What Is Quora All About?

Are you missing an excellent opportunity? Do you have an account and a profile on Quora so you can ask questions, give answers, and collect followers? Or are you asking, “What is Quora all about?” If you do not know and do not use this platform, perhaps you should consider it.

So what is Quora? It is a site where anyone can ask a question and one or several people may answer. With its 775,000 viewers from the United States alone, it provides a significant audience to answer your questions. Gaining exposure to these visitors is in itself a good reason for joining.

Participating on the site can help you build expertise and authority in your chosen topic. You can also learn from others on the site, from users and customers to industry experts. You can answer questions about your product or you can find out what questions others are asking about your product or industry.

Create Your Quora Profile

Once you have joined, create your Quora profile. To edit your profile, click onAd for Quora answers your name at the menu bar. Click on “edit” links to add your headline and profile content. Make sure you add your web address. Also make sure you get your brand name in there close to the beginning.

If you would like to follow a topic specific to your business, type in Quora’s search box the topic you’d like to follow. In this way you can learn what people are asking about your industry. You can have these questions and answers sent to your inbox every day.

Follow people, especially leaders in your industry. These include colleagues, competitors, and any others making interesting contributions. Seek out those who are in your field to see what the industry is talking about.

Quora Is A Good Place For Market Research

It’s a great place to do market research. By answering questions for people with shared interests, you can also subtly market what you are selling. Hook up with other newbies by following them so you have someone to talk to. Quora is a great place to meet interesting people.

Don’t try to market your site or products unless a situation arises where this information adds value. Instead, figure out how to give back to the community. By answering questions that are related to your area of competence, and ones where you have a unique advantage due to experience. you can add value for your readers. Give askers a useful and insightful answer.

If I answer a question about which I have written a blog post, I will explain what the post is about and add a link, so the person can visit my site for more information.

If You Wish, Create A Quora Blog

At Quora, you can create a blog and publish stories. Just click on your profile and navigate to blogs. Create a blog, customize the name, URL, and description, then add whatever content you wish.Best of Quora

Did you know you can analyze your Quora stats? Quora offers free analytics for all users, and will show the following:

  • views
  • upvotes
  • shares

You can also see the questions you ask, the answers you give, the blog posts you write, and all your contributed content.

When you answer questions, you can make your entry stand out more if you add images to your answers. Besides helping support your point of view, they are also great attention-getters.

There are several ways you can attract followers to your content website.

  1. Tell friends; ask them to share, perhaps with 5 to 10 other people.
  2. Give helpful comments on related blogs and other posts that have similar questions.
  3. Become an active member in communities doing similar work.
  4. Pad advertising with social media sites.
  5. Build a landing page just to get subscribers.

Build A Quora Business Page

You can build a Quora page for your business, which gives you a great chance to gain followers. Start by searching for your business name in Quora. If you don’t see the name listed, look in the right sidebar underneath the “Add Questions” box and click the list to “Create Topic.”

Once you have done so, you can request that the community review the topic. This method is a great way to add some social proof and some testimonials to your brand’s presence on Quora.

Quora loginResearch what people are asking on Quora. Through this method, you can find questions that will lead to great blog posts. Look at what questions and answers are already shown for the topic you are researching. You will come up with ideas this way. Or, you can search for an idea you already have on Quora to see what people want to know about it.

Try asking people their opinion of a topic and then collect all their answers in an article. (That idea certainly appeals to me — I think I’ll try it.)

Here’s another idea: Type in a keyword for your topic into Quora and search. Then filter the results so you only have questions.

Find Great Post Topics From Quora

I have answered Quora questions for quite some time, but in researching for this article, I have discovered that I’ve missed out on some valuable uses for this platform. In fact, one of the things that prompted me to research Quora was an article I stumbled across that furnished a perfect topic for a blog post.

I realized that the whole thing also lends itself very well to a video, so here it is. I believe it will illustrate how useful Quora can be. You’ll see how well these Quora questions and its answers fit into my website.

The references I used for writing this post impressed me, as they were quite thorough. Feel free to look them up and read them to get more complete answers to any questions you may have. Here they are:






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6 thoughts on “What Is Quora All About?”

  1. I have not really explored Quora yet although I have been told about it.  Your article has gotten me interested.  I am particularly interested in the idea of doing market research on various products.  I might have missed it, but I did not see anything about cost to participate in Quora.   If there are costs, are there different levels or are there charges for the specific elements about which you wrote.  Thanks so much for this introduction to Quora.  I have book marked you site so I can read it again later. 

    • Unless you pay for advertising, Quora is free.  There are many categories of questions you can answer.  If you select categories that can relate to your business, and put your web address in your profile that appears with your name, you can help let people know about your website.  For example, I answer a lot of questions about cats, as I have a website about cats, and my web address appears under my name each time I answer a question.  Sometimes I’ve written a post that answers somebody’s specific question.  Then I put a link to the post with my answer.

  2. I have just been visiting your website and have been reading your great article about Quora. Before reading your article I had never heard about quora yet. It sounds pretty interesting to me. I will deffenitly check.it out as it could be great to use for my business to gain knowledge in the field and help other people at the same time but also to stay up to date on relevant trends inside the field. Is Quora free to join?  

    Thank you for inspiring me and making me aware from platforms out there  who can be greatly beneficial for me and my business.

    Cheers Jude

    • Quora is free to join.  Once you fill out your profile (and be sure to put your web address as your business), you select the type of questions you would like to answer.  Or, you ask a question.

      A suggestion:  In the search bar, type “affiliate marketing.”  You will find a great many ideas about the subject, and most likely you’ll find topics to write about. Quora has a lot of research potential.

  3. Hi There,

    Thanks for this very informative post on Quora, I did some research and your article really explains the benefits well and I for one am going to find this platform very helpful. It’s a great idea and a great place to expose information and learn from people at different levels of marketing and promoting via the internet.

    Thanks so much


    • Quora is great fun.  You can learn things, share your knowledge, interact with the people you meet, and enjoy the interaction.  You can also use it for a research tool.  Glad you tried it out.  

      Try typing “affiliate marketing” into the search bar, and you will get some amazing results.  Enjoy!


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