What is Affiliate Marketing (And Does It Work?)

Many, many people these days are looking for a way to make money online. After all, the internet has access to the world. With that big an audience, there has to be a good way to market to them. A growing number of merchants are reaching these world-wide audiences by selling their products through affiliate marketing sites. So, what is affiliate marketing? (And, more important, does it work?)

What is the definition of affiliate marketing? Wikipedia says, “A specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network.”

If you look at the drawing in the featured image, you can see that first you establish a website and get a link to a product that a merchant is selling. You put that link with a product picture on your website. When a viewer opens that page, sees the product, and clicks on the picture, he will be taken to the merchant’s page that shows the product. If the person then purchases the product, you earn a small commission from the merchant.

It is a very simple process, which has some immediate value. All you have to do is advertise the4 kinds of people in affiliate marketing product and link it to the source. You do not have to carry merchandise and you do not have to ship it. You just agree with the merchant to show his product, and that’s all. Your commission is basically payment of an advertising fee.

Okay, so let’s examine the steps a bit closer. What does each step entail?

Establishing a Website

This is the very important first step. You need a foundation. Your website gives you a platform on which you can build your business.

If you are not experienced at building a website, complete instructions will be necessary. I would like to recommend the training I use, as it is the most complete and well-structured web-building course available, in my opinion. You just follow the training, one step at a time, and when you are finished, you will have a beautiful website.

To find out more, go to my review, which gives you lots of details. In case you are reading this article from someplace other than my website, here is the link: https://build2winaffiliates.com/is-wealthy-affiliate-a-scam-or-for-real.

What Is Your Passion?

When you start to build your website, you will have to decide on a niche, which is the over-all topic you will write about. Think of a subject which fires your passion, or about which you know a great deal . My niche for this site is building an online home business in affiliate marketing. All my posts relate in some way to that niche.

You’ll purchase your own domain — your internet address — and it will belong solely to you. You can purchase a year or two years at a time for most domains, and they are quite inexpensive. I believe mine cost $13.00.

Then you write content. You need lots of posts about topics within your niche. These are part of your foundation. If you want people to visit your site, you need to provide articles they will be interested in reading.

In the process of building your website, you will learn several basic skills and lots of techniques and tweaks you can use to improve your visitor’s post experience. You will learn about SEO sign promoting affiliate marketing(Search Engine Optimization), vital information to teach you how to get your web posts in a prominent place on the Google search engine.

How Do You Attract An Audience?

One of the ways you entice people to your site is by attaining a position on page 1 of Google, where the most people will see you. To help attain this ranking, you will spend considerable time learning about keywords, especially long-tailed keywords, which are actually a phrase instead of a single word. These qualify well as keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate uses a phenomenal tool called Jaaxy, which you can read about by clicking the drop-down menu under “toolbox” at the top of the page. You can also use this link: https://build2winaffiliates.com/jaaxy-buried-treasures-you-can-find

When you use Jaaxy, you need to think of various combinations of words that fit with the subject of your post. It is like an enjoyable treasure hunt, finding the words that score highest in Jaaxy.

Try to think like your potential visitor. What questions might he ask about your subject? What are the who, what, when, where, why, or how words he might use? See if you can formulate a question that the visitor might ask, then run those words, or part of them, through Jaaxy.

You will learn how many times someone has clicked that keyword, and how many of your competitors have used it. You’ll see its SEO rating. Once you have mastered the keyword technique, you may start getting visitors. Then, if your content interests them and if you have a product they like or need, they will click on it and go to the merchant to buy.

Once they have paid for it, you will be paid a commission from the merchant.

It’s Time to Add Some Affiliate Links

When you have built a good foundation on your site and are ready for visitors, you will be introduced to the process of adding affiliate links. You can find individual companies that haveBrand names of affiliate programs an affiliate program. However, many businesses who use affiliates join an “umbrella” organization, which brings a large group of merchants and affiliates together.

Once you find a company whose products fit your niche, you apply to the merchant. If you are accepted into his affiliate program, you can then select any of the products the company offers, get their affiliate link, and put the product on your site. Easy — no product purchase or shipping necessary on your part.

So How Much Money Can You Make?

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, but it takes a time commitment. Costs can vary. In the case of Wealthy Affiliate, there is a small monthly cost, from $25/month to $49/month, depending on which program you choose. Black Friday offers the best deal — One year at $299, which comes out to $25/month.

So, here are the steps you need to take to succeed:

  • Choose a niche
  • Research affiliate programs and products
  • Build a website
  • Produce excellent content
  • Build an audience
  • Promote your product
  • Repeat

While you can start making money in the first months, to be realistic, give it at least six to twelve months before you will be making enough to quit your day job.

How much you make depends on how much traffic your site can generate and how many of those visitors buy from you. Income can fluctuate a great deal, but many affiliate marketers bring home thousands each month.

To do so requires dedication and focused hard work, but it can be done.

Have you found the opportunity you have been looking for? Are you interested in becoming an affiliate marketer? If so, do investigate Wealthy Affiliate, as I am continually re-impressed at the excellence of their training. I think you will be, too.

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8 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing (And Does It Work?)”

  1. Affiliate Marketing sounds difficult because there is so much competition out there nowadays. One must know one’s target and have it well researched. However, what if the person’s niche is books and affiliates have books on their site from different places one connects with; those affiliates are competing against each other though.   

    • There is competition in everything.  Competition is good because it encourages excellence.  The best story wins, and all that.  Also, if you have a book on your site that someone likes, they will most likely buy it then and there instead of looking for another site with the same book.

      I think affiliate marketing gives us the best playing field for achieving a goal of long-term income.  If you work at it and take some time to train so you have the proper skills, you will find affiliate marketing a very satisfying form of business.

  2. The questions that you raise in the title are ones that many people ask these days as the work environment changes and people and companies tap into the power of the internet to stay relevant in today’s market. Jobs are not life positions as they once were. Looking for alternatives is a must. 

    The process that you depict so effectively in your image shows that affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but for the unwary, unless they do some research, the chances are that they may get caught up in a scam or spend time and effort on some product or method that is not going to get the results they want and expect.

    Because you have also explained what the basics are in a clear manner, people that read this post will have a good idea of what they need to do, and can then evaluate the thousands of products out there to see which will help them get a proper start with affiliate marketing.    

    As to your question in the title “Does It Work?” I think a simple search using Google will tell the person that affiliate marketing will work and is one of the lowest cost ways to get a business started online. As more and more people move to shop online versus traveling to brick and mortar establishments, affiliate marketing will also grow.

    It is a matter of knowing how to properly leverage the opportunity and as with anything, learning from someone or some platform that has experienced success is the shortest path to having success for yourself. Great article and a very clear concise explanation of affiliate marketing and why it will make money for the entrepreneur. Thanks. 

    • Good, thoughtful answer — I like your perspective.

      People really need to research before they decide on an internet venture.  I have been writing reviews on the opportunities out there, and find so many that are scams, just designed to part you from your money. 

      However, with the right company, affiliate marketing can be the best way to set up a business that will work for a lifetime.  It is especially great for working from home.  If you can get on the internet and have a decent computer, you have what you need.

      I’m really glad you found the post clear and understandable.  Thanks for commenting.

  3. I love your 7 Step process for affiliate marketing Fran, right on the money:)

    Above all, we need to write and consistently produce excellent content to generate traffic , with good SEO, and our affiliate links need to be relevant to that content. Otherwise, we will not succeed in affiliate marketing.

    However, you carry no inventory and affiliate marketing is low risk.
    Nice review!

    • Thanks for the comment, Kaju. Having dealt with a brick and mortar business for years, I am very happy that I no longer have to carry inventory. It is also nice not to have to deal with shipping. All in all, I am very satisfied with the affiliate marketing venue.

  4. Yes it will take a while before doing good money, it’s tempting just to quite and focus on your nine to five.

    May I just say I love what you did with your site.

    • Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick process. However, if done properly, it can build you an income-producing site. You just have to be willing to stay focused and give it the time it needs.


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