Start An Online Home Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, you can start an online home business with Wealthy Affiliate. To give you pertinent information, I will respond to the top five questions asked by aspiring online entrepreneurs, and how they can be answered by Wealthy Affiliate. Perhaps you will wish to join me with this company, which is the best I found in my investigation. Here goes:

1. What is the first thing I should do?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free. At that price, you can investigate the company thoroughly and decide if it is really a fit for you. When you join, you will be set up on what is known as a “SiteRubix” website. You will provide a name for your site, and you can use it as long as you desire. As long as you are active within this website, it will continue.

Your free site is the way to find out if you have indeed found a home. Be aware, though, that you do not have all the available “perks” from the free site. If you move up to a paid premium website, you will receive many more features. The premium upgrade costs $49 per month, but most folks find it to be worth more.

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With SiteRubix, you get two websites. With a premium membership, you can have up to 25. More training is available at the premium level and you will have unlimited keyword searches in Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate’s state-of-the-art keyword search platform. Among other perks, you get 24/7/365 website tech support, a big plus that is missing from SiteRubix.

Once you have joined, you pick a program. You can go to “bootcamp,” which is training to sell Wealthy Affiliate itself, or “entrepreneur certification.” This one allows you to select a niche of your choice and build a website around it.

Choosing a niche is an exciting part of your process. What are you passionate about? What do you want to share with the world? Pick whatever topic you like and then write about every aspect of it. Select products that fit the niche subject, and set up affiliate links so you can sell them.

With the tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate, you can make any niche into a successful website. Let your creative juices flow and find innovative ways to present your information to your audience.

For example, perhaps you are a lover of fine coffee. You could choose coffee as your niche, and include many related topics, such as coffeepots, mugs, grinders, and of course the coffees themselves. All these products can be offered for sale on your site through affiliate links.

My entrepreneurial site is about cats. In it, I write about a wide variety of topics, all related to cats. It’s a topic I am passionate about, and I do not get tired of researching and writing about these amazing animals.

No matter whether you choose bootcamp or entrepreneur certification, or eventually decide to do both, as I have done, you will receive complete training for either one. You just follow the training step by step and before you know it, you have a functioning website.

I’ve now looked at the training for several programs, and have not found any as complete as the Wealthy Affiliate training. Not only that, but you now belong to a huge community of people like you who are all learning how to grow their online business. If you get stumped, you can ask this community questions, and you will get several answers, helping you to solve your problem.

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2. How much should I know about the business before joining it?

With any business you choose, it is important to know what to expect before joining. Since Wealthy Affiliate is so transparent about what they are giving you, it is quite easy to learn all the features of this WordPress hosted platform.

To read a full review of the company, go to this link, which will give you the complete story.

One very important thing you need to know about affiliate marketing: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You are not promised overnight success. Many “scam” programs out there make false claims about how fast you will earn. Don’t believe them. If you treat your business like a business and work at it, you can build something that will give you a lasting income.

Wealthy Affiliate is often called “Wealthy Affiliate University,” because the training is so thorough. You learn as you go. You can also earn as you go, once you have some affiliate links to products on your site.

However, you must not expect overnight success. Think of building a house — First you start with a foundation. Then you add framework and a roof, and finally you add all the remaining parts of the building.

Building a website is done in much the same way. You start with a foundation of posts, containing good content related to your niche, and you gradually add to that structure. The more you build, the better able you are to attract an audience. Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools you need to build a sound business platform.

3. How much will it cost me to build this business?

Part of this question has already been answered by the information I have given you thus far. When you first join, your SiteRubix website is free. To gain more valuable features, you can upgrade to Premium. When you do so, you will get your first month for $19 and thereafter you will pay $49 per month.affiliate marketing promo

Instead of upsells, you have the opportunity to lower this cost by paying for either six months or a year in advance. There are no upsells. For a six-month membership, the price is $234. For a year it’s $359. If you buy for a year on Black Friday, its $299. You will save money instead of spending more.

Yes, you will have to buy your domain, which averages about $14 per year. Eventually you will have to buy an email autoresponder program. That is all. There are no hidden fees.

4. How much will it cost to run this business once we’re open?

Here again, Wealthy Affiliate will not charge you more for your website once it is online. Just pay your monthly fee, or buy for 6 months or a year in advance, and you are good to go.

I take advantage of the best deal of the year. On Black Friday, you can buy a year’s membership in Wealthy Affiliate for $299. That figures out to $24.92 per month. For me, that saving on the monthly rate is well-worth it, and then I don’t have to pay again until the following year.

5. How will I get customers to this business once we are up and running?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a definite advantage of receiving thorough training in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and the proper use of keywords. You will receive detailed information on how to use the Jaaxy tool to find the best keywords available. This feature is very valuable, as you can learn which ones are searched most often.

You will learn how to track your rankings in Google, and how to use Google Analytics to understand the progress of your business.

You receive training in how to use all the major social media sites to help inform people of what you offer and to bring them to your website.

Free webinars train you in many of the ins and outs of building your business. Besides the webinars, you have access to all the training and tutorials available in a “library” of materials that grows as time passes. You also have access to the whole community to help answer questions you might have. You can repeat training, too, if you feel you didn’t learn it all at first.

If you run into tech issues, the Wealthy Affiliate site support is available 24/7/365. This team can help you solve your problems incredibly fast. I have found no better tech support anywhere.

In short, with Wealthy Affiliate, what’s not to like? I am so happy I found this company, and believe I could not have selected anything better. Come join me if you want to see for yourself. Just click on the link below to hop on the magic Wealthy Affiliate train. You will be glad you did.

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14 thoughts on “Start An Online Home Business With Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. It pleases me to see such articles which help enlighten people on the steps needed to be taken before starting an online business and how they can run their business smoothly after starting the business. There isn’t any short part to being successful in an online business, except you have a proper training or a good mentor to guide you through it. Wealthy affiliate is one of those who can be trusted to do that at a really cheap fee, and so much to be learned during training and after you have started your business. Cheers.

    • You are right — there are no shortcuts.  I wish it were easier to get the whole picture across to people.  There is so much possibility in Wealthy Affiliate, especially the excellent training.  If people have the determination to create success and “stick to their guns” they can make some extraordinary changes to their life through the business they create.  I’m in this business for the long haul, and believe Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

  2. Really nice to see you give answers to questions on issues that people might want to nail a question at about the platform. I am also a member of wealthy affiliate where I get to work and make money. There is no way that a person can actually get lost on the platform because apart from the awesome helpnthat comes from support, the community is also always very handy when it comes to helping others. Your information is really good on the platform. I wish you success.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, and I return the wish for success.  

      There are so many good things about Wealthy Affiliate that it is hard to sum them all up in one post.  People need to join and experience it for themselves.  There is so much to learn on here, and how exciting to see our work progress.  I now have three websites through Wealthy Affiliate and would be hard put to say which is my favorite.

  3. Checking the credibility of a business is always a bone of contention for people wanting to start an online business and this is very good. Wealthy Affiliate is a choice for everyone, the most interesting part is you have no issue investigating the platform because you can register for the 7daya free trial when you can check through how they operate and if you are satisfied, you can upgrade to premium at a very discount price. I recommend WA.

    • You are correct.  The credibility of many companies is stretched a bit thin when  you learn what they are all about.  Wealthy Affiliate stands up to the test, and delivers what it promises.  I am so glad I found this new home.

  4. Wow! What a great article, how I wish I came across such information the time I was all around the internet in research of the best online marketing platform, I totally agree with you that at wealthy affiliate thing happens in a great way and it the best place to be, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles, I know this article will be of great help to many. Thank you for sharing it to the public.

    Thank you

    • I do hope you are right, and that the article helps many people.  We who are members of Wealthy Affiliate are very fortunate to have such an opportunity for building an online business.  There are so many good things about this company — the best way to appreciate them is to join and see for yourself.

  5. Hi Fran,

    This is one of the most excellent and well detailed information I’ve read lately on Wealthy Affiliate.

    Starting an online home business is the dream of many people and that’s the reason there are 1000’s of searches on Google related to this topic. However, not everyone accomplish or fulfill their dreams.

    Many people fall as a victims to scams and products that under-delivers with low-quality. Many quit and some keep trying. Your post is going to be a greater help and time saver to many.

    I am a WA member it changed my life and I signed up by taking advantage of their Black Friday deal in 2016. As you mentioned, it’s a great price less than a dollar investment per day. Just $0.82 per day is really amazing, for that we get all the tools, training, support, hosting, etc.

    The best thing about WA is we get everything to run an online business under one platform that too with an affordable rate.

    • Thank you for your positive comment.  Bless Quora for putting those questions on their site.  When I read them, I knew they needed to be answered from the Wealthy Affiliate perspective.  

      The Black Friday deal is prime.  I just put a short post on this website (don’t know if you noticed) about our Black Friday special, because it is a once-in-a-year excellent chance for anyone looking for something good to get them started in an online business.

  6. One thing that posed as a problem for me was the fact that I didn’t understand how or why whenever I went online to get information about wealthy affiliate, I would always get so many good reviews so I felt that those who wrote were paid to do that. When I went on the platform myself to give it a try, it dawned on me that it was really is a good platform where I can make money. The possible questions are well answered here. Nice work!

    • You know, if you stop to think about it, why would the company pay to have a bunch of good reviews written?  I write many reviews, and try to give an honest assessment of each company I look at.  I often trust reviews more than I trust the company, if the reviewers are all in agreement that the company is one to stay away from.  Most reviewers seem to give an honest look at things.

  7. To be sincere, this article is not biased and and I like it for it’s honest information about Wealthy affiliate, I’m a member of WA and that’s been so for a while now. Newbies should enroll in the Wealthy affiliate University as they offer the best training on how to start online businesses and be successful. Another thing very cool about WA is it’s members friendly nature, it makes it easy for people to relate. Having this will be of great help to newbies.

    • I hope it is helpful to some people.  It’s hard for me to believe that some people don’t see the outstanding value of Wealthy Affiliate.  Instead, too many still believe they can find a “get rich overnight” scheme that will work.  Perhaps people are basically lazy, and when a program mentions that they will  have to work, they are not interested.  Yet, if you just work at something with faith in the outcome, you might move the proverbial mountain. This program is for the believers who are willing to supply the energy to make it work.


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