Taboola: Get More Traffic For Your Website

This company’s function is to drive more traffic to your website. That is something many of us could be interested in. Let’s take a look at Taboola and see if this platform will truly get more traffic for your website.

Name: Taboola


Owner: Adam Singolda

Product: Content Marketing Software

Price: Starts at $10/day for self-service; expect to pay a lot more

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.0

This company was started in 2007 in Israel by Adam Singolda. Then they moved to New York City. It originally provided a recommendation engine for video content. Now it has a broader use for content publishers; it is meant to encourage users to view more articles on the same site.

Classified as a content discovery platform, it will link the user to related material such as slideshows, articles, or videos, both from within and from outside the site.

The software predicts the interests of the website user. Then it provides sponsored content that may interest the reader. Links for Taboola’s content are usually found at the end of the page, with tempting captions.

Would You Have A Use For Taboola On Your Website?

The purpose of the software is to increase the customer base and website traffic. It engages customers naturally, and then provides a choice for them to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Taboola sends its recommendations to over one billion distinct users each month on many of the internet’s most advanced public sites. These include The Atlantic, Fox Sports, NBC, The Weather Channel and USA Today.

First, Taboola gains the attention of your target audience. Then, through the use of interesting and appealing content, it drives them to your website.

The method of contacting web visitors follows a well-finalized approach. The visitor is first offered brand awareness. Then, he is offered highly engaging"cartoon" of a website & data content that matches the reader’s interests.

As the reader is drawn in, Taboola retargets him out of his present location and to your website. Now it is up to you to recommend more of your content to consumers who show an interest.

Through exclusive native placements of thousands of popular media outlets, Taboola drives traffic to your site. Taboola says it is easy and simple to start and stop campaigns at any time.

The platform is known to spread brand awareness across all platforms. This will gain a large share of your target market quickly.

How Much Does Taboola Cost?

You are told that the cost of your Taboola campaign is dependent on your internet setup. This includes creatives, targeting and budgeting. You only pay when people click on your ads and reach your website. A self-service option allows you to start a campaign at $10.00 per day.

Have you noticed the “Around the Web” and “Recommended for You” boxes at the bottom of many web pages? These were created by Taboola. It can also recommend video content or user-generated content.

The company provides approximately 360 billion article recommendations each month. The method of implementing it on a website is with a line of JavaScript. In 2013, the company issued a Taboola Choice feature, giving users the ability to filter out recommendations they don’t want to see.

It is reported that the most popular advertising categories on Taboola are finance and fitness.

I checked with the Better Business Bureau. The company has a B- rating. In 2014 the BBB requested that Taboola make it more clear that its recommended links are sponsored by advertisers. Taboola agreed to make the disclosure more prominent.

Here Are Some Comments On The Program

In the information online about Taboola, I found many comments on the program. Some of these remarks are very helpful when determining the value of this company, so will share these with you.

There are some good comments. One user says, “Taboola has been a great partner in driving traffic to our site.” Others say that the site is easy to use. It is said to be easy to execute and to report on.

One user says, “Even though the dashboard is lacking functionality, the publications working together with Taboola…are at the top of the market.” Not surprisingly, this person said that Taboola works best for videos, since it was originally built for use with videos.

There seems to be a bit of disagreement among some users. One client says content gets up and running quickly. Another says the platform itself is as slow as a snail, and gives you lots of fake leads from Africa and India.

Several reviewers felt that Taboola was a waste of money. They say it is very expensive. You are urged to be careful. One reviewer says “Even if you set up a monthly spending limit of $250, Taboola will hit you up for $100 per day. The person goes on to say that it is a complete waste of money.

This person claims that the leads are fake, and there are no refunds in the event they overcharge you. He also says he used it for six weeks with a highly successful funnel, and it did nothing but bring fake leads and dead ends from the mid-east and Africa.

taboola sign

Others say there are high quality placements available through Taboola, such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, Huffington Post, CityAM, and more. This person says they have a well-designed management and reporting interface and that content gets up and running quickly.

That reviewer said that Taboola has a higher tolerance for spammy content than its larger competitors. However, the company reports thoroughly on all placements and provide tools to exclude the ones that deliver low CTR or poorer traffic. He goes on to say that there are some excellent placements on Taboola, and that you must just be relentless to exclude the poorer ones.

If your headlines are clickable and your budget is high enough, be ready for high traffic. Be prepared to spend time filtering placements until you get the quality of traffic you desire. Stay in touch with Taboola account managers and sport people and give them feedback.

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Another person reported that ad creation is really painful and reporting it tedious. He also says customer service is lacking. Another one said that they were overbilled for their first campaign, which was managed by Taboola’s internal team.

One commenter said that, though customer service was not good, there were some really nice new audience segments, and it was possible to play around with them.

I found several comments on expense. One person said that Taboola has strange rules, which caused him to be charged $800 for a campaign they launched without notifying him. Also, they placed ads in countries where the user was not able to sell.

Look At These Review Titles

Here are a few telling titles from Taboola reviewers:

“Used Taboola for our native advertising and saw great results.”

“Not a great experience with bulk uploading.”

“Taboola is great, if you have already exhausted all other digital efforts.”

“You can tell they are promoted content.”

“Very solid native ad platform — Lacks a few simplification features.”

“Horrible audience targeting — they choose highly irrelevant sites.”

“Customer service not good — luckily mostly not needed — nice new features.”

“Taboola has been a great partner in driving traffic to our site.”

It seems that the jury is out on this platform. I see some excellent reviews and some that say to stay away from this company at all costs. So, let’s see how the pros and cons stack up.


  • Easy to use
  • Can successfully drive traffic to your website
  • Gets your content on a number of venues that can be helpful
  • If your venue is video, Taboola is best for them, as it was originally built for video
  • Technically excellent
  • It can spread awareness of your brand


  • Expensive. Several reviewers felt it was overpriced
  • You must be careful that you don’t overspend your budget — know what they expect you to pay for
  • Sends links to countries where you are not qualified to sell, and you still get charged
  • The traffic you gain does not convert well
  • Slow to upload articles and headlines; this can cause visitors to leave your site.
  • Taboola does not include basic features, such as being able to delete a campaign


I love the idea of software that can drive traffic to my website. I really need something like this. When I first looked at Taboola, I thought it might be a solution to a problem.

However, upon further investigation, I have decided to look around for something else. It sounds to me like the amount they might charge me could be far more than I could pay.

Customer service seems questionable. Some clients say it is okay, but several seem to think it is far from ideal.

If you are a bigger company and have some money to invest, Taboola might be just the ticket. However, if you are a newbie, I do not think that it is a good idea.

Therefore, I will hold off joining this platform. Perhaps when I have progressed a bit further with my website, I might give it a try. However, there were too many negative comments in the reviews for me to be comfortable recommending Taboola.

In light of my research, I am giving Taboola a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

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