Try Clay Roaster Cooking With Romertopf

Have you ever used clay cookware? Well, here’s your chance to try clay roaster cooking for yourself. This large Romertopf clay roaster will cook your Christmas turkey to perfection.

PRODUCT: Romertopf Model 99113 Classic Series Large Roaster


PRICE: $89.05 (smaller roasters also available)


MATERIAL: Natural clay from Germany

RATING: 4.6 out of 5

These roasters are manufactured in Germany. They are made from all-natural clay found in a region of Germany that is famous for its superior clay.

The Romertopf clay is free of harmful lead and cadmium. It has passed all FDA testing and requirements in the United States, as well as testing for the United Kingdom. The clay passed these tests with flying colors.

On Romertopf pieces, the bottom section of the inside has been glazed with a glass lining. This glass material has been tested by all regulatory agencies and is 100% safe to cook in.

The glaze is applied to make the roaster much easier to clean. It in no way takes away from the cooking benefits of the clay roaster. This natural clay 3 clay pots with lidscookware uses steam to cook, providing us with very healthy results.

There are no dangerous additives in this cookware:

  • No lead
  • No cadmium
  • No color dyes
  • No plasticizers
  • No petalite

When you use this roaster, you do not have to baste the bird. When the roaster is moistened, the fine pores of the clay soak up the water. This mystery causes a gentle layer of steam to develop around the dish in the oven and also inside the Romertopf. Therefore, nothing dries out. At the same time, a tantalizing crust will develop.

Your turkey will be cooked to perfection. It will be succulent and juicy on the inside and will have a crust on the outside. No basting needed to keep it from drying out. Your family and guests will be delighted by the delicious meal you prepare.

tray of clay potsNot only does the food taste excellent, but the roasting vessel can double as a beautiful serving dish. Cooks try to describe the difference in cooking with clay. One clay collector says, “The pot has a memory.” Another says, “There is an energy to food that cooks in clay.”

Here are some benefits of cooking with clay: The clay vessel brings food to a boil more slowly than cast iron, but also more evenly. The food takes heat from all directions — the sides and lid as well as the bottom.

The clay heats without the hot spots you get in other cookware, so there is no scorching. It also maintains the heat for a long time, keeping food warm well after it leaves the stove.

Those who love clay cooking say that food cooked in clay takes on a softer, rounder quality. It may also give you some subtle earthy and smoky flavors. Beans come out more flavorful and stews emerge richer and a little sweeter. The clay’s natural alkalinity tones down acidic ingredients.

It is recommended that you raise temperature of the oven gradually. A clay vessel isn’t meant for high-heat searing, and quick temperature changes can crack it.

As a result, some manufacturers recommend starting the pot in a cool oven or on low heat, and gradually increasing the temperature. This might add an extra 10 minutes to the total cooking time.

If your cooking pot is unglazed, it needs to be seasoned before the first use. Soak it in water, then fill 3/4 full of water and slowly bring to a boil.

The dimensions of this large roaster are 15.75″ long X 10.75″ wide X 8′ high. (Storage height is 4.5″ high when lid is inverted.) If you do not need such a large roaster, you can also look at the smaller sizes available.

Advocates of cooking in clay vessels are devoted to the practice. If you Potter building clay vesselswould like to interact with some of these people, go to their Facebook group. It’s called the “Cooking with Clay Facebook Group.” and has 650 members. Here you will find enthusiasts who can tell you their stories about cooking in clay and why they love it.


Safe to use; has passed high European and U.S. safety testing

No harmful ingredients, such as lead

No need to bast; steam keeps food moist

Dishwasher, oven, microwave safe

Bottom section glazed with glass for easy cleaning


It’s breakable

May be difficult to clean, though glass liner helps


These cookers, in my opinion, are amazing and quite wonderful. I had one for a long time but it didn’t make it through the last move. I gave it to a deserving friend, as I had no more room. Now I’m sorry I don’t have it. I guess it is time to get another one.

I truly believe that if you want to give your family and friends an extra-special Christmas dinner this year, cook your turkey in one of these excellent clay roasters.

Please note that as an Amazon affiliate, I will receive a small commission if you purchase one of these roasters.

This review is the first of two related posts. I’m putting this one on now, as it is ideal for the Christmas feast. I wanted you to have plenty of time to order, if you’d like to try one of these marvelous products.

Be watching for a second review from another company that makes many sizes and shapes of clay cookers. I might even include some recipes. As the other company does not currently have a roaster this large, I’m offering the Romertopf large size first. The company I will be reviewing reassures me that they will be adding a large-size roaster to their line in 2020.

Now we will go to Amazon to show you this clay cooker large enough for a big turkey.  Click on the image or on the blue highlighted name to be taken to Amazon, where you can make your purchase.  If you do not need such a large roaster, there are others there you can choose from.  However, here is the granddaddy of all cooking roasters by Romertopf.

Romertopf Model 99113 Classic Series

Large Roaster Made in Germany, natural clay

Price:  $89.95


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