What Is The Importance Of Self Belief?

Do you have a positive feeling inside that you are capable of anything? That is self belief. So, what is the importance of self belief? If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you develop this confidence?

If you have self belief, you have the freedom to make mistakes

If you believe in yourself, you are open to new experiences. This belief allows us to cope with setbacks by realizing they are temporary and can be overcome. There are many opportunities that can arise in the course of our lives. If you don’t have self belief you may not have tried some things because you feared failure.

Your self belief will allow you to see new opportunities

When you focus on the goal and believe you can attain it, you will recognize new ways to reach that goal that had not occurred to you before.

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With self belief, you find creative solutions

Self-belief helps you relax and think clearly. Then you can stimulate reasoning, memory, and creativity, and you are then well on the way to finding a good solution.

With self belief, you will be more motivated to take action

Self belief will help you to be persistent, and not just to take action but to sustain it for a long time. You can then view mistakes or setbacks as part of the forward process.

If you believe in yourself, others will be more responsive

When you need the help of someone else and believe they will help, they will be more inclined to respond. With a lack of self belief, your request will be more hesitant and they are less likely to respond favorably.

YOU CAN LEARN SELF BELIEF. If you wish to reach your dreams, you must

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The ultimate in self-belief

develop self belief. If your self-confidence and self-esteem are low, you need to learn how to boost them. Self-confidence and self-esteem are very similar, and by increasing one you will increase the other as well.

Take concrete action that improves your competence, such as we do when we master some new lesson in Wealthy Affiliate, my company of choice. This learning experience will increase your self-confidence and in turn, your belief in yourself. There are a number of things you can do to help increase your progress toward self-belief. Here are some suggestions:


Become aware of your self-talk, and when your thoughts are negative, stop yourself. Turn the thought into something positive instead.


If you set a large, earth-shattering goal, realize that when you start on it, you need to break that large goal down into many small pieces. Start with a piece of it that you can reach, and when you do, move on to the next one.

Reaching the goal becomes somewhat like climbing a stairway, with each step becoming a new little piece of the goal that you need to put in place. As you move up the stairway, you can see your progress.


When you reach the first step and every other step toward your goal, celebrate your progress each time you move forward. This celebration helps improve your self image.

In Wealthy Affiliate, my company, we have a huge interactive community. When someone moves up a step toward a goal, they write about their achievement, and other members respond to offer congratulations.

These actions will help foster the feeling of achievement.


It often seems that, no matter how well you do, someone else has done better. So what? Good for them…just remember they are on their own journey. If you focus on their achievement and compare yourself in a negative way, you are sabotaging your self belief.

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Don’t compare to someone doing worse than you, either, because you will get a false picture of where you actually stand. Simply focus on your own goals and your own self-improvement.


Pick someone in your field who can teach you what they know. Learn from them what skills you need to develop to move forward. If you continue to grow and learn, you will grow in your self-confidence and self belief as well.


Be as prepared as you can when setting out to do some action that takes you toward the goal. It’s like taking an exam. Study, study, and study some more. over-learn the material. Then you can move forward with confidence and will have better success.

A nice feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of training available. If you are a member, you know that the training is unending, and you can utilize as much as you need. You can also request answers to questions from the community, which is a very helpful feature.


Use visualization and positive affirmations to help you get the feel of reaching your goal. A vision board, or whatever name you call it, is helpful.

Collect pictures of things you will have when your goal is reached, and paste them on a board where you can look at them every day. This technique acts as a constant reminder of the journey you are on.


The only opinion that matters is your own. You don’t need to seek self-confidence quoteacceptance and advice from others who are not involved in your endeavor. It doesn’t matter who they are, because you are the only one who knows what is best for you. Don’t allow naysayers to destroy your vision of success.


If you remember to express gratitude for all the good in your life, that action can be a positive one that will help increase your self-belief. When you realize how much you already have, it can lead you to the knowledge that you are strong and capable and have already accomplished a great deal.


What are the powers of popular superheroes? Write them down. Make a list. Include such things as ability, courage and competence. You can also list other positive characteristics that you feel are important, whether you think you have them or not. Doing so primes your mind with positive images.

Then think of one quality you possess that makes you unique. Focusing on these positive images at the beginning of your day can prime the pump of creativity, and this pattern will influence your own view of yourself.

If you can follow these suggestions and work on your self belief and self-confidence, you will find your journey becomes easier. Arthur Ashe said, “One important key to success is self-confidence. A key to self-confidence is preparation.”

Prepare yourself in many ways. Get to know yourself well. Find your strengths and your limitations. Listen to yourself. Do some journaling to get a handle on your inner thoughts. Analyze your negative thoughts and your limitations. Are they real, or ones you placed there?

Then start acting in a positive way. Such actions will help tremendously in developing self-confidence. Talk in a positive way. Put some positive energy into your daily actions and you will begin to notice a difference in the Confidence level thermometeroutcomes.

Self-belief is vitally important. If you don’t have it, you need to work on developing it. Use the ideas in this post to help develop your self-belief, because without this trait, you will be plagued with doubts and negative ideas.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” You need to stop giving your consent. You can do whatever you firmly believe you can do. Boost your self-belief until you know you can beat the odds and reach the success you seek.

I used three articles as references for this post. If you would like to read the original articles, they are listed below:




If you would like to learn about my company, Wealthy Affiliate, click on the link below. I believe this company has every element you need to become successful. It takes dedication and hard work, and it won’t happen overnight, but you will build a solid foundation both for your business and for your own personal development if you embrace the opportunity they offer.

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14 thoughts on “What Is The Importance Of Self Belief?”

  1. I completely agree with you, self belief is so important in achieving all kinds of success in life. You have important information on here, such as making realistic goals. If you judge a fish on how well he can fly he probably will not do very well right? Another one I really love, is not comparing yourself against others, because we are all running our own race. Thank you for this motivational piece, it is truly inspiring!

    • There are so many facets to success — so many things to consider when figuring out how to reach a goal.  However, early on you need to consider yourself and how you feel about yourself.  It is so important to believe in yourself and your capabilities.  We are like icebergs…we have so much potential, but only a small portion of our talents and skills show to the world.  The rest is internal.  We can tap into it, but we must first believe that the potential is there.

  2. What an important topic. Though, I don’t think that positive thinking is really something you can just do from scratch. I speak for myself because having a mental illness is a constant and daily battle that most times prevents any positive attitude. Now, being realistic with your expectations is something really important. Sometimes we set our goals too high and end up disappointed when we don’t reach them, even though, we’ve made a lot of progress along our journey. 

    • Yes, goals are vital, but they must also be realistic.  If they are huge (as mine are) they have to be broken down into small chunks that we can deal with, or we will get very disappointed.

      If you have a negative thought, if you can stop yourself and say, “let’s look at that another way” and then put a positive spin on the thought, it can be helpful.  Any time you can switch a negative to a positive, you are doing a good thing for yourself.

  3. I love this post!  I went to college and got a degree in psychology, and one of the things we learned was the importance of self worth and self esteem. It helps us psychologically, and it tears down barriers that holds us back. Thank you for reminding me of those concepts! It’s easy to forget when life overcomes you;

    • Yes, such lessons are often easy to forget.  It helps to remember that we can dissolve many of our problems simply by self belief.  It’s too bad when someone’s lack of self-confidence leads to their losing out on an opportunity that is poised and waiting for them.  If we can build up our feeling of self belief and self-confidence, we will do much better going forward.

  4. If we don’t believe our self how come others can do that. The first step to succeed is to know your self first, and by doing that you will believe yourself and than you will reach the stars in the sky. I found the content very interesting, i can’t read it too many times

    • Yes, you are right.  Self-knowledge is very important.  Know your strengths and also your weaknesses.  Use your strengths to your advantage, and work on shoring up the weak spots.  With practice, you can learn who you are and what your capabilities are.  You might be surprised at how much you can achieve.

  5. I understand the importance of having self belief, it is a powerful feeling knowing that you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind on. However I am someone who have not got the highest self belief because I have failed at many things and have accomplished very little. I’ve tried affirmations, positive thinking, and all that, but every time I make a positive step forward my old habits of negative thinking always resurface. Maybe I need to be more consistent with the positivity.

    • Yes, you must be more consistent with the positivity.  Every time you think a negative thought, stop yourself, and say, how could I say this in a positive way? What is the flip side of this negative coin?  Negativity is a habit, and to break it, you have to catch yourself at it every time you indulge in it and turn it around to something more positive.  You can do it!  Just focus on what you want and don’t let that negativity stop  you from reaching your dreams.

  6. It is without a question that self believe is a very important part of people’s personality. If you do not posses it and thus show weaknesses and vulnerabilities, people will ignore you, put you aside or even will walk over you. I agree that knowing yourself to the full extent is a must, otherwise you operate in the dark. And if you are more looking at yourself, then comparing yourself to others becomes less and less significant. Can I had another one to your list? Here it is: always accept the circumstances and situations you are in, but cannot do anything about to change. Thanks, I learned something today.

    • Glad you learned something, and thanks for adding to my list.  I think you are right.  You have to do the best with what you have, and create the best results with what you have to work with.  You can accept them with a positive attitude that you will turn your situation into a good one, somehow.  Self belief is a tool in our toolbox that can help us on to success.

  7. Yes.  Self belief is very important in our whole life. We need it to fuel up our energy to step forward.  We need it so that we have the confidence to convey our ideas to others.  People can be infected by your self belief and become their self belief.  You have provided many good suggestions for us to follow.  I will adopt most of them so that I will be more beautiful with the increasing self belief.


    • Well, by adopting most of them,  you will certainly be helping to increase your self belief. That is a good thing.  I do believe it very important that we start by believing in ourselves.


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