Make Small Changes To Improve Your Life

There are a number of articles online that will tell you how you can make small changes to improve your life.  I selected four of them to give you some ideas you might want to put into practice.

Sometimes it feels like everything in your life is out of kilter.  It does happen to all of us at one time or another.  We may not be achieving our goals or reaching our full potential, and we need to change something.

At times changes can take a lot of work and a great deal of courage, but we can do it.  Let’s start with a list of a few habits we can strive for that will improve things in the months ahead.

Don’t sacrifice long-term goals for instant gratification

Long-term goals will help you make progress toward what you really want.  Reaching long-term goals can help build self-esteem.

Don’t choose superficial, momentary happiness and lose your progress toward that larger goal that will bring you consistent and lasting joy.

A quick example:  You want to lose X number of pounds before a special occasion so you can wear a dress that is too tight.  You slow your progress by eating a large piece of cake with gooey frosting.

Don’t make excuses

You can often enable poor decisions by finding an excuse as to why you can’t do a thing.  Discontinue the excuses and start pushing yourself to do the work.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything (GBS)

Don’t take things personally

You mustn’t let other people get you down.  If someone makes a discouraging comment, tries to give you unwanted advice, or treats you badly, remember that such actions speak louder about the commenter than about you.

What they said likely isn’t true, and very possibly isn’t about you in the first place.


Exercise will make you feel better right now.  Endorphins will make you happy, release stress, and offer clarity to your thinking.  Exercise before making a decision.  The decision will then be more grounded in reason than in emotion.

Get rid of distractions

Think about what distracts you from your task at hand.  Is it spending too much time on social media?  Perhaps you become glued to the television.

Try to manage these distractions so you can become more productive.

You are not a victim

You do have some control over your life.  How you use that control can determine the changes in your circumstances.  You are responsible for your life, so take ownership of it and stop blaming others.

Face your fears

We all fail.  We all need the courage to realize that failure is just one step in the journey.  Face your fears and do not be afraid of failure.

Just do the work, and by doing it, you build the courage you need to make progress toward your goal.

Believe you can and you're halfway there (T. Roosevelt)

One post I read had a list of small ways to improve your life in less than 30 minutes.  Here are some of their suggestions:

1.  Practice mindfulness

View your life, paying close attention to what is happening at the moment.  To learn more about how mindfulness can be helpful, read this post:

2.  Make sure you have a consistent morning routine. 

To have a productive day, start by breaking down all your tasks into small steps, then scheduling everything  in your day, starting at the end and moving backward to morning.

Allotting time for each task helps keep you on schedule and moving forward.  Once this schedule is in place, you will move through your day more efficiently.

3.  Now make sure your bedtime routine is consistent.

Be consistent about your routine before bed.  Perhaps you shower, fix the next day’s lunch, or read a book for a few minutes.  Whatever your routine, do it consistently.

4.  Re-do your bedroom to help you sleep better

Here are some suggested ways to redo:  Make up the bed in the morning and put away all clean and dirty clothes.  Charge up your phone in a separate room, and cover up your TV, if it’s in the bedroom.  Organize desk and bureau tops and keep clutter off the bed.

Put a pencil and notebook on your nightstand.  

This last one I find very valuable, as I get many good ideas right before sleep.  Now I can write them in the notebook.

5.  Make your own lunch and then eat it away from your desk.

6.  Finish up a few small productive tasks.

If you think about them, there are always a few.  For example, I just unloaded the dishwasher — something I tend to put off until I have many more dishes to load.

7. Revisit your goals.

It’s always a good idea to revisit your goals every day, so they are always fresh in your mind.  Also, if you do affirmations, allow a couple of spaces in your day where you can re-read them.

8.  Clean your desk.

Now, that will take me all afternoon!  I guess that means I should do it more often.

9.  Clean your closet.

Another major overhaul, but once done, it’s good for a while.

10.  Go out for a walk, or sit in the sun and read.  Enjoy a little outdoors — it is good for you.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them.

Jim Rohn has a great list of ways you can improve your life.  He points out that no dream is impossible, provided you have the courage to believe in it.  Here are some suggestions that you might be able to use:

  • Confront your fears.
  • If you need to change direction, do so — use your will power to get the job done.
  • Admit your mistakes.  Say you’re sorry, if it’s necessary.  That in itself could change your direction.
  • Redefine your goals…perhaps reach for a higher place.
  • Believe in yourself.  You can do what you need to do, but you have to start by believing you can do it.
  • Ask for wisdom.  Don’t wish for things to be easier.  Instead, wish that you were better.
  • Don’t waste your time.  Keep moving forward.  The future won’t wait — you have to go to meet it.
  • Invest your profits.  Wages make you a living, but profits make you a fortune.  Use them to advance.
  • Lead a life of intensity. Put everything you’ve got into everything you do.
  • Find the best place to serve.  This will advance you to a better place.  
  • You must develop integrity.  Lead the way by being the best example of integrity.  Then people of integrity will follow you.
  • Work with discipline.  If your activity is well-disciplined, it will create abundance, uniqueness and productivity.
  • Join in the good fight.  Fight for what is right.  If you want something valuable, you need to fight for it.

Then I found an article called 60 Small Ways to Improve your Life in the Next 100 Days.  There are some excellent suggestions in this article.  I will highlight a few of them.  I’ve put a link to the article at the end of this post if you want to read the whole thing.

Here’s one that would be helpful to me: 

Walk around the house and find 100 things that need fixing.  Examples:

  • Burnt light bulbs you can change
  • Clothing — sew that button back on.
  • One cabinet is stuffed with all manner of junk and needs cleaned out.

Here is a little list I like.  Remember the mantra, “a place for everything and everything in its place?”  To keep your house in order, follow these rules:

1,  If you take it out, put it back.

2.  If you open it, close it.

3.  If you throw it down, pick it up.

4.  If you take it off, hang it up.

This list reminds me of an incident in my first marriage.  My husband would come in to the bedroom at night, throw his clothes on the floor, and get ready for bed.  He never picked the clothes up again.

I tried just ignoring them, thinking he’d move them.  I even nailed a couple of things to the floor, and guess what?  I finally had to remove the nail myself because he never touched the item.  Go figure!  

You have to be odd to be number 1 (Dr. Seuss)

Here are a couple of specific exercises you can do, as suggested in the “60 small ways” list:

Start a gratitude journal by setting down 10 things you are grateful for each day.  

Keep a log of your inner dialog, both positive and negative.  Try to change the negatives to a positive, or see if you can remove them completely.  

Make it a point to learn one new thing a day.  If you can’t come up with something new, take out the dictionary and learn a new word.

Stop complaining for the next 100 days.  You don’t need that negativity.  Now try to feed your mind with thoughts, words, and images that are consistent with who you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to achieve.

Create a budget and track every cent you spend for the next 100 days.  Pay for everything with cash.  Keep all the change you receive and save it in a jar.  See how much you can save in 100 days.

Keep a notebook with you for writing down ideas for writing, appointment dates, and a “to do” list.

Identify ways you waste time and limit the time you will spend each day in this activity.  Also, stop multi-tasking and do one thing at a time.

Plan out your next day the night before.

For the next 100 days, drink water instead of carbonated drinks.

Plan out your menus, then keep a food log to see how close you stay to your plan.

Get at least 20 minutes of daily exercise.

See if you can connect with someone new every day for the next 100 days, even if you just follow someone new on Twitter.

Make it a point to associate with people you admire, respect, and want to be like.

Do one kind deed for someone each day.  Also, make it a point to give praise and approval to those deserving.

one small positive thought can change your day

Practice empathy.  Try to see the world from another’s perspective.  Be curious about their beliefs and life experience.  Ask how they came to their conclusions about their life experience.

Place the best possible interpretation on the actions of others, and keep reminding yourself that everyone is doing the best they can.

This is part of the 100-day list.  To find out what I left out, click on the link at the end of the post.  If you can make all these small changes in 100 days, I’d guess you’d notice small changes in your life.

These articles all spoke to me with suggestions of things I could change or improve.  I hope they do the same for you.  Please add your comments at the end of this post, so I can have your feedback.

Here are the links to the four articles:

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