What Are Key Factors For Success In Business?

We circle around the topic of success. We dissect it, discuss it, and try to learn what we need to be successful. We all want to know the key factors for success in business.

Here are some clues which will let you learn if you have what it takes to be successful. These factors can be learned or developed, but be willing to work at it.

1) Mindset

Your mindset is crucial to your success. If you have limiting beliefs because of conditioning by incidents from your past, or perhaps because you do not believe in your own capabilities, you need to do some brain reprogramming. You must remove these limiting patterns from your subconscious and replace them with self-belief and self-confidence.

If you want success, you must start with a mindset of richness and Success quoteabundance. There are ways you can cultivate these changes. For starters, read the rest of the posts in this “Millionaire Mindset” category on my website. You will find many clues and suggestions here.

I also suggest you watch “You Were Born Rich,” by Bob Proctor. It’s available on YouTube. He has an excellent explanation of how the brain works, and can give you some excellent pointers on how to reprogram your brain so you can change your mindset. It’s a dynamic presentation that will hold your attention to the end.

Your brain can change and reorganize itself — you simply have to decide what you want to change and then reprogram your thinking. By educating yourself to the process of change, using affirmations and adapting positive thinking techniques, you will help your brain to renew itself with a more positive mindset.

After all, you know if you want to grow a great crop in your garden, you need to have abundant, rich soil prepared before you plant. Striving for success is no different. You must first prepare the “garden bed” of your mind to be ready for planting.

2) Willingness To Work

To do the necessary work to succeed you will find you have to get used to being uncomfortable. This feeling of unease is a good thing, because it shows you are growing. In this way, you move a little closer to your true potential.

If you aren’t already, become a list-maker. In fact, try this: each night, write down six things you want to accomplish with your business the next day. This practice will insure you have a plan going forward and some short-term goals. Then follow through and finish your list each day.

Continue your education. Take courses or read books to improve your knowledge. It is said, to earn more you must learn more. Take this idea to heart and train yourself in the knowledge you will need to reach your goal.

By continuing your education, you will develop your skill level, and this in turn can determine the quantity and quality of your results.

Be sure to reach out to new people. Building your network of contacts can be a contributing factor to your success. It has been shown that the more people who know you and like you, the more chance you have of success, because these people are willing helpers. New people and new experiences enrich life and add to your level of knowledge.

3) Gear Up For The Long Term

It is easy to give your all to your plan for success for the short term, because you are filled with enthusiasm when you first start. However, what happens when this initial excitement wears off?

Some sources say you need to spend at least 10,000 hours at your specialpic of highway; success quote task in order to become an expert. It doesn’t have to take that long, but if you don’t commit to your tasks for a long period of time, chances are you won’t reach your goals.

Even on the days when you don’t feel at your peak, try to accomplish something. Don’t be the boat that’s dead in the water because its engine has failed. Keep moving forward, even if slowly.

How do you manage obstacles? Change happens to us all. How to respond to change can affect your advance toward success. Stay focused on your business.

Develop and keep a positive attitude. Brian Tracy says, “You become what you do.” If you follow the example of people who are positive, confident, and optimistic and if you do what they do, eventually you will become one of them.

Even in a bad situation, look for the good and focus on that. If you can find good even in a bad situation, this will help you overcome obstacles. Develop a stubborn refusal to let a situation defeat you. Keep trying options until you find one that works.

Leadership skills are important. Pushing yourself to achieve more will also help you develop leadership skills, as you constantly develop this ability to lead yourself.

You must make a leader’s decisions to achieve. For your business to be strong, you must provide effective leadership by making decisions based on the goals you set. Leadership is a strong characteristic of successful people, so work to develop your ability to lead.

4) Teamwork

If you find yourself surrounded by naysayers who constantly put you down or tell you what you are doing will never work, these negative people will hold you back.

You need a team — people who believe in you; people who cheer you on;success quote people who are there to support you when the going gets rough.

If the people closest to you are holding you back, reach out to others, perhaps who are involved in the same business. Form a mastermind group. Do whatever necessary to establish a group willing to help you, not hinder you.

Leadership skills are not enough. You need to be a team player, with the right group in place who can help you move forward by encouraging, not just giving negative criticism. With a good team, you will find it much easier to reach goals, large and small.

5) Have A Deep, Burning Desire

How strong is your motivation to reach your goal? At the end of the day, are you pushed to do more because of something deep inside you that wants this success?

pic of kangaroo; success quote

If your motivation for success is not strong enough, search within yourself to find that one thing you are truly passionate about. Then find a way to use that passion to motivate your success.

Here is an example: After having two knee replacements, I was dismayed to find I then needed a hip replacement as well. I tolerated the pain for a long while because I did not want another surgery.

Then the pain got so intense I had to do something. The fine people at our local health clinic put me on an anti-inflammatory diet. It was not fun. It required removing 13 things from my diet completely, including such things as dairy, wheat (no pasta!), most grains, sugar, shellfish, corn, eggs, soy, and a number of other items.

I had the deep, burning desire because I wanted to be rid of the pain. I thought (wrongly, it turns out) that perhaps if I got rid of all the inflammation, I could save the hip.

After five days, my pain was significantly reduced. Now I could add back one thing, wait three days, and if it didn’t increase my pain, I could eat it. I added back some things — notably, eggs and Braggs liquid aminos — but stayed on that diet for a long time, in fact, until I finally went in for the hip replacement.

The diet truly worked. My pain disappeared. I remember one night I forgot about the shellfish restriction, and had a delicious meal of scallops. Yum, they were good!

Then, about 3:00 a.m., I woke in terrible pain, and then remembered — the diet said “no shellfish.” I have not eaten a scallop since.

Not only did I lose my pain, but I also lost 29 pounds — an unexpected fringe benefit.

The reason I was able to stay on the diet was because I had a burning desire to be pain-free. It was such a relief when the inflammation finally disappeared that I was happy to stay on that diet and eat what was safe to eat.

I believe a burning desire needs to be accompanied by a sense of urgency. You have no time to waste — let’s get this success thing done now. If your desire and your sense of urgency are strong enough, you will stay focused on your goal.success quote

Now apply your strong motivation, embodied in your burning desire, to your business. Be creative in your success campaign. Reinvent yourself constantly so you can create a sustainable program. Adjust your path, but don’t leave the path completely and never give up.

May you all find the success you crave.

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Watch this short video to recap the main points we just covered.  Then apply the factors to your own business to help you move ahead.

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16 thoughts on “What Are Key Factors For Success In Business?”

  1. The right mindset plus the willingness to work and to also be surrounded by the right people with the same mindset would surely yield success and equals breakthrough. But then, when we are surrounded by toxic people and also, having the wrong mentality, they will always pull us down rather than push us to more. This is a great post and would be great to give a trial too. Thanks for sharing this

    • Glad you liked the post.  Yes, I truly believe that mindset is key.  Finding like-minded people is also important, because they will encourage you and help you move forward.  Try to avoid the toxic people.  Stay in the sunshine and keep those close who are like-minded and wishing success.

  2. Wow! What a great post with well detailed post, I just wish I came across this article when I was starting marketing, it’s very helpful and I have to share this article to a friend who I believe that he is in need of it, I believe mind set has it all, if you set your mind that you have to work you will have a positive attitude towards what you are doing, and the positive results will follow, also actually working is a real factor you don’t have to believe and stop working, you have to put things into practical actions. Thank you for sharing this post, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and related articles.

    Thank you.

    • I am glad you found the post helpful.  Yes, be sure to read some more of the posts under the category “millionaire mindset,” as I think you will find several there that might be helpful.  I do agree that you have to start with programming yourself if you want to succeed.  Weed out the negative; find the positive and you will move forward.

  3. Nothingbeats the right mindset and the right passion. When you have the mindset of a victor, even in the hardest situations, there would still be the right mindset to keep going and keep pushing for better. Thanks for sharing this and I must say that this is really worthy. I fancy this post a lot and would try to read it more because  have it bookmarked already. Thumbs up

    • I am so glad the post was helpful.  It’s good to know that you have found information of value in it.  I hope it helps you in the weeks ahead as you build out your business.

  4. Awesome. A well written post on success principles. I usually read posts like this when I feel low in my business to get some motivation. We need a burning desire to succeed in any field.
    Thanks for charging me up with these principles. And to achieve big, we should have right mindset and we should be surrounded with positive people. Negativity brings us down and positivity motivates us to do big.

    • You understand the process.  I hope you can apply all the principles to your own endeavors so that you can move forward consistently.  You are so right about the importance of positive thinking  If you keep yourself always focused on the positive. you will overcome your obstacles and move in the right direction.

  5. Positivity and mindset are the two most valuable assets that a business needs. When people that surrounds an entrepreneur are of greater willingness to work, success is likely to be achieved. This is a great information and I like it a lot. This is the kind of information that one should always try to access every money. Thanks for sharing this here. Thumbs up.

    • Glad you liked the post.  I really think having a positive attitude is key.  If we slip into negative patterns of thinking, it is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot — really not productive.  

      I hope your path leads you forward to success.  Best of luck.

  6. So true, having the proper and productive mindset will take any businessmen far and usher in a new era of success and fulfilment. It really does all start with the mind. I still struggle with motivation and keeping my mind right but exercising motivational techniques does help me stay on course and be more efficient and productive on my online business. Good post!

    • Staying motivated is an important part of being productive in business.  I’ve written an article on motivation — don’t know if you saw it.  Here’s the link:  https://build2winaffiliates.co

      There is so much we can do to program our mind if we just learn how to do it.  I hope you are able to learn the principles and apply them to your business and your life.

  7. To be a winner, at what you do, involves having a positive mindset,and a team of people, who are also of a positive attitude, who will give you encouragement,in the task of building your company.

    You have to be willing, to put in the hours of work,necessary,refine your product, and make it attractive, to potential customers,and to hone your selling skills, that will enable you to persuade customers, to buy your product.

    We have to keep up a cheerful attitude,in the face of obstacles,that what ever problems, the customer puts up, we have previously thought about,and have found the answers to,so that we can present the answers,in a way that will, sell the customer on the product.

    We must be totally convinced, that our product is the best on the market,be willing to keep on improving it,and to communicate to the customer, that this is the very thing, that he needs.

    • I believe you have understood the message in my post very well.  You have all the right pieces in place for your own success, as your understanding of mindset and attitude can be very helpful.

      Yes, if we can fill the need of a customer, we are truly doing our job.

  8. The right environment helps business to thrive a lot. In fact, without the right people around, a business would only be limited to not achieving anything. thanks for sharing this. This is a great post that you have shared to enlighten us all on the tips needed to make a business worth while. Thanks so much for this.

    • You are welcome.  It does take many factors to come together in the right way for us to have success.  However, as we learn, we can remove obstacles and move toward the success we desire.  I wish you success on your journey.


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