Hello, and welcome to my website. Tell me, why did you come to visit? Do you want to look into starting your own online business?

If so, do I have a deal for you! I can show you how to start your business for free with my company, Wealthy Affiliate.

When you sign up, you get what is called a “SiteRubix” website. If you choose to remain on this free platform, you need to treat it the same as you would a site that cost you money.

  • You choose a SiteRubix domain for free
  • You will have access to keyword training
  • You’ll learn good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices
  • You will learn what is involved in writing quality, original, relevant content
  • You can create social media accounts for your SiteRubix site.

If, later, you want to change to a .com domain, you can do so. You can then person using computerpay $49.00 per month to become a premium member of Wealth Affiliate, gaining many added benefits. It’s your choice.

If you do not want to change to a .com domain, you can stay on SiteRubix indefinitely, so long as you upgrade to a premium membership.  If you don’t want to upgrade, you can keep your starter site for six months.

As an alternative suggestion, because you start for free, you can explore the site and start building your business to decide if this really is the venue for you. An informed decision is important.

As for me, I started my website free, but within the first week I knew I’d found a home. I upgraded to Premium then and there because I wanted the added benefits that Premium offered.

That choice is up to you. If you build your free website with as much focus and effort as you would use on a paid site, you have the ability to build a paying business. To help you learn what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, let me suggest that you read certain posts. These will make things clearer.

To begin, read the second article on the home page blog roll, “Defining My Purpose For This Website,” if you have not already done so. This post will explain the workings of my website to you, giving you more of how the site is organized and what you will find here.

On the top navigation bar you will see a heading called “Nuts and Bolts.” Under that heading, I’ve put the posts I feel are most important for you to read first, to give you a feel for this company.

The first one on the list is called “Working From A Remote Location.” As I live in a remote area of Alaska, I’ve geared this website toward other folks living in such places.

However, no matter where you live, the starting process is much the same, so do read this post. You’ll get an overview of the company.hands coming from computers with credit card and bag

Next on the list is the review, “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or For Real?” From this information, you will learn all the features available in Wealthy Affiliate.

Third is “Jaaxy: Buried Treasures You Can Find.” Learn here about our state-of-the-art platform for finding great keywords.

Fourth: “Why Is SEO So Important For Business?” Learning SEO is imperative, because the techniques you put in place are what gain you ranking and put you high on search engine pages.

Look under the heading, “Popular Posts,” to get a taste of what the categories include.

“How To Get What You Want From Life” is one of several motivational posts that can help you align your way of thinking with success.

“What Is Your Why In Life” suggests ways to determine your purpose in life.

“What Are The Key Factors For Success In Business” will give you a list of the qualities you should develop if you wish to be successful.

Now, look to your right, at the right sidebar of the website. Here you will see a list of categories. Click on any of those blue links in the list and you will be taken to a mini-blog roll of the posts in that category.

Peruse the selection and read what interests you. Comments at the end of the posts are appreciated.

If you decide you want to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, click on the banner in this post called “Free Starter Membership — Sign Up Now” and you will be taken to a page where you can join.

I hope you do — this company is extraordinary. I believe it is the best choice out there.

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