What Is Elevacity? Is It A Scam?

Elevacity is a MLM company in the health and wellness field. Their website tells us that it is a company meant to elevate wealth, happiness, and health.

Well, those three things are all something we would be very happy to call ours, so let’s take a look at what they offer and see if we think that they can fulfill that promise Let’s see what we can learn.

Name: Elevacity

Website: elevacity.com

Product: Health and wellness products

Owner: Robert Oblon

Location: Plano, TX

Price: $49.97 to join + $25 per month to become an affiliate

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

These health and wellness products are offered for both retail and affiliate memberships. Unlike most MLMs, you can order products on such sites as Amazon and try them out to see if you like them.

Their Elevacity line is made up of some core products that are nutritional beverages; supplies such as Xanthomax, and unique skin care, called Timeless.

The Xanthomax provides an antioxidant primarily designed to neutralize free radicals in your body as well as ridding it of your metabolic waste.

The product is supposed to provide better digestion as well as helping you lose weight more efficiently. Reports say that the product also helps keep you in shape.

XanaSkin is a skin cream that provides therapeutic benefit

Skincare ingredients

Timeless is a product that focuses on skin care. Its all-natural formula is meant to provide anti-aging properties that are designed to tighten your skin, giving you better elasticity and healthy-looking, wrinkle-free skin.

Pure is a liquid used for detoxifying your body with minerals. A main ingredient is volcanic ash. The ash is said to cleanse, strengthen, and enhance your body.

Elevate Smart Coffee is a beverage that is made of dark-roast Colombian blend coffee enhanced with vitamins and minerals, designed to provide such benefits as healthy energy, clear thinking and mood enhancing.

What Is D.O.S.E.?

The company claims that this Smart Coffee and the Xanthomax supplies the D.O.S.E. These initials stand for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. These The product Xanthomaxingredients are neuro transmitters and hormones which can create feelings of happiness.

Elevate’s Smart Coffee contains plant-based ingredients. These include:

  • Green coffee bean extract. This is a stimulant
  • Chromium. This mineral is usually found in fat-burning supplements, though research says it may not be effective.
  • L-theanine. This amino acid may have a relaxing effect, though research studies have been small and cover only a short period of time.
  • PEA. This is a neuroamine found in our bodies. Some old, small studies say that PEA improves mood and is just as good as antidepressants. However, there is no definite proof, and taking a supplement is different than something actually produced in your body.
  • Kigelia africana. Perhaps an antioxidant?An array of Elevacity products
  • A-GPC. Increases cognition in rodents, or when given in high doses to elderly folks with Alzheimer’s.
  • Juglans reglia. This ingredient is also known as English Walnut. It is a natural compound that is identical to octodrine, a DMHA. It is a stimulant, but studies show that it is potentially unsafe.

When I was a kid, I had a collection of jars and bottles, and would mix up any number of things and fill these containers; then, I’d pretend that they were medicine. (No, I didn’t drink them, thank goodness.)

There is a parallel here. You can’t mix a bunch of ingredients, willy-nilly, even though individually they might have value. How do you know how they will blend with each other?

Yes, you can feed the mixtures to rats and mice, but you don’t know for sure what they will do to humans.

Elevacity claims that their coffee drink burns fat, increases energy, boosts memory, curbs food cravings and elevates mood. But, just like I was doing with my random mixes or ingredients in my “play medicine,” there is no way of telling if the ingredients in these supplements are synergistic.

There are no website links and no research page which supports any of these claims. Perhaps none of them are dangerous, but are they effective?

Some Other Products

There are other products connected with this company. Some of these include:

Elevacity patches: There are three of these: Extreme energy, which promotes day-long focus and sustainable energy; hangover defense, which replaces lost nutrients and reduces brain fogs and headaches; and sound sleep patch, which helps you fall asleep quicker and gives you better-quality sleep.

The coffee contains nootropics, which are also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. Nootropics help such functions as memory, creativity, or motivation.

What Is Cost Of These Products, And Where Can You Buy Them?

You can purchase all products through the official website or through an affiliate. You can also find them on Amazon and perhaps through other major retailers.

Here are some prices as of early 2019:

  • Six of the D.O.S.E. experience — $30
  • Elevate Smart Coffee — $55
  • Choclevate — $55
  • Xanthomax — $55
  • Smart Coffee Bag — $55
  • Patches (any of the 3) — $50 each
  • Pure — $65
  • Timeless skin care — $55

Ad for Elevacity coffee

A 30-day supply of Elevacity costs $199.

Possible Side Effects

You can have side effects from using these products. These include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Also, the caffeine and other stimulants could make you jittery, give you shakes, or make you irritable. More important, they could cause insomnia.

Do They Have A Guarantee?

There is a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. You can ask for a refund but you don’t have to return the product.

What About Their Affiliate Program?

The Elevacity compensation plan is a unilevel system.  You only have to build one leg.

The plan is fueled by personal volume and by organic volume.

I find I become less confused if I furnish a video on the compensation plan instead of trying to explain it myself, so here it is:

I do not believe this company is a scam. They have retail products to sell, and charge a low fee to join their MLM program.


Might help you lose weight

Might give you more energy

Might improve your sleep

Can boost perception and produce efficient blood flow

Not expensive to join

Has a money-back guarantee


Side effects may bother you, such as vomiting, dizziness and anxiety

Because of the use of stimulants, the caffeine content may hinder sleep

Not much in the way of scientific research, at least not on humans


We are all a bit different — Our systems react differently to various stimulants and ingredients. I believe it is important to find out first if these products have a negative effect on you before you dive in and purchase everything.

Because it is a fairly new company, there are limited reviews and limited information about the company. These are factors that you should consider before buying.

If you like the idea of a Smart Coffee, buy some to try it out. Check on Amazon, as they may have a smaller trial quantity that you can try.

In other words, look before you leap.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Elevacity? Is It A Scam?”

  1. I’ve always tried as much as possible to make it known wherever I find myself online that I’m not a fan of MLM modelled companies and this is because of the fact that only the few people on top are always making the money, leaving others to nothing. Well, even though it seems to be good, I don’t recommend it.

    • You know, that is true, but look at our company — we aren’t an MLM, but the same thing is happening.  Only a few people at the top are making the money.  In the case of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s because it takes a lot of time and work to succeed and many people are not interested in waiting, or they don’t have the patience.  It’s a business where you succeed only if you stick with it long enough.

  2. Hello Fran, the health and wellness niche is a really great one in the sense that it is very fast to make money from when you have the right means that would make the customers come to you. Looking at that, there pose to be some poorly developed business or even the scan sites. Elevacity is one that I am sure they can make a name in the market but now needs a good level of development 

    • I always hope for success for businesses.  Not sure if Elevacity will make it or not, but they are in a good field, and appear to have some interesting products.  Time will tell.


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