What Is Real Money Streams?

Have you been searching online for a good money-making opportunity? Perhaps you have seen this company and asked, “What is Real Money Streams?”

There are some reasons why you need to consider carefully before you sign for this company. It is possible that you could make a little money if you joined Real Money Streams, but making enough to pay your monthly bills would probably be very difficult.

Company name: Real Money Streams

Website: http://www.realmoneystreams.com

Owner: Chris Johnson

Year Started: 2014

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating: 2 of 5

A banner within the website says, “See how I now make over $7,293 a month from home doing REAL online jobs.” I believe he is stretching the truth here. I think it would be very difficult to earn that much money each month from the jobs offered here. Perhaps the owner means that is what he makes from folks joining his program.

It is to your credit that you are investigating this company before you decide to sign up.

I believe that the owner, Chris Johnson, may be exaggerating a bit on how much you can earn on this site. Basically, it looks to me like this site is an online employment agency for temp jobs, mostly small ones. Many of these jobs are for simple tasks that pay very little money.

Though you might make some extra pocket money, I doubt you will make enough to pay the mortgage or keep up with your monthly bills.

Chris Johnson later claims you can make $500/week for completing simple tasks like taking surveys or doing temporary jobs. He goes on to make the following points:

  • You are not required to have previous experience or skills.
  • You don’t need a resume and you don’t need to do a job interview.
  • You can take as long as you want to complete your tasks.
  • Many types of tasks are offered, so you will not get bored.

List of requirements

I spent a couple of years away from Alaska, and stayed in Seattle for that time. While there, I worked temporary jobs, full-time. For the most part, these were skilled clerical jobs, lasting as much as two or three weeks at a time. For those jobs, I was lucky to make $500.00 per week. I often made less.

The fee to join RMS is $37.00. If you hesitate long enough, or perhaps start to leave, the fee is dropped to $17.00. Why would a legitimate company suddenly drop their fee just to get you to sign? It’s as if they devalue their opportunity before you even get started.

In the introductory video you are told you can join for $37.00. You are not told there will be upsells. More about them later.

When you join and go to the member’s area, you will have two choices to look at. One is for jobs available online and the other is for jobs that can be done offline.

Online Jobs

The online tasks include the following categories:

  • Content categorization and moderation
  • Product matching
  • Search relevance
  • Data entry
  • Copywriting
  • Tagging content

Most of these tasks originate within a platform in Amazon called the Amazon Mechanical Turk. The AMT connects online companies with workers. Jobs from the AMT platform include such tasks as transcribing audio recordings, reviewing magazines, and other jobs.

For these tasks, AMT pays small amounts for completed tasks. You probably won’t earn enough to get rich or even pay all the bills, but you will at least have some extra cash in your pocket.

It is fortunate for those of us in the U.S. that workers on the AMT platform get paid cash. People working these jobs in India also get paid in cash. Everyone else gets paid with Amazon gift cards.

I run my remote business through this company

Offline Jobs

You have the opportunity to use three different sites to learn about these tasks. You will be required to download an application for these sites, so you can do simple tasks locally.

An example of these tasks might be to go to shopping centers or restaurants to test some kind of service, such as evaluating staff or testing a product.

For people in my part of the world — Alaska — or in other rural areas, this last opportunity may not be available. If you have to travel too far to get the location of the task, your travel could conceivably cost you more than you will make.

For folks in a big city, though, perhaps some of these tasks might be fun, and you might enjoy them even if they don’t pay much.

Available Training

Training is not done by the owner. Instead, there are e books and videos available that cover general information regarding making money online, orReal Money Streams product about specific jobs. Here is a partial list of training materials available:

  • Amazon affiliate program. Video teaches you how to earn commissions for selling their products.
  • Google Adwords & Adsense Made Simple. This is an e book about how to use these programs to make money. 
  • Twitter Profits Unleashed is a video about getting paid to send tweets.
  • Selling on eBay is a video about finding products to resell on eBay.
  • Blogging Professional is an e book about making money blogging.
  • Domain Cash Generator is a video about flipping domains to profit.

Most of the products shown in these resources are Private Label Rights products, which means they are free materials that you can find with a Google search. Therefore, why should you pay $37 for material you can find on your own?

Of course, an advantage of this company is that they do all the research for you. If you would prefer not to spend the time and frustration searching out jobs for yourself, and are willing to pay $17+ a month to this company, then Real Money Streams might be the opportunity for you.

Transparency Is Important

Now, tell me this: Why do you never see the owner? Why doesn’t he get involved in the training? You have no way to contact him. Does he have something to hide? Or is he afraid you will have a bad experience with his company and come after him because you decide the program is a scam?

It’s just not very reassuring. It leads to a lack of trust. If you can’t trust the owner, how can you trust the company? I believe that there should be transparency on the part of the owner so you know he can be trusted.

Be Prepared For Upsells

Another thing that bothers me about this company is that there are three upsells that you don’t learn about until you join. (Again, lack of transparency.)

The first upsell is a mastermind training with the name Money Making Moguls. This upsell will cost you $17/month. The training video promises you earnings of $1,000/day. Sorry — I don’t believe it.

If you buy all three upsells, they will cost you $17 each, or $51/month.

Banner of RMS upsell prices

The training books and videos need to be updated. You are told there are 1,000+ hours of tutoring videos, but they are dated 2009; the most recent is 2011.

Without constant updating, information could no longer be valid. This deficiency will not help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings because they have been replaced by newer methods.

Banner about WA

For a contrast, check out the company I have chosen. First of all, you can trust Wealthy Affiliate. You are told up front exactly how much it will cost you. Instead of upsells, you can learn ways to save money on the cost. For example, if you pay by the year, you will pay less.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is thorough and complete, and the training videos are done by one of the two owners, Kyle Loudon. He is also available to answer questions if you need an answer from him. The company is constantly updating and improving the training and the resources available.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is also one of the most caring, positive organizations I have ever been privileged to join. The business is based on the idea that you move forward faster if you help others do the same.

When you become a premium member, which costs you $49/month, here is a list of the benefits you will receive:

If you want a solid, excellent opportunity and complete training on how to build your website, monetize it, and prepare it for the search engines, you want Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, some closing thoughts about Real Money Streams:


You can get some legit online jobs for this company, though perhaps they won’t pay too well

Since it is a Clickbank company, you can get a refund

Training offered, though outdated


Earnings most likely exaggerated

You are promised a $50 bonus for early signing, but the word is that you won’t get it.

Limited Time money offer

You can find the information on jobs offered for free if you want to do your own research.

You will pay upsells


I think you can do better. There is too much about the way this company operates that is questionable. Besides, unless you just don’t want to do the work yourself, why pay someone for jobs that you can find yourself if you search for them?

The training is disappointing, and pretty much outdated. It’s time to do some upgrading, Mr. Johnson. Or is there really a Mr. Johnson? Are you just hiding behind that name so you can take more of our money?

If you have a way to make steady income, and just want to do one of RMS’s jobs now and then to create an extra stream of income, perhaps you can turn this company to your advantage.  In my eyes, that is the only value you might gain from this company. It is a way to add a little extra cash to what you already earn somewhere else.

That being said, this is not a company I would join. I believe I have found the best deal on the internet. Before you decide on any online work, be sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Banner about WA

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18 thoughts on “What Is Real Money Streams?”

  1. There’s no WAY this dude is making that much money doing simple online tasks. That is exaggerated on so many levels and it’s not uncommon for these types of internet markteters to do that just to hype you up. This opportunity offers nothing new, just a hyped up system baiting the uneducated and newbies because they don’t know better. Thanks for the truth about Real Money Streams. I’ll be letting people know to stay way.

    • I agree — he can’t possibly get that kind of cash from what he’s offering as a business opportunity.  It is so sad that so many people buy into these scams without doing any research to see if they are legit.  It is important to do a bit of research before you buy.

      At least, you now know that this is one company that won’t take you to the moon…maybe to the corner bus stop, but no further.

  2. I’d be very glad if more of such expository post would be made for everyone to see. I really don’t understand why people would be glad to scam someone. There are lots and lots of such jobs who has really appealing outlook about them but in truth they are with nothing. I’m glad you’ve taken your time to make research of real money stream and making the society know their real worth. I’ve heard alot about Wealthy affiliate and wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. 

    • I agree — I think everyone should research well before signing up for a company.  There are far too many scams out there run by people who just want your money.  They don’t care that you need that cash to pay bills or live on.  They don’t care that you are just trying to better your life.  No, they will take from you whatever they can and will feel no guilt at doing so.  

  3. This was a very helpful review of Real Money Streams.   Since they gave the name of an owner and said that there was not any upsells, I was thinking this program might be alright.  Yet, you showed me that the person listed as the owner seems to be just a name.  Not someone that is truly involved with the training and the students on a day to day basis.  

    Where as the Wealthy Affiliate training that you suggested truly does not have upsells. The owners (Kyle and Carson) are very active and most members quickly learn who they are because they are so active.   (I am a Wealthy Affiliate member that is trying to learn about the types of offers that are tempting people that want to make money working from home.  )

    Thank you for saving me some time, money and frustration by sharing this review.  

    • You belong to a great company!  It is built on trust and caring about others’ success.  These scam companies do not want you to contact the owners because they are doing something unsavory.  

      I am so glad Wealthy Affiliate is so open and aboveboard.  It’s called transparency.  Many of these scam companies hide inside a dark cloud of misinformation and you have no idea what is really the truth.

      Keep on the path you have chosen!  You have made an excellent choice.

  4. Dear Fran,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and in-depth review.

    After reading your review I got great clarity on Real Money Streams. Your review post helped me in my decision making.

    Nowadays, most of the make money online products sales page is full of hype and unrealistic claims.

    When the information is found for free online there is no need to buy a product, I hate upsells, what is the use of buying outdated training?.

    I will stay away from Real Money Streams. Thanks a lot for sharing your honest review and it saved my time, money and effort.

    Much Success!


    • Paul, you are so welcome.  It really bothers me that so many people try to rip people off, and seem to think it is an okay thing to do.  You have done the right thing by reading a review of the company before jumping in to something so shaky.  

      I, too, hate upsells, especially when you don’t know about them until they are sprung on you!  And the hype — some of the things people say online…do you suppose they have trouble sleeping at night?  Probably not — they are aware that they are ripping people off, and they are doing it deliberately.  May the Karma Gods get them!

  5. Agreed, another company to stay far away from. I guess that you could better take the real out of Real Money Streams. Apart from a lack of transparency, outdated training, I did not see anything about daily support or guidance by that program. The fact that the owner apparently cannot be reached is not working to his advantage. Personally I would not even spend the $17 to get into a program that does not look very credible.

    • I agree with you.  I am blown away by how many scams there are online, just waiting to take folks’ money away from them.  Writing reviews makes me feel like some kind of “truth warrior”, trying to give people genuine, true information to save them from making a mistake.  However, it is rather discouraging to find so many of these companies.

      It’s good you read the review.  Too many people have no idea what a company is all about.  They just blindly accept what people tell them.  The only bright point is that most of the companies are through Clickbank, so you can get a refund.

  6. Oooh, a rating of 2 out of 5 is not good… especially for something that costs money and time to try out. And it’s crazy to think that they are charging for content they have compiled that is available elsewhere for free. And in the internet age, things move very quickly. Material that is 10 years old is no longer relevant. Thanks for pointing out all the red flags with this system and helping to save people from a costly mistake!!

    • Well, I do think this system leaves something to be desired.  You know, I am wondering if some folks just don’t realize they can research such companies before they spend their money.  Or, perhaps they are just pretty gullible.  

      I suppose it could save folks quite a bit of time if they used this system instead of researching on their own.  However, if the job pays so little that it is not worth your time, the benefit is lost.  

  7. It sounds like Real Money Streams made their claims of getting large earning really enticing. This could be the reason why some people would fall on this trap. There is even a promo on membership which makes it hard to resist and sign up. Little do they know that with their $17 or $37, their online career is still in jeopardy because of how this system works in favor of the owner and less for the members. Jobs you require to do such as typing, copywriting, data entry, etc. can be found in other platforms for free. It’s like a small thing is done for you but you still have to do the work so yeah, why pay? Thanks for laying out everything about Real Money streams. This is something that potential members should see first for themselves on how the system works but you took time to do it for us and reveal what’s really happening there. 

    • Thanks for your comment.  Yes, it is sad but true that so many people don’t look before they leap. It’s good to do a bit of research before you try something. More information can make your choice much clearer.

      It’s too bad that so many folks try to rip people off, and don’t seem to be bothered by it at all. I have trouble understanding such an attitude.  Glad you found the review helpful.

  8. Two very important things to look out for. First, this platforms owner is not transparent and as so, we do not know who he is. That’s a bad sign because he knows some claims he has given might be wrong and he can get jailed if he doesn’t meet up with it. Then there’s upsells that is not a good thing in making money online businesses. As you have said, the training is outdated. Real money streams is really crazy and I met a lot of this types of platforms when I was searching for a legit way to make money before finding wealthy affiliate and its been awesome there. Good review.

    • Thanks for your comment.  I am so glad you resisted all the not-so-good ways to build an online business and opted for Wealthy Affiliate.  Every day, I am more impressed by their platform, especially when I see companies like Real Money Streams, which are pathetic by comparison.

      Isn’t it amazing how many scams are out there, trying to get your money?

  9. ٌWhat a informative post about this product! Thank you. I was notified this program by a fellow and wondered What Is Real Money Streams? You have explained in a way that there is no doubt left about that for me to be stay away from this kind of products to keep myself safe. You talked about Two crucial aspects-Trust,Transparency- which is absolutely playing huge role in Social Relations and Business as well. The lack of trust and transparency is a big Caution Alert for those of users like me to be very careful and not fall in the trap of these companies.

    I am glad to read your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate. I am a little bit curious in respect of its membership costs.Is there any up-sell after being premium membership? would be more glad to hear about that.

    Best wishes

    • Thank you for your comment on Real Money Streams.  I agree with you — it is not a company I want to join.

      I’ve done many reviews, now, and a common denominator with the bad companies is that they all seem to have upsells.  Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells.  Yes, you have to buy your domain, but you would need that for any website you want to build.  

      I always renew on Black Friday and sign up for a year.  That puts the price down to something like $29 a month.  Instead of paying more, once you join you can make choices that allow you to pay less!  You can sign up for six months or a year and save money on either option.  The company is a good contrast to Real Money Streams, as the comparison will show you the difference between the two in stark relief.


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