Sitelio: An Easy Way To Create A Website?

Product Name: Sitelio


Price: Simple $7.99/mo; Captivating 8.99/mo; Outstanding 15.99/mo.

Owners: Endurance International Group

Account Manager: Owen

Overall Rank: 3.5 out of 5

Sitelio General Overview

On an initial view, Sitelio appeared to be fairly straight-forward. The company was established in 2014. It operates on a simple system, where much of the work is already done for you. So, we ask, “Is Sitelio an easy way to create a website?”

You can start up free. Once you create an account and login you are informed that there are three steps to take to get started:

  • Choose a template
  • Edit your website
  • Publish to the web

The company has a simple design, which allows even amateurs to create an effective website.

You are offered over 10,000 template combinations to help you get started. If you can’t find a template that you like, you can select a blank one and build your own. To help you find the right template, Sitelio has created a list of categories and divided the templates into these categories, making them easier to sort through.

Here is the list of available categories:

Architecture and Real Estate                           Beauty and Fashion

Blank Templates                                                Blog

Business and Consultant                                   Computers and Technology

Construction and Trade                                     Design and Creative

Hotels andTravel                                                 Lifestyle

Music and Entertainment                                   Night Life

One Pagers                                                           Online Store

Pets and Animals                                                 Photography

Portfolio                                                                Professional Services

Restaurants and Eateries                                  Sport and Leisure

Themes                                                                 Wedding

You are provided free web hosting and domain names, free setup of business email, access to SEO tools and the option of establishing an eCommerce site.

The desktop editor feature allows you to click anywhere on your site and a tool box appears. Every aspect of your website is customizable.

If you want to change style, design, settings, size and position, and animation, all you have to do is click. Their unique drag and drop editor makes changing things on your website pretty easy.

So, what’s not to like? Well, first of all, Sitelio is one of a group of websites that are all structured the same way. The other sites are SiteBuilder, WebsiteBuilder, Sitey and SiteBlog. Owen, the accounts manager, may be found in Sitelio, Sitey, and SiteBlog. The only difference in these companies is in the specifics of the paid plans.

Second, the company has perhaps the worst reputation of any of the website building sites in the industry. The reason is because of sketchy business practices. Their billing process is also poor, and their customer service is bad.5 people figures in line; middle one highlighted

Sitelio and its duplicate companies were recently purchased by Endurance International Group, and moved from the UK to the United States. The support and billing staff was overhauled, but apparently there are still some unsolved problems. Perhaps we will see improvement soon.

Some of their money-making claims are a bit far-fetched. For example, SiteBlog, one of the 5, ran a campaign for a while claiming that you could easily start earning $10,000 a month without a job. What a naive claim. You need much more than a drag-and-drop website to make that kind of money online., a consumer site in Denmark, founded in 2007, hosts views of businesses worldwide. On this app it is interesting to check the reviews. SiteBuilder, one of the Sitelio lookalikes, got a whopping 94% bad rating. Comments ranged from poor to terrible fraudsters; cheats who “took money out of an account without permission.”

I would not use my credit card to pay for memberships in any of these companies.

Now that you know the bad stuff, let’s look at a few more of the good things. Sitelio’s features are varied and usable. Here are some features you should know about:


This feature allows you to create a page containing page elements on them that you wish to have repeated on every page of your site.


You can fully customize your site. Add blogging tools, social media widgets, store items, and buttons, among other things.


You can select color palettes that will allow you to change one item of the entire look of your website with one click.


This feature allows you to add pages. It also includes making a duplicate page, which allows you to copy any page in your file.


You can see what your website will look like before you publish.


Widgets can allow you to add material to these spots.


Your platform to create posts and publish, print, or feature them. It is hard to make mistakes on this platform, as corrections are a simple process.


You can add and edit meta tags, or find keywords to boost your ranking.

For the best keyword tool available, check out Jaaxy.


A collection of free photos is included on your website. These are sorted by categories to make them easier to find.Sitelio price list

If you upgrade to the Outstanding Plan, you will get site support. On the other plans, the company expects you to figure things out for yourself. You can fill out a ticket for a specific issue, but you may wait a long time for the answer. There is no telephone hot line and no chat.

On the Outstanding Plan you will have statistical tracking, which will tell you how well your site is performing.

Though you cannot work on Sitelio from your mobile device, the templates are mobile optimized, so they will work okay for someone viewing your site on a mobile device. However, if you need to make changes to your site, you will need a desktop computer.


You can add a decent shop interface. Put in the items or services you want. The store is easy to customize. However, one drawback: Ecwid, their eCommerce tool, only allows PayPal for payments.

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Easy to use

Good selection of templates

Price is reasonable

Drag and drop system makes changes a snap


Too simplified

Business practices below par

Billing practices are not always accurate

Poor feedback from customers because of very poor customer service.


I would not give this company my credit card! If I joined, I’d pay with PayPal.

It is my feeling that the reason this company has provided more than one site is so they can make more. If you will look at their pricing, you will see that you can pay by the month, but if you pay by the year, the price drops. For two years, it drops even more.

Now, if you have five companies all offering the same plans and collecting lots of new sign-ups who slap down their credit card to pay, you can multiply your income fairly fast. You will also have quite a number of credit cards entrusted to your care.

Also, though things have improved since the company moved to the United States, there are still problems and complaints regarding customer service and billing. Perhaps once these issues are addressed, this company will improve a great deal.

For now, I give them a rating of 3.5.

If you have knowledge to add about Sitelio, or any comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear your opinion.

If you would like to read about the company I think is the best one out there, and I have looked at many by this time, click on this link to learn the full story. Then, if you are convinced, you can click the link below to sign up.

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  1. not a company I would be going with after reading this Fran
    I do like the other recommendation you have shared though and I am going to join for free to take a look around as I have heard only good things about Wealthy Affiliate
    Thank you

    • Thanks for the comment, Vicki. No, I don’t think it would be a place where I’d want to sink my money. However, I did play around a little on the site, to see what I could see. It’s very responsive, and would be a fun place to build. Too bad.


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