What Is The Cash For Patriots Program?

I came across a review on the “Cash for Patriots” program recently, and read it with some interest. It’s not my first encounter with Cash for Patriots, and, after reading the article, I did some additional research and decided to try to answer the question, “What is the Cash for Patriots program?

Name: Cash for Patriots Program

Website: None. Contact Jachary Scheidt at Agora Financial

Program created by: Zachary Scheidt

Product type: Dividend stock trading

Price: $49 plus your investments

Rank: 1 out of 5 (simply because I like the idea of dividend stocks)

For about three years, I was involved in the stock market. During that time, I gained exposure to many of the big traders who operate online investing sites. I joined Agora Financial because I admired Jim Rickards.

Through the website, I “met” Jachary Scheidt. I’m too trusting, because I believed Jim Rickards knew a lot about the market, and therefore assumed that his company would be beneficial to me. Once involved, I joined one of Zach Scheidt’s touted programs.

That was when I learned that Agora Financial was not all a bed of roses. The program of Zach’s that I joined was expensive, and when I signed up, I learned I could sign for a year or try for three months at a much lower price. Of course, I selected the three-month plan.

Then my order confirmation came back, and I discovered they had signed me for a full year. When I called and protested, I was told that they did not give refunds. I was mad, but didn’t know what to do. About three days later, I decided to call back and try again to get the matter straightened out.

I was very lucky, as after I told my story to the young lady at Agora Financial, she said, “I am not supposed to give refunds, but I feel sorry for you, so I’ll change your application to three months and send a refund.”

That made me quite happy, as my refund was well over $1,000 — a lot of money to me.

So, did I make money on Zach Scheidt’s program? No, I did not. On the few good choices I made from what he offered, my investment amounts were so small they might as well not have been there at all. I never made back the cost of the program.

Then Zach started touting the “Cash for Patriots” program. The program intrigued me, so I read what I could find on it. Zach’s “propaganda” about the program proved to be completely false. There was no list to which you added your name.

Zach's video

Instead, you invested in dividend stocks, which supposedly paid out high amounts. Of course, that all depends on whether you invested large amounts.

Personally, at this point I do believe dividend stocks are a good option, if you choose the right ones and can invest enough to get a decent dividend. However, they are in no way the “free — just get on the list” process that Scheidt tries to sell you.

Here’s a little information about dividends that I thought you might find useful. According to wikipedia.org, a dividend is a distribution of profits by a corporation to its shareholders. When a corporation earns a profit or surplus, it is able to pay a proportion.

Dividend stocks are known for being safe, reliable investments. Many are paid by top value companies. Typically, if you receive a return of four to six percent, that is considered quite a good payment.

A dividend payment schedule may vary from company to company. The most common plan is payment every three months, after the company’s quarterly earning report is put out. Some companies pay every six months, and some only once a year. Other circumstances can cause dividends to be paid monthly or irregularly.

If you look at this information, perhaps you can see that, in order to get a big dividend check, you need to own many shares of the stock. Therefore, you have to invest quite a bit to earn a good return.

Somehow, that does not sound like “free money” or “put your name on a government list and sit back and wait for your checks.” It amazes me the lengths some salespeople will go to in order to sell their product.

Zach Scheidt’s presentations are full of hype, and all need to be taken with several grains of salt. I am sure he knows a lot about the investing world, but he also knows the best methods to use to part you from your money.

Now, as to Cash for Patriots: When I saw the article about it recently, I decided to do some additional research. I learned some interesting things.

According to Zach’s “hype” about Cash for Patriots, all you have to do is put your name on a government list and then sit back and wait for the checks to come in. That is totally false. There is no such list. The whole idea originates from a program first outlined in the Trump campaign’s tax reform plan of 2015.

That plan included a proposal to gain approximately $2.6 trillion by taxing money stored overseas by American corporations. However, though the desire to create this tax was described, no mention is made of making direct payments to Americans.

Adv. for Cash for Patriots

I doubt Trump would complain about the fallacy, as he is most likely happy to see something that makes him look good, even though it is false information. Face it, folks — no such program exists.

Somewhere in Zach’s hour-long video about the program, he mentions a press release published 9/29/16 by Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation. An astute reviewer found a copy of this press release and published it online so we could see for ourselves. It says nothing at all about a Cash for Patriots program.

Zach includes several testimonials from people supposedly receiving these checks. However, there is no way you can verify these, as they include just a first name and last initial. Smart of him! You can’t check up on these testimonials.


Perhaps you can learn about some high-paying dividend stocks, if you want to invest.


Misleading information — This program has not been set up by the government. It’s an investment program designed to get you to invest in dividends.

It is not free, even to get the special report from Agora Financial. To obtain that, you must enroll in the Lifetime Income Report for $49/year.

Examples are not really proof; most likely they are fake, or earnings these people have made from owning dividend stock

Even though dividend stocks may be one of the best ways to invest, there is no guarantee your stock will make money. It could do well or you could lose what you invested.

It will cost you a lot of money to buy enough shares of a good dividend stock to get a decent check.


Don’t fall for this one. There is no free money. If you want to invest in dividend stocks, do your research and then invest, but don’t be taken in by Zach Scheidt’s hype.

There is no government list to sign; there is no free check. Remember: If something sounds too good to be true… Pass this one by. You can do much better.


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