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Yes, you can get exceptional affiliate marketing advice on Quora. This platform can be an excellent resource tool. In this post, I’ll introduce you to a few ideas I got from reading what Quora has to say about affiliate marketing. There is so much more there. This post is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, let’s begin. Here’s a bit of realism from one post in Quora to start with. These are some questions you need to ask yourself before you even get started. Your results may be different from someone else’s, but you must realize that this business is not a get-rich-quick theme.

1. Can you handle working 16-hour days for several months before making any money?

2. Are you patient?

3. What is your main goal? To make money or to solve people’s problems?

4. Are you willing to pay for advertising to help you make money?

5. When growth comes, how will you handle it? Will you outsource some work?

These questions are meant to remind you that it will take time to get your business going, and you must be ready to wait for the money to come. Meanwhile, concentrate on solving problems for your visitors.

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Okay, so you have started. There is much to learn and there are many factors which encourage success. Consider these in order to have a successful journey.

When deciding how to move forward, look at these ideas first:

Find people who are successful affiliate marketers, and do what they have done. You will be far ahead if you copy proven success.

When you select products to market, consider these ideas:

1) Sell residual items which may receive monthly commissions over time.

2) Promote high ticket items. These will pay you higher commissions.

As you move forward with your business, be sure to make a list of email addresses of prospects. This list you can use again and again.

There is so much to learn at first. Can you find a teacher to help you? This person could be someone from the organization you have joined. Find someone who has already followed the path you are on and who can help guide you through the obstacle course of the learning curve.

I found a member of my community who seemed to have lots of right answers for folks with questions, and I grabbed her and hung on. She has helped me through so many bumps along the way.

To build some authority with people, you need to be in many places where these folks will see you. Besides your blog, you can have a presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media apps that you like.

Traffic is a challenge. You have to really learn about SEO to get organic traffic, and it all takes time. Also, if you are new, Google will not be too interested until you are at least six months old. They want to know you are around for the long haul.

Paid advertising can help. Pick and choose what you want to use — pay-per-click, for example, is one option. I use Facebook ads now and then. If you add Google Adsense to your website, you can make a bit of money from that.

Build trust with your audience. Show your helping face instead of the one asking them to buy,buy,buy. Choose products carefully. Establish your onlineQuote: The twin killers of success are impatience and greed presence, and have fun. Your conversion rate is all about quality.

Research your audience. Google can help. Google your product or browse YouTube comments. Find forums where you can learn about your audience.

Now you have a start. Your website is growing. What do you need to do to make it a success? Here are some suggestions:

1) Build the correct mindset.

If you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, it is imperative that you love what you do.

You must not let early failures stop you. Give time and focus to your business and take action to move you forward. If you fail, get up, dust yourself off, and try again. Be consistent in your action.

2) Eat the elephant one bite at a time

Success comes slowly, not be great leaps within a few days of starting. It will take you a while to learn what your customers are looking for. Over time and practice you can win them as faithful followers.

3) Select your niche and products with care

Make sure your niche is something you are passionate about and one in which you believe you can be useful in helping people solve problems.

Don’t try to promote everything. Find a few good products that fit well within your niche and that you feel will solve some problem for your audience.

4) Find helpful tools.

With research, you can learn the most current methods and techniques. Now and then it will be important to invest a bit in the latest software or tools. These can boost your marketing and sales.

5) Know your product.

Research well, especially if the product is new to you. Find in-depth information. You must always research to learn the most you can about the product.

6) Learn to be transparent and always be trustworthy.

Build a relationship of trust with your repeat visitors. You do this by providing valuable content, so your visitors will recommend you to others.

When you are an affiliate of a company, always let your readers know. They will appreciate your honesty and will be happy to contribute to your earnings through their purchases.

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7) Follow these tips about content

Write content that is timeless, even though it is no longer your latest post.

Make sure that older content gets updated so it remains current. If your older content does not have current information, your visitor will leave. Also, add links on older articles to updated content.

Keep in mind the term “evergreen,” which means content that is timeless. It is most important, also, that your content is relevant, useful, and up-to-date.

If your information on a post is still completely relevant, remove the dates from the post. This action will easily solve the problem of people leaving without reading the content simply because it has an older date.

8) Keep up-to-date

Make sure you are aware of the latest offerings of your affiliate programs. Monitor trends and explore new opportunities, and be always on the lookout for new, useful and relevant products.

9) Keep building your list

Never ignore subscribers, but treat them as priceless. With the content and your emails you can keep them on your side.

Lists can include many things: friends on the social media or subscribers to your YouTube channel, for example. Giving away a gift is a good way to build trust. Such actions will give you more of a chance with your subscribers.

Remember that people do not buy logic. Rather, they buy with their emotions and justify it with logic. By building a rapport, your relationship with others makes an emotional connection between you. Thus, they will be more apt to buy from you.

You are the best salesperson for whatever product you are promoting. To train your inner salesperson, just share your story with people. Let people know how the product you are promoting helped you solve the same problem they are having. Try to show them your information has value for them.

Perhaps you would like a list of ways you can provide value to people. Do it through any or several of these venues:

Social Media

Website and Blog



Webinars or Podcasts

Courses and Seminars

Remember, content creating is the best way to get your business rolling. Not only does your content allow you to start free and then build until you are making money, but it also allows you a chance to establish yourself as an authority figure.

People begin to see that you know what you are talking about, and thus you can build your credibility with your audience.

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This post comes from researching through Quora. It is a small sample of the wealth of information available on that platform. Go to Quora and type in something like “How can I succeed at affiliate marketing?” You will be amazed at the breadth and depth of information available. It is a great resource for learning answers to hard questions.

Thank you, Quora, for providing such a valuable platform.

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