Presenting The Click Clone Cash Review

Sometimes when I review a company, I find one that appears to have little or no value. Such is the case with this Click Clone Cash review. I found review after review about this company reiterating how terrible it is, and did not find one positive one. I also could not find anything from the company itself in the midst of this jungle of negativity.

Therefore, I’m guessing that this company is one from which to stay far, far away. In this post, I’ll review some of the negative reports, so I can lay out for you what this company has to offer.

Name: Click Clone Cash

Image: click clone cash

Website: Unavailable

Owners: Josh Owens or Tim Atkinson (both played by actors in the company presentation)

Product Type: Affiliate marketing platform (so they say)

Price: Free to sign up. Cloud Hosting (required) is $90.00 for six months or $152 for twelve months. More upsells to follow.

Overall Rank: 0 out of 5

What Is Click Clone Cash?

This company is a bit different from most companies in the online niche. It supposedly clones other successful Make Money Online websites so you can make money using their business model. But where and when do you get these cloned websites?

How Does This Company Work?

Really, all the company does is to give you a sales pitch for a cloud hosting service. As a website owner, you need hosting, so Click Clone Cash offers this service as part of their platform.

Really, what they are doing is collecting commissions from everyone who signs up for the hosting package. For every one sale, the provider pays Click Clone Cash a percentage.

Since you will get no information on the company without buying into this service, you are forced to purchase.

Then, it seems there are still no answers from the company.

Though the program promises a big secret to its users, with the potential to make them millionaires in record time, there is no big secret. The website is simply promoting a cloud hosting service.

Seeing Red

Though I can’t find many positive facts about this company, I can see a field of red flags, warning me to stay far away. Look at these signs of trouble:

1. Misleading Techniques

There is no big secret that will make users rich. Perhaps if you avoid this opportunity, you won’t become poorer, at least. You are told this bit of misleading information about the “secret sauce” that will lead to your success, simply to get you to sign up for the cloud hosting service.

There is no instruction as to how to monetize or make any money through cloud space.

2. Income Claims Are Unrealistic

How can you even make an income assessment? Apart from the sales video, there is no indication whatsoever as to the type of business this software app copies. There are no stories from people talking about how much money they have made…not even fake testimonials given by actors.

3. There Is No Cloned Website To Go Along With The Hosting Service

The company tells you that it will clone other successful websites that generate thousands of dollars and you can turn this clone into your own site.

Frankly, this process bothers me in the first place. How can it be legal to clone another business when you have done none of the work yourself? Isn’t this akin to stealing? Even if yours is merely similar, doesn’t this process seem a bit scammy in itself?

copy of application
Part of click clone cash sign-up form

Nonetheless, since you are supposedly paying to get this cloned site, you have already been scammed because there is no such clone.

4. Service Is Overpriced

Cloud Pro Hosting is a legitimate hosting service with a decent referral system. However, the word from reviewers is that there are cheaper and better hosting programs out there. Cloud Pro Hosting is popular with scammers because they can build their programs around the referral system.

5. Ownership Questionable

Josh Owens has been around for a while and his name has been found associated with other online schemes. His track record is apparently not one you can trust when it comes to affiliate marketing.

As for Tim Atkinson, the other person listed as owner, one reviewer claims he is a notorious internet fraudster. This man has produced several similar products in the past, including Cash Machines 2, Automated Income App, and Make Money with Meghan.

One reviewer pointed out that the two were the same, and their “parts” were done by hired actors.

6. No Customer Support

You joined and you have a question? Too bad. If you want any information about this program and its strategies, or if you have any other question whatsoever associated with the program, you cannot call or email anyone.

Unless you read it in a review, you will not know there is no support until you get into the members’ area and discover this lack.

Perhaps the only honest thing they have done is to include in their disclaimer the information that the have used actors in some cases to represent real people. Now, that’s a first for me. I have done several reviews in which such things as testimonials have been made by paid actors, but the company has never admitted it before.

If you encounter this company and then learn how much they misrepresent the truth, perhaps you can learn an important lesson. There really are no get-rich-quick schemes that work in online business. If you want to make decent money from an online opportunity, you will have to work for it. Yes, getting rich from online work is possible, but not without putting in a great deal of time and effort.

Unless you know a tremendous amount about computers, websites, and the internet, you need to educate yourself. Find a company that teaches you to build a website, gives you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training so you can draw traffic, and offers customer and tech support.

You need a place where you can learn how to build your business from the ground up. Thorough training is a must. If you are looking for a business in which everything is done for you, the internet is not the place to start. If you find such a business, please let me know.

May I suggest that you do a comparison study, and check out the business I’ve chosen, Wealthy Affiliate. It’s definitely a “full meal deal.” Not only that, but you can join for free and investigate thoroughly. You can start your business at no charge. Once you have decided you have found an online home, you can become a premium member for $49 a month.

On my website,, read the “start here” post and then continue as suggested. You will find all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Meanwhile, stay away from Click Clone Cash unless you like spending money to receive no value in return.

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6 thoughts on “Presenting The Click Clone Cash Review”

  1. When I came across the website, everything felt so easy that I was tempted to choose this method in order to get started with making. money online.

    Now, when I read your review, I realize how this cannot be as easy as it looks. Of course, this website is not going to make me money online as doing that is not as easy as they make it look.

    There are so many factors to consider if someone wants to make money and I just did not see it through.

    • It’s always good to read a number of reviews online if you are investigating a company.  You can learn a tremendous amount from reading reviews, and can save yourself money and discouragement.

      I think Click Clone Cash exists for the sole purpose of getting you to buy the hosting service.  The owner of CCC makes his money from those commissions.  Then he’s no longer interested in you.  Since you don’t have his real name or any way to communicate with him. you are out of luck.

      Glad you learned in time.

    • My first thought during the introduction was that of greed! All the pictures shown before “Josh” (actor) came on screen. As I followed the script another thought that popped up was his “family “. They were just a little too good. Should have followed my gut feelings and tuned out but became curious about how much this would cost. Glad to have found this review. As is said “If it sounds too be good, then it probably isn’t “. The review settled most of the issues I had about this “opportunity “. Is there no way to get this type of infomercial off of the net? No way to sue these people for fraud? If not then there is a need to get a law under which these scammers can be banned and/or be charged for fraud.

      • I wish it were possible to get them off! They dupe innocent people, who believe their line. While doing my reviews, I ran into so many of them. Glad the review helped you see what was going on. It is a company to avoid.

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on ClickCloneCash and find your review very helpful for people. You are doing an awesome work by keeping people safe from scam or useless sites. Now I know that ClickCloneCash is not suitable for me. We have to build our business with best platform like wealthy affiliate . I am building my business with it. It’s training is awesome.

    • You are wise not to consider ClickCloneCash.  It’s a good way to send your money out for someone else to use, but you will get no help from it.  I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform out there because the training is superlative.


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