What Is Landingi?

Are you asking, “What is Landingi?” It is a software that allows you to build custom landing pages without programming skills. For those of us who are non-techys, this tool offers a fully-featured landing page editor to help us build a flawless landing page.


WEBSITE: www.landingi.com



PRODUCT: Landing page builder for non-programmers

PRICE:  Basic ($11/mo.); Create ($29/mo.); Automate ($49/mo.); Agency ($109/mo.); free 14-day trial

RANK: 4.2 out of 5

By definition, a landing page is a specific kind of web page that is created solely for marketing campaign purposes. Users reach a landing page by clicking on links.

This landing page is usually a stand-alone page designed to collect leads or visitor’s contact information. To gather a lead, you need to offer something in exchange, such as a PDF file guide, a discount for one of your products, or a free trial of a service you offer.

A landing page supplies the form, usually at the bottom of the page, for gathering information. Because these pages are focused on one purpose, they are far more efficient than just your standard website.

To create an effective landing page, follow these practices:

a) Aim at only one well-planned goal (buying a product, filling out a form, downloading a file)

b) Use a clear CTA, such as “buy now” or “fill out a form.”

c) Page should be a simple design with a clear message

d) Short and concise copy, showing values and benefits

e) Don’t use elements that distract from the action you desire

f) Omit the standard website navigation menu

Why Use Landingi?

Landingi has a range of visual features and tools. There are many templates to choose from, with themes designed to fit a variety of niches. Landingi also will function for Ecommerce sites. Full customer support in English is included.

When you create your landing page, you have three options:

  1. Choose from 200+ ready-to-use templates
  2. Import your own landing page
  3. Create your landing page yourself.

Using Landingi’s templates, you can pick your industry and then pick the template you desire. Then start building your page. All the template pages are easily customizable. By clicking on the drag and drop option, you can add or modify as you wish.

Landingi gives you control over all aspects of your digital composition, including these steps:

  1. Create landing pages
  2. Publish landing pages
  3. Manage leads
  4. Automate key task
  5. Analyze and optimize

Start With A Free Trial

You can start your 14-day free trial to see if Landingi will work well for you. No credit card is needed for the free trial. Make your decision.

To use the program, you drag and drop the features you want and then make any needed changes. You are offered many options, such as Google Maps, social media buttons, various font styles, and other choices. It’s fun and easy to create your page.

Support Offered

You can obtain support in English and Polish. This support is offered in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Email
  • Knowledge base
  • Updated blog
  • Video tutorials
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat
  • Social media

Documentation is provided as well as a forum. Though once offered just in Polish, Landingi has now added customer support in English as well.


Landingi plans, no matter the price, includes 200+ templates, unlimited landing pages, visitors, and leads. The higher tier plans include such additional features as A/B testing, split testing, popups, Zapier integration, and more.

The price plans can be broken down as follows:

a)  Basic:  $11/month

b) Create: $29/month

c) Automate: $49/month

d) Agency: $109/month

Optimize for Mobile Users

The landing page designs offered are optimized for different devices, so you can customize for a full page and all is in mobile format.

Customer Reactions

I found many customer reviews online and will include the gist of some their comments for you. Here is what some customers are saying:

“Good tool to start collecting leads fast.”

“Easy and fast for getting a page up and running.”

“Best bargain landing page builder.” However, this person warns that there is a problem with Facebook. When he tried to share a landing page on Facebook, he got a spam warning.

“Serviceable, but lacking key features.” This person said he couldn’t get a consistent look when using different devices.

“Landingi really helps with lead conversions.”

One full review I read said that Landingi fails terribly at support. He said, “There was no accountability and slow support. Often the answers were not sufficient; then you are told to use the “chat” feature, which is non-existent.”

I went to the website to check, and it said they have “chat,” so I am not sure why this person couldn’t find it.

I would suggest that, before you buy this product, you go online and read the customer reviews of the software, to determine if it will meet your needs. It might be exactly what you are looking for. Then again, perhaps you need to find other software that more fully fits your needs. Take the 14-day free trial to reach an informed decision as to whether the tool is right for you.


Allows people unfamiliar with the needed technical knowledge to build landing pages

Fast page creation

Many templates to choose from

Good widget selection

It is an affiliate company, so you could market this product

Allows you to export directly into WordPress

14-day free trial


Check your mobile device, as designs don’t always translate well

There may be a problem adding pages to Facebook

Customer support not ideal; is there a chat feature for sure?

Can be a little slow


For those of you with little tech knowledge, this tool might be just what you need. I think it is good software to start on, and later if your needs become more complex, you might see if there is an option you prefer.

It sounds like it could be quite helpful in increasing the number of visitors who buy something, and we all want to increase those conversion figures.

It appears to have a few drawbacks, but I think I might give it a try. I think perhaps the only way I will know for sure if it is for me is to go for it. The 14-day free trial is a nice benefit.

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