What Is 1 K A Day Fast Track?

This review is designed to help you learn if this is an opportunity you might like to try. The company name is encouraging. You must be asking, “What is 1 K A Day Fast Track?

I’m glad to see you here. It is important to research an online company before you jump in, so you have an idea of what the company is about and perhaps some indication as to whether it is a scam or legit.

I’ll tell you upfront — I think this opportunity is legit, but if you want to join, you’d best have deep, FULL pockets.

Name: 1 K A Day Fast Track

Website: www.thefasttracks.com

Founder: Merlin Holmes

Price: $997 one-time fee, then tool purchase for at least $200 more, and a few hundred for ads. No free trial.

Rating: 2 out of 5

When you join this company, you take a six-week training course about affiliate marketing. You learn to promote Clickbank products through email marketing.

The founder is Merlin Holmes. He also teaches the courses. I’m wondering if his first name, Merlin, is really his first name or if it is a nickname. After all, it couldn’t hurt your business if you are named after a famous wizard.

Who Is Merlin Holmes?

So, who is Merlin Holmes? He’s an old hand at affiliate marketing, and has been an internet business owner for 14 years. He’s from Denver, Colorado.

Merlin has done well, having generated over 150,000,000 from online marketing over the last 14 years, earning from dozens of different markets during this time.

Merlin Holmes at whiteboard

He shows some screenshots, but no solid proof of his earnings. If he’s already earned so much, why isn’t he on Clickbanks’s leader board of the top 10 affiliates? Perhaps his earnings were not all from Clickbank.

Merlin’s program, 1K A Day Fast Track, teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. You will learn to build simple interactive landing pages. You will get an email list going and then use paid ads to drive people to high converting affiliate offers.

Though you are told this program is beginner-friendly, I don’t believe it is, really, because you need a good budget for testing paid ads to see which respond the best.

To find your new potential clients, you will be taught to set up a two-page website where you will run online polls to generate a visitor’s curiosity. Then the visitor leaves his email address in order to receive more information. These you add to your list and then promote whatever product you wish.

To succeed at this business, where do you get traffic? Merlin teaches to use Revcontent. This company can provide much cheaper traffic than other services. However, there is a drawback: You can only use Revcontent when you have at least 50,000 visitors per month.

When you are just starting, you do not have this kind of traffic. How long must you wait before you could use the Revcontent service? Wouldn’t you think if you already had that kind of traffic that you wouldn’t have to use Revcontent?

Does 1K A Day Fast Track Have A Refund Policy?

This program is expensive. What if you cough up the money, join, and then decide it’s not for you? Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is, but it’s not the usual Clickbank 60-day guarantee. This refund has strings attached. Their policy tells you that if you complete the full training and apply what you have learned, but do not make any commission within the first 30 days of joining, then you can ask for a refund.

You might get one, but it is at the sole discretion of the company. You have to furnish documented evidence that you have completed everything. If you have made no commission, you might get a refund.

print out of refund policy

How can you furnish documents proving that you have completed the course? Not only that — what if you paid out several hundred for advertising but only received $100 in commission? Even though you have made no profit, you did make a commission, so you are not eligible for the refund.

Yet, in Merlin’s webinar, he tells you that there is a money-back guarantee. He says you can sign up and if you don’t like it for any reason you’ll get a full refund.

If you join this program and pay out all that money, you might as well consider it lost forever. Funny — in one article from Merlin Holmes that I read online, he says that it is evident that folks like 1K A Day Fast Track because not many ask for refunds.

I wonder why — perhaps because the conditions they would have to meet to receive their refund are so stringent.

How Does The 1K A Day Fast Track System Work?

You will learn how to set up a two-page website containing online polls. These are designed to generate a visitor’s curiosity. The visitor will leave his email address in order to get more information. Here are the four steps you take in the method taught by Merlin Holmes:

1) Find top affiliate offers and use their sales page information in your ad copy

You can find these offers from such marketplaces as Clickbank. See which offers they promote are getting the most sales, giving you a sign that their sales pages work well.

From these pages, take photo and/or scripts for creating your own banner ads.

2) Get visitors curious with a compelling poll

With this poll, they will be asked to take some small action, such as clicking on one of the options you offer. Even though this first small action on the part of your potential customer brings you no money, it will establish recognition of your company name with them, and they may be more apt to buy what you promote, if not now, then perhaps later.

When they click on a button, they will see a pop-up requesting their email address. This address you can then add to your list.

3) After entering their address, they will be redirected to your offer

You’ve captured their contact information! Add them to your email autoresponder (Yes, you will need to purchase an autoresponder as one of your tools.) They will then be redirected automatically to your sales page.

4) If they buy, you make money

Then you have them on your list and can promote other products to them. They may not buy your product, but at least they are now on that all-important list.

You’ll receive a six-week training course

When you purchase 1K A Day Fast Track, you get a six-week, step-by-step course that shows you how to make money with affiliate marketing using the Fast Track system. Here is a brief overview of what these six weeks will teach you:

Week 1: How you can get a quick $400 commission during the first few days, as a beginner

For a beginner, promoting products that will pay a $400 commission during the first few days is unrealistic. The only way to effectively accomplish this step is to promote the company itself to family and friends, who know you and might be more apt to buy. Smacks of network marketing, doesn’t it?

Week 2: Setting up more commission accounts, finding the products you want to promote, and putting everything in place

In this week you will learn how to find the best converting offers with affiliate programs. Sign up as an affiliate for these programs to get your product links.

Week 3: Developing and publishing your first poll

Learn how to create a landing page for your poll. To do so, you need to use an expensive software, ClickFunnels, at a cost of $97 per month.

1 k a day display

Week 4: Creating your automated selling system

You will learn how to set up your email responder and how to connect it with your landing page. Then you will set up automated email messages that go to everyone on your email list. Future messages can promote other products, giving you more chances for income.

Week 5: Creating your first money-making ad

Here you create your first banner ad for the product you want to promote.

You will be directed to investigate Revcontent as a company that will find the traffic for your ads. You have to put an advertising deposit of at least $100 before they will show your ads.

However, as mentioned earlier, with Revcontent, you will not be accepted unless you have at least 50,000 visitors per month.

This network is recommended by Merlin Holmes as an alternative to Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others, because the cost is lower. However, without the monthly traffic, you will have to use another network anyway.

To find out which ads perform best, you will need to test the ads. Therefore, you need a tracking software, another expense.

Week 6: Planning out future income streams

This week looks into finding other effective affiliate offers that are unknown to most people. Then you can sign up for them so you will have more offers to promote to your mailing list.

What Are The 1K A Day Fast Track Bonuses?

You are told in the “live” webinar (which is actually recorded and used over and over again) that there are bonuses. Here they are:

Bonus #1: Landing Page Templates

These are pages that Merlin has already made money with. For you to use them, you have to purchase a software called ClickFunnels, at a cost of $97 to $297 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

The problem with such done-for-you items is that everyone enrolled in the course will also be using them. Eventually these items will be ineffective because so many people receive the same material.

Bonus #2: Secret Thank You Page Cash Generator Script

This “thank you” template is a page written in such a way that it is meant to increase conversions by convincing people to purchase after they enter their email.

Bonus #3: Full email templates and training

These are done-for-you email templates written to promote other products in the same market. The bonus will include a training on email marketing in general.

A word of warning: You need to make major changes in the text of these templates since everyone in the program gets the same emails, and if these get too numerous they will be seen as spam.

emails coming from computer

Bonus #4: Titan of Traffic training system

Here you will learn how to start, tune, and optimize traffic for your marketing campaigns. You will use a variety of sources, such as solo ads, Facebook ads, PPC ads, and others.

Bonus #5: Phone consultation for first five

Merlin promises to give a one-hour phone consultation to the first five people who join from the webinar you are watching. However, since the webinar is repeated every 15-30 minutes, this bonus will be impossible to fulfill. There may be more “first fives” within each day.

This is a tactic similar to the “scarcity tactic,” with the purpose of trying to get you to buy right away.

Bonus #6: Ads pack, $ pump and partner support

Done-for-you ads, and most likely ads for promoting the Fast Track system as an affiliate.

Bonus #7: Free second login for partner

Well, that’s cool — Merlin will allow you to give access credentials for a second person if you want someone else to work with you.

Bonus #8: Secret package FedEx to your door

It’s a surprise — you are not told what it is.

They would have a little trouble delivering such a package to my community, as we do not have FedEx here.


Training program about affiliate marketing and email marketing could be helpful.

Email marketing is the cheapest way to market your products, if done correctly.

Training from a very successful online marketer


Too expensive, and they are not upfront about how much you will spend (Program is $997; then email responder, ClickFunnels, and advertising costs.)

Too many people using the same ads as you will use

Income claims unrealistic, especially for a beginner

Refund policy unclear

Is there support? I couldn’t find any information about it

You can’t try it for free first; I don’t believe there is chat on the site; no mention as to if you can contact Merlin Holmes


Well, at least this company is not a scam. It’s legit, but so expensive for only six weeks of training. Besides, I believe Merlin Holmes exaggerates how much money you can make, especially when you first start.

Done-for-you is not my cup of tea. I’d much rather learn how to build something myself from the ground up. Therefore, I believe I’ll stick with my present company, Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can start for free and find out if it’s for you. The price is reasonable; there are no expensive upsells; there’s the best tech support I’ve seen with any company, and the huge community is interactive and ready to help — just ask a question.

To try a new learning experience, click here

Click on the banner above to learn all the details about the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.


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12 thoughts on “What Is 1 K A Day Fast Track?”

  1. I haven’t heard of the 1-K A Day Fast Track program.  I’m glad you gave such a thorough review, picking out the sort of shady things about it.  As you say, it probably is a legitimate offer, but if you’re a beginner, who wants to spend that kind of money? Even if you’re not a beginner, that’s a lot of money for information that you probably already know as an experienced affiliate marketer.  And thanks for pointing out that the refund offered is under specific and unlikely senarios.  Well done review!

    • Thank you.  I’m glad you found value in the review.  If I can stop one person from making a mistake, I’m pleased.  Of course, some people might like the company, but I’m afraid I am not one who thinks a great deal of it.  

      And, my pockets are not all that full of cash, so best for me to stay away from this one.

  2. Hey there! 

    I really found a lot of value in your review about 1 K A Day Fast Track! 
    I love the way you simplified the review and made it easy to understand. Thanks for enriching my knowledge about the fact that I would need to have deep pockets for this program. Most people only write that at the end of the review, and it annoys me greatly.

    One major turndown for me is their refund policy plus the fact that they do not have the 60-day money-back guarantee of ClickBank. And why didn’t he show his earning proof? Though this program might work, since they are using paid ads (they usually work out if they are targeted paid ads), I’m not sure if people will be comfortable with the refund policy which has many strings attached to it.

    We should know more about a money-making opportunity if we are ever going to try it, especially if it is a high ticket one.

    Anyways, I really liked this ‘honest’ review and hope more people read this and benefit from it!

    With regards,


    • Faiz, I am so glad you found value in my review.  It is very true that we need to research carefully before choosing an online opportunity, because so many of them are just after our money.  Sort the good from the bad, as that helps in making an informed decision.

      Yes, their refund policy is a joke!  I loved that he said in a post that he wrote that people must like the program, because he didn’t get many requests for refunds. And why is that, I wonder?  Could it be because he makes the refunds too hard to get?

  3. Hello,

    I’m excited to visit and read your review. The review is clear enough and it addresses very well the question posed”What Is 1 K A Day Fast Track?” The answer is also convincing. Whether someone joins the company or not, it will not be so because there is no clear information about the company, but they choose to do so.

    According to what about 1 K A Day Fast Track, it’s clear anyone who wants to join must pay “$997 one-time fee, then tool purchase for at least $200”. However, like you, I’m not sure if the company is really legit. Maybe further research can bring more deal concerning the real name of the company founder, but everything that can  serve as a guide is your site.


    • Thank you for your comment.  Yes, it is rather expensive.  I do believe it is legit.  It just has a high price tag.  If that is what you have to do to get honesty — pay a very high price — I think it is not for me.

      I find my own company, Wealthy Affiliate, to be much easier on the pocketbook.  At the premium price of $49 a month, and no upsells, it is affordable.

  4. Just ass you have rightly said, I think 1K a day fast track  would be a game changer in creating an online business that will thrive. Well, it doesn’t look very much suitable to me considering the fact that it is expensive to get access to this training plus I’d have another budget for tools and ads. This isn’t pocket friendly for me at all. I’d love to start off by learning to a successful online business would require a low budget or possibly free. Wealthy Affiliate is promising.

    • Personally, I think you are much better off sticking to Wealthy Affiliate.  You have everything you need here to get your business established, and you don’t have to go into debt to do it.  If you stick to your training and do each step along the way, you should do quite well.  It’s an excellent company.

  5. Hello there,  thanks for this very detailed and informative review on 1K a day fast track,  I heard of this from a friend and I was really curious hence I had to make a research on it,  and I find this post very helpful as this has helped to answer so many question in my head regarding this company,  however I really find it very expensive so I will give a due consideration to your recommendation,  wealthy affiliate.

    • You are right — it is very expensive.  Not too many of us have that kind of startup capital right now.  I do hope you found some help from the post I published.

  6. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such exclusive concise information with us all, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, thanks for the hard work you put into bringing these website, I really fancy these information, I’ve been following your website for some time now, I must say u are the best, thanks for the info,, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    • Thank you so much for the compliment…I am really glad you enjoy my website.

      It amazes me that folks can think of so many ways to present a business opportunity — sometimes worthwhile and sometimes just a scam.  It is good that you are reading reviews so you will know exactly what a company is all about before deciding to invest.


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