What Is Inspyder?

Have you ever looked at Inspyder? You may very well ask, “What is Inspyder?” I learned what it is by good fortune, and want to share that experience with you.

I recently used a free dead link checker to see if I had many dead or broken links. When the checker finished, I discovered that it only checked 2,000 of my links. If I wanted the entire website done, I’d have to pay for it.

pic of broken link

I was disappointed to learn that only about 1/3 of my links had been checked. I mentioned the problem and my frustration to a computer-savvy friend, and he said he’d run a broken link check for me on his computer, as he could do the whole thing.

What he discovered was horrifying and very helpful. I have well over 5,000 links on my website, and when the program had finished, it showed a little over 1,000 errors.

We went through them, and found some things that were of no consequence and some things that were simple to correct. For example, if you end a sentence with a live link, do not put a period at the end of that link, because it will show up as an error.

Many of my link problems were with image details (alt text and file name especially) and meta problems (meta title and meta description.) I thought I’d checked all those so carefully, but the program found things I’d missed.

I spent three days checking images, meta, and live links and corrected many errors. One thing that surprised me were errors in the comments, as well as ones in HTML that I still have to search out.

Bottom line: I am sold on the program, and plan to buy my own copy. No, the broken link checker is not free — it costs $59.95 — but I will check my whole site as often as I want. By the time I paid for link checks a few times, I could buy this tool.

It includes so many extra features, causing me to believe that it will be a valuable purchase. So, I began looking into the company to find out more about it.

NAME: Inspyder (Web crawling and SEO software)

WEB ADDRESS: https://www.inspyder.com

ADDRESS: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

PRODUCTS: Software programs: Backlink Monitor, InSite 5,OrFind, Power Search, Rank Reporter 5, Sitemap Creator 5, Web2Disk

PRICE: Depends on which software you are buying

RANK: 4.5 out or 5

https://inspyder.com is a Canadian company that has been around for a while. I couldn’t find the date that they started, but read a review from 2007. I’m not sure how long before 2007 they were established.

The company produces not just the broken link checker. It sells a total of seven different software programs. All are listed below, with a brief description and the cost. Then I will go into the broken link checker in more detail.

1. Backlink Monitor

The company says this is the easiest way to track and manage your websitesymbol for backlink monitor backlinks. You enter your backlink URLs and the program does the rest. It checks the status, anchor text, IP address and page rank for you. This software works with multiple backlink tiers. Cost of program: $74.95

2. InSite 5

With this program, you can find broken links and spelling errors before yourSymbol for InSite 5 customers do. This is the software I am buying, and will discuss it in greater detail after reviewing the rest of the software products. Cost of program: $59.95

3. OrFind

This tool easily detects and removes unlinked (or “orphaned”) files from your website. The program checks every link and compares it to those links stored on your server.Symbol for OrFind

Over time, your website will accumulate old and unused files. These waste space, create security risks, and cause SEO problems. OrFind can determine which files can be removed. Cost of program: $49.95

4. Power Search

If you need to search and scrape data from any website, this is the tool yousymbol for Power Search need. You can crawl websites to look for specific words and phrases. Or you can use Power Search to scrape and save data with the point-and-click interface. Cost of program: $49.95.

5. Rank Reporter 5

With this app you can keep track of your website’s search ranking. This tool symbol for Rank Reporter 5automates the process of manually monitoring website search placement. Enter the URL and some keywords, and click go. Cost of program: $74.95

6. Sitemap Creator 5

This sitemap creator will generate perfect sitemaps for Google. Though simple to use, it is powerful enough to handle complex sites. Since it runs on Symbol for Sitemap Creator 5your PC, there’s nothing to install on your server and no scripts to configure. Once you buy it, there are no monthly fees. Cost of program: $39.95

7. Web2Disk

With this tool you can save an entire website to your computer. All you have Symbol for web2diskto do is enter a website address and click go. The program will find all the pages and images on the website and download them to your PC. Cost of program: $39.95

The company also has what it calls a “bundle” program. If you want two or more of the programs, you can get a discount. There are also a couple of standard bundles listed that you can choose from.

Here are some more details on InSite 5, the app that I am purchasing:

Spell Check

You can check the spelling on your entire website with one click. It even checks page titles, meta tags and other content that might not be visible on your screen. It will detect duplicate words, mismatched cases, and more.

PDF Spell Checking Now Included

Any PDG or RTF files that InSite finds on your site are automatically checked for spelling and link errors.

Find Broken Links

The app searches for broken links, missing images and more. Not only does it search for broken links in your content, but it also includes HTML, CSS, and even PDFs. You will receive a report of all types of HTTP server errors, URL redirections, invalid relative paths, pages that timeout and other features as well

Embedded Video Checking

If you have videos embedded in your site from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, the program will check to ensure that these clips are still present on the hosting site. Your site will be saved from “User Removed” errors.

Detect SEO Problems

InSite checks every single page of your website for over 25 SEO-related problems. The app gives you easy to understand suggestions to help keep your website ranking on track.

Word Counting and Keyword Density

As the app crawls your web pages, it will count words automatically and will also calculate keyword density. InSite automatically figures out the relevant words and phrases based on the text of your website. It can even calculate keyword density across groups of pages or for your entire site.


Here are four reasons Inspyder suggests you should try their product:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Buy it once and use it forever
  3. No page limits
  4. Nothing to install


I learned one unfortunate fact: At present, you cannot use InSpyder on apple computers


I am very happy to have found Inspyder.com, as they provide a tool I can really use. Their crawl of my site was quite comprehensive, and helped immensely in finding and cleaning up errors.

If you are still searching for the ideal affiliate marketing company to join for your business, look at the choice I have made.  Try it, you will like it.Find your road to success here


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14 thoughts on “What Is Inspyder?”

  1. Hi Fran, Inspyder does sound great. I get so many emails from internet companies offering their products that you don’t always no whether you need it or not. I have had similar experience with other companies offering to scan your website for free and they come back with 20% completed and you must pay for the whole package to complete the task. It can be really off putting.

    Sometimes you don’t know it’s true value until you start using it. I’d like to hear your opinion after a few months of having it available, whether it was worth the purchase. Sounds good in the early stages though. 

    • Yes, your point about true value is certainly on track.  Perhaps I should do an update in about six months.  By then I should know the system pretty well.

  2. I’m not an apple user so using amy of the Inspyder programs wouldn’t post any problem for me. The price point is also affordable and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay monthly which is a big thumbs up clients. Back links plays an important role especially in producing content for affiliate marketing. It’s a big responsibility of any writer to publish a perfectly written content to the readers. As much as possible, we want to be error free so tue audience won’t be turned off with our website. 

    Just a question, how is the customer support for this program? Do they have 24/7 assistance? Thank you for introducing Inspyder which has numerous tools to choose according to your needs and liking. I learned so much in this post.  

    • Good question about customer support.  They have a FAQ section, a user manual, and direct support.  Glad you asked, as I should have included that information in the article.  So, sounds like they have a pretty good help system set up for you.

      I was amazed at how in-depth the program goes.  They even show errors in the HTML section, which are harder than heck to find, but when you do, you know what to change.  

      All in all, I am very pleased with inspyder.

  3. A very good and informative review of inspyder software! I have just started some websites and starting to explore my choices as seo optimization, link checking and everything relating to maintaining my sites. These sound pretty good, one-time fee but I would like to test the software before buying. I consider to buy Moz or seoptimizer, they are pretty expensive but many of my friends work on its industry and prices go pretty easily affordable then. It’s not the secret that high affiliate commissions of SEO tools (like 90% of all IT tools and cloud services) are possible cause if you craft or build something from wood or iron, building $100 products costs lets say $25-40 but creating and maintaining $100 SEO tool or link checker costs barely $5. Know it as a fact, from the view of ex wholesaler of those. However, thanks for a good site and article.

    • I find it is hard to know which is the best tool out there, as there are so many of them.  I understand your desire to test first, especially when it costs a chunk of money.  I was fortunate that my friend, who actually introduced me to the product, had one, and I was very impressed by the amount of information it generated.

      Glad you liked the article.

  4. We’re currently relying on free programs to check for broken links but this article makes me think that maybe it’s time to investigate using a paid program as our website had grown so much over the last couple of month. Thank you for a very detailed and insightful review. Also good to know about the other software packages made by this company as I would always rather use as few suppliers as possible.

    • I believe Inspyder is a great addition to our toolbox.  There are some other tools in there that look useful, too, and it is nice to have them under one “roof.”  Easier than looking all over the ‘net for something that you might have at your fingertips.

  5. This is a very interesting review of Inspydee. I’ve had so many experiences with many companies offering to scan your website for free and at the long run, they end up checking not even up to 30% which always result into you paying for the full package and trust me, this experience I always a annoying. Its good to hear about Inspyder, a broken link checker that allows you check you site as many time as you want and this is offered at a very pocket friendly price of $59.95. This is a good offer for my own opinion and I hope I can get the best out of this broken link checker. My wuestion is how long can this software last or does it need to be renewed? Thanks, this has been helpful.

    • Buy it once and you own it — no renewal fees.  If you own the app, you won’t need another broken link checker.  I was certainly impressed by the job that it did for me.

  6. Well, a big sorry to the apple users,I am not one for it. This is going to be a game changer and I always say that one should have at least one computer savvy friend, they always come in handy at very crucial moment
    Inspyder looks really good. It’s the first time I’m hearing about them though but they seem to have so much goodies to offer here from being able to check backlinks and also to do spell check. That’s really fabulous. Before now, I don’t do any checker but I understand the importance having read your post. Thank you for a good information here.

    • Thanks for your comment.  I do believe Inspyder is a good addition to our tool box, whether we buy one of their apps or several.  If you want more than one, that “bunch” feature is nice, because it will give you a discount on the price.  

  7. This would not just help my website with more credibility and effectiveness, it would also help me to get more quality to the website since I know I have got everything covered all in just one app. Inspyder seems to be a product of great creativity and an excellent initiative that would help with making my life much more easier. I would definitely try it out. I like the automation that comes with it and the various other unique features. The one time payment is a great option to me and I will definitely try this out. Thank you

    • I think you will really like it.  It does a very thorough job.  It might keep you busy fixing the errors, but it will be worth it.


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