Unusual And Unique Gifts From Hammacher Schlemmer

A few years ago when I traveled by airplane quite regularly, the plane used to have a catalog from Hammacher Schlemmer in the seat pocket in front of me. I loved looking at that catalog, because it contained so many unusual and unique gifts. I dreamed about which ones I’d buy.

Now, to my delight, I find that they are an affiliate marketing company, free for us to join. You can find them hanging out with the merchants at CJ.com.

NAME: Hammacher Schlemmer

WEB ADDRESS: www.hammacher.com

PRODUCT: Catalog of multiple items

PRICE: From $20 to $54,000

CREATED: 13 years before the Civil War

RANK: 4.7 out of 5

This company has been in business for 171 years. An uncommon hardware store, they started out in New York City’s Bowery District. They became popular quickly because it was hard to find a high-quality hardware store in the early 19th century.

Offering some of the best tools available, their popularity and reputation grew. Shortly after its establishment, 12-year-old William Schlemmer began selling tools in front of his uncle’s store.

multi purpose tool--16 tools

18 In One Utility Tool

crafted from rugged stainless steel

16 different tools

Lifetime guarantee; Price $19.95

Over the years he rose through the ranks, and with the help of Alfred Hammacher, bought out his uncle’s interest in 1867. The two of them then took on the task of reinventing what could be expected of a retail goods store.

They sent salesmen to canvass the country, promoting the company’s exceptional selection. People began saying, “If you can’t find it, try Hammacher Schlemmer.”


Their first catalog came out in 1881, and was a fully bound hardcover book. By 1912, the catalog contained 1,112 pages. They were confirmed as the most complete hardware source on the East coast.

Because of rapid growth, they moved several times, finally arriving at their present location on East 57th St. Here, the company occupies 12 floors and, besides tools, offers household essentials, personal care items, and the first electrical appliances.

the only wireless CD player

The Only Wireless CD Player

Connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker or headphones

Price:  $99.95

During the 1930s and 40s their name became synonymous with innovation. In 1930 they introduced the first pop-up toaster. In 1934 they offered the electric razor, and added the steam iron in 1948.


Other firsts for Hammacher Schlemmer included the first microwave oven, a telephone answering machine (1968) and the cordless telephone. (1975.)

Hammacher Schlemmer finds products to serve customers’ needs, including many that appear unusual. However, these all share a common goal of meeting special needs. Their standards have always demanded quality,functionality, and exemplary service.

Germ & Mold Destroying Air Purifier (550 sq. ft.)Air purifier

Eliminates up to 99.99% of airborne bacteria, mold, viruses, pet dander, dust miteallergens and pollen without making a sound

Price:  $269.95

Their pricing varies widely, depending on the product. Prices can start at around $20.00, but, as you will see below, can go as high as $54,000. With so many products offered, affiliates can find a wide range of selections that can fit into their particular niche.


As an affiliate, you will earn 8% commission on any sales made through your link. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you realize that Hammacher Schlemmer has many high-end products, it is sufficient.

For example, they offer the “mobility roadster,” which is a scooter inspired by cars of the 2000s. It features a 950-watt four-pole electric motor and has a padded captain’s seat and many other features. The price is $3,700.00. Your 8% commission would be $296.00.

4-wheel electric scooter, plush seat
Mobility Roadster electric scooter

Mobility Roadster

Two 12-volt batteries power the 950-watt four pole electric motor

Top speed 10mph; electronic & manual brake system

Fully independent suspension

Price:  $3,700.00

Take a look at this product. It’s called “The Self-Contained Hootenanny.” It’s a mechanical band that uses 17 instruments built into its cabinet. The machine stores 13,000 MIDI, MP3, and Karaoke songs.

Full band in a cabinet
The Hootenanny

It’s a full orchestra inside that cabinet. It includes 10 music categories, including big band, rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, children’s songs and more. Its price is $54,000. Your commission, if you sell one of these, is $4,320.00. Such a sale could certainly make my day.


It is worth your time to take a look at their online catalog. They offer all of these topics: Shop by Selections, Electronics, Apparel, Home, Outdoor, Personal Care, Sports & Leisure, Toys, Travel. Holiday, and Sale. Each of these titles has a number of subtopics, with product offerings for all of them.

The Shop by Selections heading is very interesting. It contains the following categories: New Arrivals, Favorites, Gift Guide, Exclusives, Personalized, Tested Best, The Only, and the Unexpected. You can find many interesting items in these categories.

heated steering wheel cover

The Warmest Heated Steering Wheel Cover

PVC leather; sleek design, with hidden wires that hook to a battery with an on-off switch

Price:  $119.95

For example, in Exclusives, you will find a selection of products in many categories: Sports & Leisure, Toys, Travel, Holiday, Electronics, Apparel, Home Living, Outdoor Living and Personal Care.

Tested Best has a slew of products that have been rigorously tested by the Hammacher-Schlemmer Institute. These items are top gadgets for home and personal use. If you desire a truly one-of-a-kind product, look at the offers in the Only collection.

upper, lower body exerciser

Foldaway Upper & Lower Body Exerciser

Allows one to simultaneously get an upper body and lower body workout.

Price:  $249.95

The unexpected may catch you off-guard, as the products here are unique. Check on the mobility roadster at $3,700 or the All Media Jukebox for 1,300. Not all these “unexpected” items are so pricey. For example, the bibliophile’s lamp, a light that looks like a book, is $69.95.


Shipping is very efficient. All orders are processed and shipped within 24 business hours. The company offers a variety of shipping options, and lists rates on the site. You purchase can be gift-wrapped for an extra charge of $7.95.

The company has a corporate sales department which gives you several options. Wholesale pricing is available on volume orders. They carry promotional products and will assist you in setting up a customer rewards based program.

In 1983 the Hammacher-Schlemmer Institute was established. It is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization created to research, test, and rate consumer products. Besides their own staff, they will seek out professionals or experts with specific knowledge who can give valuable insight into a product category.


Plenty of products

Opportunity to make some good $$$

Customer service top-notch


Some of the products are very expensive (Of course, if you sell one of these, that’s a good thing.)


I’m joining! I am excited to learn that they have an affiliate program.

I have included a few product pictures in this article. However, I’d recommend that you visit their website and look at their entire catalog. Use the “search” bar at the top to enter your niche category, to see immediately what is available. I believe you will be amazed at what is available from this company.

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  1. Whenever there is the question of quality, definitely, there would be cost attached to it. Hamacher schlemmer is one of those companies that have stood the test of time and still standing tall. There affiliate offer is quite okay and considering their credibility, it would be much more easier to market their products to people irrespective of the prices. They are a company I would definitely want to join as an affiliate. So many quality products to sell. Thanks

    • I do think that Hammacher Schlemmer will be a great addition to our affiliate programs.  They offer so much!  Spend a few minutes with their catalog and you will realize how useful they can be to us.  I was delighted to learn they had an affiliate program.


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