The Six Figure Success Academy Review: $500 Every Day?

I recently came across the Six-Figure Success Academy and decided to see what it is all about. This company is a bit different from others I have reviewed. Is it a scam? No. Is it worth its salt? Read on and decide.

Product Name: The Six Figure Success Academy

Product: Affiliate Marketing Training Course


Owners: Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda

Cost: $997

Founded: June, 2019

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This program teaches you how to create webinars designed to help sell products. You can sell your own or you can sell products belonging to others for a commission (affiliate marketing.)

Besides the cost of your training program and perhaps a couple of pieces of software, you will not have to invest your own money. In this detailed training program you will learn how to find course creators with a large following that you can partner with. Then you will learn how to sell these courses for high-ticket prices.

Advert for the first 3 weeks of classes

What Is In The Six-Week Training Course?

The training course is six weeks long. You will learn about video marketing, and how to construct a video webinar. In this six-week period, you will watch close to 50 videos. These are quite short, but very detailed.

Here’s what is covered in the six weeks:

Week 1: Course on webinars, introducing you to video marketing (12 videos in this module)

Week 2: How to partner with people like Bob

In this training, you will be shown how to find course owners (Identified as Bob) and negotiate with them to partner with you. It’s about creating an avatar.

Week 3: Create your “Money Maker.”

This week teaches the monetization process. You learn how to write a script for a webinar that makes money. Videos in this training teach you about understanding your customer and how to analyze successful webinars.

Week 4: Preparing for maximum success

This week’s focus is on the set-up and presentation of your webinars. You will learn how to set up your own video software, plus you will be given information on the kind of software to use to get best results. You will also learn how to divide up course profits for the owner(s) of the course and for yourself.

Week 5: Generating thousands of dollars on demand

You will learn how to choose the best potential affiliate. To do so, you find courses with the largest number of followers.

Instagram is suggested as a source for finding these courses, as there are many on Instagram who have many followers, yet they are lacking in know-how as to how to promote these courses.

You will learn, not only how to find these followers, but also to learn how to convince them that you can help with marketing the webinar you create.

Week 6: Optimize and scale

Learn about split tests, to determine what is working and what is not. Split testing will teach you which companies are doing well, so you can invest more in these, and which are not making it.

Besides these six weeks of training there are bonuses, which are basically case studies of successful members, Apparently, you can earn commissions by promoting these bonuses.

Three steps to the SFSA business

There are basically three steps to the operation of this business. They are as follows:


Find someone to partner with who sells a course that solves a problem (Lots of choices out there.)


Package the solution in a way that provides value. The company gives you everything you need to create a successful “package.” This is your webinar.


Put your package in front of people who are looking for the solution you have to offer.


The process is really quite simple. Once you find your course to promote and build your webinar, you can use that webinar over and over to earn more money. That part sounds really good!

Let’s imagine you have joined this company. You have been through the training and are ready to build a webinar.

First, you need to find someone with an online course, but he doesn’t know how to promote it. He’s charging a very low price for his product, and making no money. He has a popular course with tons of followers, but he makes no money.

Second, tell him you can help him make a lot more money on his course if he partners with you. Six Figure Success Academy has a webinar creator that will make putting together a presentation that will make money very easily. Using this unique template, you turn his course into a webinar that can help increase sales dramatically.

Third, put this course in front of people who already want it, and they’ll have their wallets in their hands right away. Instead of building an email list, running paid traffic, building a website and using SEO, you just use this webinar to gain traffic.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You can always enroll and try it for yourself.

Who Are Ty Cohen And Mike Balmaceda?

Mike used to work for Information Technology, but he hated his job. His dream was to be an online entrepreneur, and he finally quit to follow his passion.

Mike Balmaceda and Ty Cohen

Ty worked in the corporate world for nine years, and also tried online marketing. After making lots of mistakes, he finally got a good start in the right direction with this new company.

As a team, the two have done very well, and have created a new and innovative way of reaching online success. They will teach you how to create a video webinar to promote your own product or someone else’s. The internet world is full of people with products to sell, yet who have no idea how to promote them.

You will show them how by creating a webinar for them.

How Can You Make This Work?

If you get on Instagram and find someone with a huge following and a course that sells for next to nothing, you partner with them, create a strong webinar, up the price of the course to something lucrative, sell it, and both you and the course creator will make dollars.

Of course, you need traffic, but it is built in. If you select a partner who has a large-enough following, you won’t need to scrounge for traffic.

You can also partner with Ty and Mike and promote Six Figure Success Academy.

Once you join, you get access to a private Facebook group. This is helpful, as you can gain support from other members and ask them about their own experience in the program.

If you are good at negotiations, this business might be a good choice for you, as you might have an easier time convincing an influencer with a course and a big following to partner with you. However, if done right you can reap big benefits for you and your partner.

What About A Guarantee?

SFSA 30-day guarantee

Since this company operates through Clickbank, of course, you can utilize their 30-day guarantee. However, this company adds a bit of an extra. If you go through the whole six-week program (which, of course, makes it more than 30 days), then implement all the information you have been given, but do not make back at least 100% of your original investment within 30 days of completing the training, you can cancel and be paid back two times your initial investment. What a good deal!


Good training program

Video is a large force on the internet: Virtual presentation is huge.

Great guarantee with either the Clickbank 30-day get your money back guarantee or Six Figure Success Academy’s own guarantee — it takes a little longer, but you get back twice what you paid.

It should be easy to find people who will partner with you.

If you create more than one webinar, you are creating multiple streams of income.

No previous skill needed; training for everything is provided

Many aspects of the business are already set up for you


Expensive to begin

You will need to create more than one webinar to gain ongoing earnings, though each one might run for a long time.

You might need more training later to keep your business moving forward. Will it be available?

Though the process offered is simple, it will take you time to become established in your business. Don’t expect it to happen overnight.


By finding an influencer to partner with, you just have to create the webinar. Your partner has already created an audience and built it into some size, and this is why you want to partner with them.

Having a built-in audience is wonderful, but you must have a continuing audience to thrive. Can you draw such an audience?

You can use organic traffic, paid traffic, and social media to gain more traffic. These methods are the three ways to generate traffic, if you do not have enough already. However, if using these methods becomes necessary, you will have to look elsewhere for training.

If you can partner with enough influencers who already have the audience, you might be okay.

This company is interesting, as they are providing a different method of reaching online success. It’s rather a refreshing change, actually. If you have the money, this company might be worth a try.

Video is a huge presence in online business, and using it to create webinars seems to me to be an effective way to cash in on the video trend.


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2 thoughts on “The Six Figure Success Academy Review: $500 Every Day?”

  1. This review has me more intrigued than most I read. The initially high price tag on Six Figure Success Academy had me thinking that it must be a scam, but the money-back policy that you’ve outlined here made me do a double take. I suppose that there’s always the risk of the company saying that not all of the information you’ve been given was implemented and now paying you back. I imagine that’s what usually happens. If it isn’t the case, then I’m not sure how this training course is profitable to them. I feel like most people who try to get into online income making fail from lack of commitment and would pull out of this program in time to get money back. Either way, though, great review. It was an extremely interesting read.

    • It’s always nice when a  company has a money-back guarantee.  I have a sense, though, that this company may be just what the doctor ordered.  It is expensive, granted, and you have to be willing to record your voice for the webinar.  I believe you could make something with this one, if you applied yourself.

      I did read somewhere in my research that the company owner said they get very few requests for refunds. 


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