aren’t really ready to take that step, and an authentic sense of commitment. Taking the step is a personal choice. It depends on your personality, your needs, your emotional security, and your thinking process. You must be honest with yourself and to others.

When you commit, it helps you in getting through the tough times better. You’ll slog through disappointments and can still stay on course when moving toward your cause or goal.

Why Is Commitment Important?

Commitment is the backbone of a group or an organization, and it is this quality which gives a group its strength. Here are reasons why it is important:

1) If more people commit to a certain path, they are more effective in influencing others. In our Wealthy Affiliate community, many members offer encouragement to people to keep moving forward; not to give up. When many people in the community act with determination and commitment, more people will pay attention.

2) Committed people are ones who don’t take discouragement seriously. Instead, they do not give up. Their example helps those without the same confidence or experience to go through struggles and around blockades, holding out for the rewards of success.

3) When people share commitment, they cooperate at a higher level. The commitment itself fosters camaraderie, trust, and caring. These qualities will help keep a group going for a long time.

Commitment is the transfer of promise to reality (Abraham Lincoln)

4) If one commits to an effort for a long enough period of time, he will learn what he needs to know to be more effective. We need to try things out, and if we make mistakes, figure out a way to overcome them.

How Does Commitment Develop?

Commitment is something that grows within people over time. There are ways that people cam make commitment grow. By working through conflicts together and making decisions together, they become stronger travelers on their chosen path. They can support another’s leadership and challenge each other to take the next step.

It’s like the mastermind idea — we can hold each other to high principles. We can learn from mistakes and setbacks, and sometimes experience a victory together. We can learn by modeling the commitment of our leaders.

In fact, our Wealthy Affiliate community fosters the atmosphere we need to find commitment. We build relationships together, and through appreciation and respect we can move forward and keep our commitment strong and healthy.

Motivation is what gets you started; commitment is what keeps you going (Jim Rohn)It is important to mobilize and sustain commitment because that will keep us on the road to our goals. It is vital to have a vision of the future you desire. Here is where a dream board and affirmations can be helpful.

Our leaders, Kyle and Carson, understand that it is important to welcome new people to our organization. If a person feels welcome to a group, they get a good feeling about being part of the group and they warm to the other members. Welcoming them makes them feel valued. Thus they become encouraged to become involved.

Understand The Commitment You Are Making

To make a commitment, people have to understand what they are committing to. If the organization that they join shares similar principles and goals, they will feel like they have found a home.

Commitment is contagious. If one person is committed, others will look at that example, and often follow that person’s lead. If you care about the work you are doing, it will show in your thoughts and actions. If commitment does not look like an impossible burden, more people will follow your lead.

When you are moving forward in your business, it is important to stretch your limits. Jump out of that box and accept the challenge. It will lead to growth. Start with what you can do, and gradually challenge yourself to try new things and to move in new directions.

If you fail, no big deal. You can learn some valuable lessons from the failure, and then reset your path and try again.

Even though it is not always easy, keep challenging yourself to reach new plateaus. Being challenged will keep you excited about the work you are doing.

There is but one degree of commitment: total

Often in Wealthy Affiliate, people will blog about the progress they are making. These blogs are good, because not only does it show others your progress, but it also helps you realize how far you have come. It is important to note when things are going well. These positive moments can help you get through the hard times better.

People often search for meaning in their lives. If they can commit to their undertaking, they may have found the way to add that meaning. They may feel more fulfilled in life. It can be a victory over previous disappointments and a way to move into a stronger future.

This quote by Kenneth Blanchard sums up commitment nicely: “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

Commitment is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, when you can fully commit to something, you will find your life enriched by your decision.

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22 thoughts on “Make A Commitment For Success”

  1. Hello Fran. I am about to start my online business few weeks from now, I have learnt so much and I have seen that without commitment, there will be no possible way for me to be successful. Commitment is the key to success as it bears every other thing in mind. Wealthy Affiliate has strengthened me in such a way that I can never look down on my goals, hence I am fully committed to achieving good results, I don’t care how long it will take because I am ready to be committed for life.

    I celebrate you!

    • Good for you!  I shall celebrate you as well.

      I feel the same way about my business…I’m in it for life, and once life is over, my son can sell my websites and make some money from them.  (As I am 81, I have no idea how much sand is left in my Life Timer.)

      I am sure that your commitment will serve you well, because when you reach an obstacle, you know you just have to keep working at it until you figure out how to get around it.  You can do it!  Just believe and never quit.  

  2. Love your quote about the difference between interest and commitment. Many people over-highlighted the importance of having an interest in the job that they do. But the fact is that without strong commitment, interest alone cannot bring you to the level of success you want.

    Many people dream of having passive income, living a laptop lifestyle, too bad not many can make the necessary commitment to success.

    • You are right.  Your interest will last only as long as the road is easy, or until you become distracted by some other bright shiny object.  It takes commitment to stick to something.  You are also correct in your statement about dreams.  It is important to have dreams, but so many people do not enhance them with action.  If you take action, you can move ahead.  If you just dream about where you want to go, the dreams are nice, but they won’t get you there.

  3. Thanks for this post on how to make a commitment to success, it’s really a good thing to be committed to the success because it will really help you to work hard towards it and achieve your goals. I remembered when I started the wealthy affiliate program the community was just so awesome; we all have the same goal and very committed of achieving this goals, well presently today we all made it and successful in the business, anything you do in this world commitment matters,thanks

    • Commitment does matter — so glad you recognize that.  If we really want something, we’d better commit to getting it so our actions lead us in the right direction.

  4. hello fran, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. a wise man said when you diligently commit your self to a particular service, you become a master at it. commitment to affiliate marketing can actually earn you so much. and i am diving in with ideas i have gotten from you

    • I’m so glad you found use from this post.  Also, glad to have given you good ideas.  Go for it!  Dive in and put your ideas to good use.  I wish you lots of good progress on your site.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

    Commitment – its the secret sauce to every success. It’s doing something even on days that you don’t feel like it. 

    If I may sidetrack a little,  I just remembered something I read as a child. “Love is not a feeling. It’s a commitment”.

    Building an online business requires serious commitment because it is so easy to get discouraged. We just have to keep on

    trucking and keep the faith that one day all our efforts will be worth it. This is also why i keep a journal.

    Because dreams combined with a plan, written down, backed by action makes our dreams come true


    • I love your last statement.  You are so right.  Start with a dream.  Write it down and divide it up into small goals that you can achieve fairly easily.  Fit those into the plan.  Then act on these small goals, because dreams require action to bring into form.  Keep moving forward.  Eventually you will get there.

  6. Great article.  Its has inspired me to be more committed to my business. I enjoyed reading it.  Indeed we turn to set goals, especially during this time of the year, and get distracted along the way or discouraged be roadblocks.  Commitment gives us courage to overcome all of these obstacles.

    Thank you for such an inspirational and informative article.

    • You know, it’s really true that the holiday season can be very disruptive to your business plans.  If you get distracted, just bring yourself back to your point of focus as soon as you can.  It’s a good time to make lists of all the things you need to get done, as that can nudge you to finishing these tasks.  Commitment is very important, and can help you get through the difficult times.

  7. Commitment is such a strong thing, but it is what is needed to tackle an endeavor such as Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing in general. I have been at this for a few months now, and obviously not seeing a lot of traffic/income, but I am committed to making this work and will continue to work towards my goals. Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement, they are helpful to people like myself who are just starting out!

    • You are right — commitment is a strong thing.  One should not commit without thinking seriously about the consequences.  Commitment implies long-term involvement, and you have the right idea when you say you will continue to work towards your goals.

      You will come upon challenges and road-blocks.  Don’t give up at these.  Figure out a way to overcome them.  Ask questions, if you need to.  Solving these problems allows you to grow, an important by-product of moving toward a goal.  If you fail, just realize you are now that much closer to success because you have found one thing that does not work.

      Be like Edison — it took him 1,000 tries before he made a light bulb.  That’s 999 failures!  Once you have moved through that many failures, success is so sweet.  Let him be your example — it is possible.

  8. Hi there! you are absolutely right, it’s an amazing way to start Affiliate Marketing because in our way to success we will fall down but the most important is is we commit we will stand up again answer the question of why I fall down? and then correct and go-ahead.   Wealthy affiliate is one of the best places to learn and commit through the Marketing Affiliate.

    • Yes, of course you are right about Wealthy Affiliate being one of the best ways to learn how to “do” an affiliate marketing website.  There is so much potential here for us if we just learn everything we can about the internet marketplace.  Wealthy Affiliate certainly provides you with enough training.  Keep moving forward; you can do this.

  9. Sometimes people don’t understand what a commitment is until they sign up for something.  Once they have signed up they need to remember that time has to be put into a website business for it to work.  I have read about the Wealthy Affiliate program before but haven’t felt that I have the time to commit to all the work involved.  I read a post that says it can take up to a year to make money online.  That is really what you are committing to creating a business online.  Does the Wealthy Affiliate program cost a lot of money to be apart of?  If you aren’t going to make money within the first year you need to realize the commitment that you are making and keep at it otherwise it’s like flushing money down the toilet.  You had a lot of great information and I thank you for letting me stop by and learn more. I am thinking of trying that out since you can do it for free for a few days.

    • Thanks for your comment.  People forget that if you start a brick and mortar business, it will cost you a lot of money at first and you are looking at five years before you begin showing a profit.  When you sign up for something, think through what you are signing up for.  Do you really want to build a business?  If so, be prepared to work hard at getting it going and don’t give up at your first obstacle. Learn how to overcome it.

      It does take time to get your Wealthy Affiliate business up and running, and it takes time to build out your website to the point where you have something to offer visitors.  If you follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training, every step of the way, you will learn how to best steer your website toward good Google ratings.  These will help with traffic. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most affordable online businesses I have seen.  For your monthly fee, you get everything you need to build your business.  The building part is up to you.  Just think — if, instead of Wealthy Affiliate, you were purchasing a franchise, you would be out thousands of dollars. 

      The money you spend to develop your business is not money down the drain; it’s an investment in your future.  You know the saying, ‘”It takes money to make money.”  The saying is true.  With Wealthy Affiliate, it will cost you far less money to build your business than with many other things you could try.

  10. Thanks very much for this great and helpful article about commitment. For really I have enjoyed reading this article from it’s beginning to it’s end because it is motivational and encouraging because I have also got to know how important is commitment in the way to success and soon am sticking to it. Thanks very much for this important information.

    • It’s true — commitment is very important.  If you can commit to sticking with your business until you build it into something you want and are proud of, that is good.  Without commitment it is far too easy to give up.

  11. Thank you very much for writing about commitment. I am a person who loves to make a commitment (related to personal goals), but always find it hard to keep it. Based on your story about Wealthy Affiliate, I think it’s quite important to be involved in a community with like-minded people to keep the commitment strong. However, I’m not really a socialize person. Do you have any other suggestion how to stay on personal goal commitment without involving other people? Thanks for your answer

    • You are not committed if you find your commitment hard to keep.  First of all, sit down and figure out what thing you want more than anything else in the world.  You must have a burning desire for this item.  Once you find it, don’t ever lose sight of it.  Find pictures that illustrate it; write affirmations that you say every day; dream about having that item.  Now, make the decision that you will use your business as the vehicle that will get you to that desire.  Then keep building your business every day, always moving toward that item that you desire.  If you truly have that burning desire, you can find a way eventually to reach that goal.


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