What About Elementor?

Have you heard of the WordPress Page Builder plugin, Elementor? I’ve heard about it from several people and have been wondering if perhaps I need to add it to my website. So, I’ll write this review for you and for me, so we can answer the question, “What about Elementor?”

Product Name: Elementor plugin

website: elementor.com

Producer: WordPress

Product description: WordPress Page Builder

Price: Free or $49 per year for Pro

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The plugin Elementor is designed to help people build a website. Launched in mid-2016, Elementor now has 3+ million people using it and has a rating of 4.9 with WordPress.

This tool is a drag-and-drop page builder. When you build your page, what you see on your screen is what you get. What is on your Elementor interface is the same thing a visitor would see. What is especially nice is that this tool does not require you to add a single line of code.

The plugin can be used to create any content layout or page that you can imagine. It will integrate with every theme and plugin that you have installed on your site. It adds your activated theme and other compatible plugin widgets to the Elementor page editor.

How Do You Install Elementor?

It/s easy to install the plugin. Go to your website dashboard, click on Plugins>Add New, and type in Elementor on the search bar. Find the proper plugin, click on Install Now and Activate.

Many Templates To Choose From

If you need a template, you can insert one from the Elementor library, customize it, and then publish. The plugin comes with an extensive set of custom-made elements or widgets. There are 150+ free templates available. If you want to pay for Pro, there are 300+ available there, or you can make your own.

List of Elementor widgets
Elementor widgets


You can take advantage of the more than 90 content elements/modules and place them anywhere on the page. Then, with the drag-and-drop feature, you can rearrange them however you want.

Getting Started

Though there are settings options, you don’t have to change anything when you get started. When you go to WordPress to create a new post, you will see an option to “Edit with Elementor.”

When you build a basic page with Elementor, you must first understand the page structure hierarchy used:

  • You can have any number of sections on a page
  • Each of these can have one or more columns
  • Each column can hold one of more content elements
  • Each of these content elements can be styled individually

Note this hierarchy:


You can start your page with either a ready-made template or a blank page. Then, you add new columns; fill them with content by dragging and dropping specific blocks from your sidebar. Then rearrange any way you wish.

In each content block, you can tweak the details. There are three tabs to choose from to do this: Content, Style, and Advanced. Work with each content block until you have the page ready.

Sample templates

You can make your own templates, but if you are not good at designing, you have 150+ to choose from in the free version and 300+ in the Pro. You can also get Elementor Kits, which are collections of templates that you can use to craft your website.

When you want to add a new section, you will need to choose a content structure for the new page. There are 12 section types available. To build your page, you can use the widgets provided by your theme and other plugins.

Once you have the page designed, you can save it as a template and reuse it on other pages. Simply click on Save Options and choose to save as a template.

Customization Options

There are many customization options available. In the Elementor menu, go to Style and Advanced. From here, you can do many things: manage width and height of sections, resize columns, set your content post at top, center, or bottom of a column; set padding and margins for all parts of the page.

After choosing the structure and layout of your page, you can change anything you wish on it. Simply drag elements from the editor on the left side of the page to the content area, where you will see the changes live.

The real power of Elementor lies in the widgets. These are the building blocks that you will drag and drop from the sidebar to populate your page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic plugin is FREE. If you want to upgrade to Pro, there are three choices. For one site, it’s $49.00 per year. In this choice, you get 50+ Pro Widgets; 300+ templates, Theme Builder, WooCoomerce Builder, Popup Builder, plus support and updates for the whole year.

I’d recommend that you learn how to use the basic Elementor first; then upgrade to the Premium version if you feel you need the extra features.

Elementor pricing

You Might Find Elementor Very Useful

If you are using the block editor on your WordPress site, Elementor may help you a great deal, as it can assist in putting your content where you want it, make your columns align, or add images the way you want them.

This plugin allows you to design beautiful pages without actually being a designer.


It’s free, unless you choose to upgrade.

There are a countless number of customization options in Elementor; that is one of its very important qualities. Find the one you want, and then you can tailor it to your specific needs.

You can see how your page will look as you build.

No need to know HTML and CSS; this plugin ins very user-friendly

You can do well with the free version.

It allows you to adjust for desktop, tablet, and mobile access separately.

If you deactivate, it removes all code.


Loads slowly from time to time, so you may have to refresh.

A few users claim it slows down their websites. This is partly because it stores all your revisions.


This plugin should be very useful if you want to customize your site. Though it has lots of options, it doesn’t add useless option choices. You can use what you get.

I think that when I let go of the “classic editor,” which I’ve been clinging to, this plugin might make the transition to the block editor much easier.

From all I’ve read, I’d say that Elementor is a superb drag-and-drop page builder, and I feel it is a really good tool to know about.

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4 thoughts on “What About Elementor?”

  1. Elementor  just as the name sound’s ” mentor” is designed to help you build your website easy and leas stressful.. The article about explains it all on how best to use elementor for full utilization of it

    Elementor will go a long way to helping early starter web builder who are just coming into the industry to know and learn about websites and how to earn from it…so be sure to use it

    • I know it has been helpful to lots of people, so was glad to be able to review it to help others. “Mentor” is a good take from the name…I also like “Element” as it gives us a basic element we need.  

      I do believe it will help many people to simplify their job.

  2. Hi Fran. Thank you for reviewing Elementor. I have been asking myself several questions and one of them is if we could test drive it for free. I’m glad to learn through your post that we can start free.

    I want to customize my site but I cannot code. I would like a drag-and-drop page builder and this seems to be a good option. I’ll try it!

    • From everything I’ve learned about it, I’m guessing that it will be just what you need.  I sure do hope it works out for you.  I’ve heard lots of good things about it.  Good luck!


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