What Is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Too often I discover that the new company I am reviewing is a total scam. Powerhouse Affiliate feels like a breath of fresh air, as it is an affiliate program that offers a legitimate opportunity. In this review, I will try to answer the question: What is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Name: Powerhouse Affiliate

Website: https://powerhouseaffiliate.com

Owner: Joey Babineau

Product: Affiliate marketing training platform (CPA training: Cost per action)

Price: First course is free, then $19 for the first month and $47 per month thereafter

Ranking: 4.0 out of 5

First of all, the owner and creator, Joey Babineau, has been an affiliate marketer since 2002. Joey, a Canadian, is very involved with his company, and should know quite a bit about affiliate marketing after so many years in the field. Members say he is quite helpful.

illustration of all promo material for Powerhouse Affiliate

What Is The Program About?

Powerhouse Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training platform that focuses on teaching you paid advertising methods. Because it focuses on only one aspect of affiliate marketing, paid advertising, you don’t learn much about content creation, lead generation, or in-depth SEO.

However, if you want to learn how to use paid advertising for profits, this program might be just what you are looking for.

A nice thing about the company is that it is genuine and tells you right up front what you need to get started. There are no upsells or click funnels. It basically shows you what an experienced content marketer has to do to make money.

How Much Does It Cost?

Basically, the cost is $47.00 per month. However, the first month is just $19.00, a big discount, as originally the first month was $197.00.

Actually, there are two membership options to choose from:

1) Free membership

This membership gives you access to the Affiliate Marketing Certification Course. In this course you will gain general information on how affiliate marketing works. You will learn several important things:

  • Choosing a niche and products from affiliate networks
  • Choosing a domain name and a hosting platform
  • Creating blogs and landing pages
  • Tracking your pages
  • Getting free traffic from Facebook

With this background information, you will have a better understanding about affiliate marketing and will be ready to delve further into creating your business.

2) Premium Membership ($47/mo.)

Premium offers you six more courses besides the free membership. You’ll also gain access to their Facebook group. This is a good place to ask questions.

Powerhouse Affiliate members info

Here is a breakdown of the six courses offered with the premium membership:

Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

There are ten modules included in this course, which will give you more in-depth training on the subjects covered in the free membership.

Affiliate Business Builder

This course is offered through videos. It covers everything that is taught in the Powerhouse Affiliate platform.

CPA Display Academy

Shows examples of live campaigns using native ads, as in Facebook.

You will also be shown tips on landing pages the company uses and how they profit from these pages.

You have a choice: Read the ten modules of text or watch a 2.5 hour webinar.

CPA Cash Vault 3.0

An eight-lesson course. It will teach you how to generate and build your email list and set up your marketing funnel.

You will need to sign up for an autoresponder and with affiliate networks.

Website Traffic Certification

Again, another eight-lesson course, presented in text. Covers how to get traffic to your website from a variety of sources.

5-Phase EMail List Building

Another text-based course, divided into five phases.

Promote Powerhouse Affiliate As An Affiliate

Using a tiered commission plan, you can receive payouts for the people who are your referrals. You get paid three levels deep, somewhat like in an MLM. Here is the breakdown:

Tier 1: Pays 50% for premium upgrades. You will be paid for as long as the referral remains Premium.

Tier 2: Pays 10% when the person you referred gets a premium upgrade for someone they referred.

Tier 3: Pays 5% when this Tier 2 person refers someone who upgrades to premium.

Chart of payment tiers for affiliates

That’s not a bad deal!

Something to remember: You will have some additional charges besides your $47/month.

You will have to pay a web-hosting fee to Bluehost ($40 to $100 per year and a free domain name).

You’ll learn the most effective types of ads to select, but remember, your costs will go up because you have to pay for advertising.

If you pay for premium and decide you don’t like it, you have 14 days in which to ask for a refund.


Free starter membership gives you a good overview of the field

Gives you a good knowledge of affiliate marketing through paid advertising

Well-done courses

Membership reasonably priced

No upsells

There is a refund policy

Affiliate program is lucrative

Free landing pages and premium images


Focused on one kind of marketing: CPA (Cost per action)

You will need a good advertising budget

Not enough in-depth instruction for a beginner

Not much about content creation. If you are a beginner, it could make things difficult.

More text-based lessons than videos

Not much SEO training


It seems to me this company is a good one if you want to earn through advertising. However, it would probably be easier to understand it if you already have some affiliate marketing background. Possibly you could use the program in conjunction with another one.

As for lots of text lessons, I am one of the few who would rather learn from text than through videos. I guess it depends on the individual.

For me, however, Powerhouse Affiliate would be too expensive. The monthly fee is fine, but I wouldn’t have the budget for advertising.

I do think this company could be just the right thing for some people, though, and I believe you could make some money from it. Be prepared, however, to spend a bit up front on advertising until you get the website established and can figure out what works best.

You decide — perhaps you want to try the free membership to see if the whole thing is to your liking.

The really good thing for me: This one is not a scam.

If you would like to take an in-depth look at the company I belong to as an alternative choice, click on this link. You can start for free and learn about all aspects of affiliate marketing, from building your website to content creation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) You won’t find a more comprehensive training program.

With two million members, Wealthy Affiliate must be doing something right! Read the full report. You will be glad you did.

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