What Is Inner Profit Circle?

Welcome to my Inner Profit Circle review. Let me tell you right up front that you’d best have $1,000 ready to invest if you want to make this program fly. So, what is Inner Profit Circle? Is a thousand-dollar investment in this company worth your while?

Name: Inner Profit Circle

Website: www.innerprofitcircle.com

Founder: Eric Holmlund

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training

Price: $997/year, then $97/month

Rating: 2.9 out of 5

The founder of this company is a real person, which is encouraging. Sometimes with these “opportunities,” the named owner is fake. Eric Holmlund started working online in 1999, and by 2003, he quit his regular job to focus on his online business. In internet marketing he has generated over 20 million in sales.

Eric Holmlund photo
Eric Holmlund

Eric also started online products such as “No Charge Income Stream” and “Split Second Steam Engine.”

In the Inner Profit Circle, he has made $10 million, and has spent 15 years of his career perfecting this system. He is considered by many to be a great mentor and teacher in the internet marketing field.

You Can Create And Sell Your Own Products

In the Inner Profit Circle community, you are offered information to teach you how to create and sell your own products online. Included is a whole library of videos and lessons which cover everything you need to know to get your business going.

Inner Profit Circle focuses on multiple traffic sources being led to your website. This is a good thing, as multiple income sources is the best way to go online if possible.

In this course, you are told that you will receive solutions to the following problems faced by a new online entrepreneur:

  1. Choosing the right niche
  2. Spotting the money-making spot in that niche
  3. Choosing a product that is in demand
  4. Getting traffic to your website
  5. Avoiding confusion and distraction

Solving these problems will take you a long way toward getting your business started.

PLR Products Available For Resale By YOu

Besides giving you information on how to create and sell your own products online, you will have access to PLR (Private Label Rights) products. These give you the right to download, edit, and modify the content and then resell them.

The problem with these PLR products is they are not all created equal. Some are good, and some are so poor that you really don’t want your developing “brand” to be associated with them. New choices are offered daily, but you will have to choose which ones to include very carefully.

While Inner Profit Circle focuses on multiple traffic streams, which gives you multiple sources of income, you will receive lessons on how to write good article copy.

To interact with and learn from other Inner Profit Circle members, you will be given access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and help other members.

To keep you on course, you will receive 50 weekly plans that are designed to help you, step by step. These teach you how to grow your business and take it to the next level. Further training includes mentoring sessions by Eric Holmlund twice a month.

Inner Profit Circle logo

Real Web Property Gives You A Website

As an additional bonus, you will be given access to the “Real Web Property.” Here you receive a done-for-you website. It includes the following: Domain, content, graphics, products, SEO plugins, plus access to all the products that the founder offers.

This site is part of your package when you join. However, a problem with the website is that all the content is the same for everyone. It’s just run through a “spinner” that rewrites it so it looks original. Sometimes these rewrites don’t make sense. You are better off creating original content.

Another problem with posting the same “spun” content as everyone else: Your brand-new website could be penalized by Google before even having a chance to rank. You can avoid this problem when you always create original content for your site.

What Is The Cost?

So, how much does it cost to join Inner Profit Circle?

You can choose from two different price plans. In the first one, you pay $997 for the first year and $97/month after that year. In the other plan, you pay $297 for your first month and $97/month for the remaining 11 months of that year. The difference: If you choose method #2, you won’t own your domain name until you have paid and been a member for a whole year.

Since this program is hosted by Clickbank, you are eligible for their 30-day refund policy. If you are dissatisfied, just ask for a refund within the first 30 days, and you will get it.

In the information about the company, you are told that your $997 is actually paying for material that is worth a lot more. It covers a combined value of $13,641 for everything covered in Inner Profit Circle and Real Web Property.

I am including copies of charts that show these charges break down for each component you are paying for. The two combined have a total value of $13,641. Perhaps if you had to buy all these components separately, they would cost as specified. However, values can be inflated to make your $997 look like a much bigger bargain. You decide.


Eric Holmlund knows the business, and should be a good teacher

Material is simple to understand

Coaching sessions by Eric are a benefit

Support is said to be good, and available 24/7

Includes a great deal of content if you don’t want to create your own


Quite expensive

PLR products can create problems or damage the reputation of your brand…choose products carefully

Real Web Properties offers the same content to all members of the group. This factor will not make the search engines happy.


If you have the money, this one might be interesting to try. However, if you do, consider writing most of your own content, and choose your PLR products carefully.

However, if you are truly trying to build your own unique business, I would recommend trying my company Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join; you can upgrade to Premium for $49/month to get many more options; there are no upsells.

Training in Wealthy Affiliate is superior. The community is awesome and very helpful. Make a comparison — if you will click on this link, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. You can even try the company for free first, and see how you like it. Then you decide which you prefer.

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