The 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review: Count Me Out!

Have you come across the 7 Minutes Daily Profits opportunity? Have you considered joining this company? Please read this review first before making that decision.

These companies that promise extraordinarily quick results are usually not what they seem. They just want your hard-earned cash. This one is no exception. Read on to learn why I say that.

Name: 7 Minutes Daily Profits


Owner: Vince Howard (apparently an alias)

Price: $9 plus upsells of $147 and $127

Rank: 1 out of 5

First of all, have you watched their introductory video? Did you learn anything from it? I learned nothing about the product except some claims that later proved to be lies. I’ll go over these later.


All I got from the video was a made-up sad story that is designed to play on your sympathy. It was also full of lots of hype about what the company could do for me.

The video supposedly will go offline at midnight. Perhaps he takes it off at midnight and puts it back on a little later. The owner has been putting this notice up for days, to try to create the impression that you’d better sign up now, or lose out.

These techniques are called “click bait” – I rather like that phrase – and are all designed to get you to click right away and sign up, without thinking about your decision or researching the company first.

He tells us in the video that the fee you pay is used to offset the cost of their special server, which costs $300 a month. Your one-time fee is designed to help pay that bill.

He goes on to say that he wants to give access to as many people as possible.

Then a little later, he says he is not going to take on new members forever because the number of slots he can offer is limited. However, if you pay the $9, you will get his product for free. He doesn’t mention the upsells.

This practice is very common. The starter fee gets you hooked, and once you’ve decided you want the program, it’s much easier to persuade you to get the upsells.

After all, according to Vince Howard, they will make it easier for you to make the maximum amount from the opportunity.

Batpucky! It is just another ploy used by Vince Howard that allows him to gain more of your money.

Why do people keep creating these bogus companies? Well, the perpetrators must make a bunch of money on them. They prey on the newbies and on the ones that have not yet learned to read a few reviews about the company.

They try to get you to make a decision quickly, so you won’t do too much investigating.

Tired of scams? Want the real deal? Click here

I wish there were some sort of agency who policed these new offers, and if what they offered was built on lies and false promises, they would be closed down immediately.

It ain’t going to happen, so you’d better perform your due diligence and investigate before you spend. That’s why we write reviews – to try to protect you.


This company is not about making a few clicks to reach success. It’s about placing solo ads and doing email marketing. These two practices are legitimate ways to conduct business online, but will not make you $500 in 7 minutes!

In fact, it’s time you realized that there are no companies that can provide you with a done-for-you system that will allow you to make so much money so easily. It’s all pie in the sky.

Yes, you can learn about solo ads and email marketing. You can use these effectively, eventually, with time and work. In fact, as with a brick and mortar business, you need to take the time to build something that will be effective.

The nice thing is that you can build your business faster and at lower cost than a brick and mortar business, which takes an average of five years to start making a profit. Your profits will come sooner with an online business, if you put in the work.

At least Vince Howard notes that you won’t become a millionaire overnight.

Well, if you are a beginner, I don’t believe you will make $500 a day either. Even if you are experienced, you’d end up spending a lot on this system before your money would start coming back to you.

Actors hired from Fiverr.  Memorize these faces; then you will recognize them next time.

Picture of woman actress from Fiverr

Male actor from Fiverr

Woman actress from Fiverr

So. how much does it really cost to join 7 minutes daily profits? Well, the $9 for starters. Then you will need to purchase the upsells.

The first is called Profit Booster, and costs $147. The other upsell, Click Commission Activation, costs $127. An autoresponder for your emails at $15 to $165 per month.

You will need Google’s Clickmagic tracking to track the clicks on your ads. This costs $12/ month to $66/month, depending on the number of clicks your ads are receiving.

For solo ads, plan on spending a great deal – perhaps an extra $1,000 to $2,000 for starters. It takes time just to find which ads work – you have to do a lot of testing to find the one that is most effective.

You can buy mailing lists from solo ad vendors. These average about $1 per click. Therefore, if you send to 500 people, the cost will be $500. Also, since you don’t have the subscribers’ permission to email them, these messages may very well be considered spam.


Your “software system” includes one video that basically creates a landing page for you. You choose your page from a pre-made set of templates.

So, you get a one-page website with the only function to be able to gather email addresses. Does this sound like you can make $500 in 7 minutes with such a website?

You will, however, get training videos that will give you basic information on solo ads and affiliate marketing. More about these shortly.

Once your website is up, you will need the autoresponder to gather the email addresses if the visitor leaves one. Using the Get Response autoresponder, a paid service, does give you a one-month free trial.

After that, you will pay $15 per month for having up to 1,000 subscribers. As you grow your list, your mail fee will increase.


Because you have only a landing page and not a website, you won’t be able to gather free traffic because you cannot use organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) You have only a landing page and no content, so Google will not track and rank your page. Therefore, you must buy traffic.

To try a new learning experience, click here


After you build your landing page (also called a squeeze page), you will have to put the addresses you receive into your autoresponder. Then you can market your email list.

You receive eight training videos called Solo Ad Mastery. The purpose of these is to educate you on how solo ads work and how you use them.

Then, you will receive a module of 13 training videos, which gives you more information on solo adds and affiliate marketing. Here is the list:

  • A/B Testing
  • Squeeze Page Secrets
  • 100 Clicks A Day
  • Bait Overview
  • Thank You Page Overview
  • Thank You Page Tips
  • Fill Your Value Ladder As An Affiliate
  • Clickbank Affiliate – becoming a clickbank affiliate
  • Shareasale Affiliate – becoming a shareasale affiliate
  • JVZOO Affiliate – becoming a jvzoo affiliate
  • Buying Your First Solo Ad
  • Getting Reviews From Solo Sellers
  • Solo Ad Tips

Though there is quite a bit of information here, it is a bit advanced for the newbie or inexperienced online marketer.


Another thing to remember – since this is a done-for-you site, you do not own your domain. So, what do you do if the company goes belly-up or simply ceases to operate? You lose your whole operation.


Here’s a list of the red flags I see for this company:

  • 1) The owner lies to you in the introductory video. There’s no 7-minute system that allows you to make any money right away
  • 2) False scarcity claim. He’s not going to take this video down until he makes all he thinks he can.
  • 3) Company costs much more than $9, by the time you get everything you need.
  • 4) Vince Howard is apparently an alias, and his claims that he was interviewed by the Huffington Post and Forbes are more lies. See if you can find him!
  • 5) The testimonials are all done by actors from Fiverr.
  • 6) Videos are outdated or are general information that Vince Howard (or whoever he is) purchased from Private Label Rights (PLR) products. These are available for purchase for anyone to use.
  • 7) Training and tools minimal.
  • 8) I found no information about support if you need it.


60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank (Not sure if that also includes the upsells.)

Some educational information on solo ads and affiliate marketing


You are told you need to buy the upsells to get the product to work properly.

Unrealistic income claims

Fake owner and testimonials

Owner expects you to believe his hype and lies and not do your own investigation


If it were as easy to make money online as Vince Howard says, everybody and his cousin would flock to the site. If there really is a limited supply of spaces available, it would fill up as soon as the word got out.

I’ve been thinking about this company, and I think the thing that bothers me the most is that the “recruitment video” does not match the company at all.  It’s like it was written for another opportunity.

You are told you will receive a done-for-you system and software that will allow you to plug into it and start making money right away.  However, when you get to the company website, there is no such software.

Instead, if you want to try to figure out how to get this business to work, you will first have to watch all the somewhat-outdated videos you receive.  That will take you quite a while, just to digest them.

 Then where will you get email addresses?  You’ll have to buy them.  Where is the money to pay for ads?  You will have to pay for them.  Where are the tools you will need?  You will have to buy them as well.

Your “done-for-you” system is a video that gives you a one-page website that’s basically a landing page.  There is no system.  This company teaches you to sell solo ads and start an email list.  It just does not compute.

Why can’t this Vince Fake Howard just tell you what you are getting?  I suppose he thinks he will make more money by feeding you false information.  Not a good way to make your living.

I do think affiliate marketing is the way to go if you want an online business, but I much prefer the company that teaches me, every step of the way, how to build my website and how to establish SEO tactics that bring me free traffic.

I belong to such a company, and am thrilled at how much I’m learning about building a website and getting it to succeed. If you would like to join me, you can join for free, and if the company fits your desires for an online business, you can upgrade to a full premium membership for $49/month.

There are no upsells. There are many reasons to love this company, once you learn the full details. Click on the link below to go to the site and learn all the details.



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