The Bulletproof Profits Review: Is It Worth Your While?

So, you are still looking for the right online business opportunity and you find the bulletproof profits review. Is this the company you are seeking?

I’m glad to see you are reading some reviews before jumping in. On this particular company, I read a number of reviews to try to understand what they were selling. What I found did not please me.

Name: Bulletproof Profits System


Founder: Justin Tyler (An alias? Who is he, anyway?)

Product: Training Program

Price: $9.00 to start; then upsells for $300 or more

Rank: .1 out of 5

Bulletproof Profit Review:  First Look

I’ve read several reviews. I watched the intro video, which offered hype but no real information about the product. I watched a very good YouTube video exposing the worthlessness of this product. I learned enough to decide that this opportunity is one that could lead to great disaster, so decided it wasn’t for me.

Here’s what I learned: First of all, the introductory video I watched said it would be taken down tonight, so I should sign up while I had the chance. Interesting, that in several of the reviews I read, the writers noted the same thing, but guess what? The video has not been taken off the internet.

Is It Really Possible To Make $3750 A Day In Just 7 Clicks?  No Way!

The “founder” talks about a secret system he’s learned, to make money from Amazon. He calls it a “legal loophole.” He claims that with his program, you can make up to $3,750 a day starting from your first day, and that you will only have to spend 15 to 20 minutes per day on your computer or mobile for bulletproof profits


Why Would Someone Sell A $2,000 System For $9?  Here’s Your Answer

Did you wonder why this company would sell such a valuable product for just $9?  The purpose is to get you to join.  Once you are a member, they bring out the upsells.

Bulletproof Profits has two main upsells, as shown below:

Upsell #1  Bulletproof Profit Turbo ($197)

Here you are supposedly given top-secret Amazon loopholes that you are told will result in free traffic automated and which will pay you back 10 times your money.

How will they do this?  Don’t believe it.

Upsell #2  Bulletproof Profit Payday ($145)

They aren’t telling you how, but if you spent that extra $145, you will supposedly make 10 times your cash even quicker.

Now you can see how this company makes money — suckers you in and then slams you with expensive upsells.

What is this secret legal loophole?

 What is this secret legal loophole? It’s known as Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon.) Basically, you buy wholesale products for very low prices and then resell them using Amazon’s FBA program.

Does that sound like it will do what the “founder” says it will do? The Amazon FBA program is actually only one of several ways you can make money with Amazon. It is not some secret system, or a legal loophole. It’s available to you from Amazon right now, as you read this review.

First of all, you have to buy the products you are going to sell. One review video on YouTube that I watched pointed out that you would need a minimum of $2,000 to buy enough products to start making money. Where do you get the cash to make this purchase?

Training Videos Are Outdated

The training system offers a number of videos on different topics that are supposed to teach you the ins and outs of the business. From what I have learned, these videos are old — most of them at least five years old, so they have outdated, incorrect information in them.

Not only that — the videos range from two to four minutes long. You aren’t going to learn much in that short a time, and remember, the information is outdated anyway.

As a contrast, in my company, Wealthy Affiliate, we have a weekly live training session, complete with a question and answer section at the end. These sessions are all about an hour long, and go into the topic at hand in great detail. That give you in-depth information about the topic discussed.

Don’t Get On Google’s Bad List

Using such outdated, incomplete information, as Bulletproof Profits is doing, could seriously harm your website, as some of the rules have changed, from Google on down, in the last five years. You could find your website will not get ranked because of these rule infringements that you didn’t even know about.

The Company Hires Actors To Do Their Testimonials

You are provided with testimonials from supposedly successful followers of the system. However, these people are actors, paid to read a script. If you go to Fiverr, you can hire one of these people to read a script for you.

Also, if you search online, you can find the picture of Liz Harper, who offers a  testimonial. Her pictures comes from an online stock image. One astute reviewer found her picture on five different business websites.

The misinformation on this website appears to me to be a way to get you to fall into the trap of thinking this business is on the up-and-up. Don’t fall for it — there are far better ways to invest in online business.

Read The Earnings Disclaimer — No Guarantee You’ll Make A Dime

One  reviewer points out that the sales page for this company says you can make $3,750 per day, guaranteed. Then, in the earnings disclaimer, you are told there’s no guarantee of making any money. Well, there you have the truth.

One good thing: Because this is a Clickbank company, you can get your payment returned within the first 60 days after you sign up. $9.00 is not bad, but I wonder: If you spent $300 on an upsell during that 60 days, is that refunded too? I hope so.

bulletproof profits book & videos


60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank

Gives you an awareness of Amazon’s FBA feature — a way you can learn on your own to make money online


False income claims; lots of hype offered

Misleading information about the nature of the product (It’s no secret loophole!)

Outdated training material that is not organized into a logical teaching system

False testimonials, and is Justin Tyler a real person?

Upsells, very possibly as worthless as the rest of the training offered


I want nothing to do with this company. The material I’ve seen is full of lies and exaggerations, so there is no way I’d be interested in getting involved. Believe me, if I find such an offer that really works, I’d be overjoyed.

However, no such luck.

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If you want a system that works and that tells you up-front all the pertinent information; a system that provides enough tools and training to reach university-level completeness, try out my company.

It’s an affiliate marketing company, so you sell products from affiliate companies and get paid a commission when they sell. You simply advertise the product on your site for the company that carries it. If someone clicks on your link, they are taken directly to the company to buy.

You don’t have to stock products or ship products. You just collect your commissions. It’s a great way to do business in this day and age.

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